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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability Committee
January 24, 2017
1:00pm Amherst Hall Room 2207

Members in Attendance:
Ron Parker
Beth Walkup
Peter Dorman
Kingsly  Chukwu
Rick Tyler
Dennis Phillips
Thomas Turner
Lewis Bryant
Jeffrey Sydenstricker
Old Business:
  • Feminine Product Machines: The Student Success Committee brought the issue to Beth that none of the machines on campus have products in them and asked if they could be stocked. Beth brought the issue to the committee today. Ron stated that the machines are not filled because they kept getting broken into. The last one they replaced in the Library restroom was broken into two days later. When the machines are broken into, the entire machine has to be replaced. There was some discussion on how to handle this. Ron suggested putting signs on the machines to go to the Student Activities office or SGA office if you need supplies. There would be no charge for these since Deanne keeps them there for students. Ron talked to Deanne and she said that was fine with her. We have also discussed putting a small basket in the ladies rooms with some items in them since the Student Success Committee is doing that in Merritt now. The committee voted yes on this.
  • Ron is to order one to put in one of the most used ladies rooms in Amherst Hall. If there is room, it may be installed in the handicap stall to give privacy. Peter suggested placing a sign outside of the restroom so people would know there is a changing table available.
New Business:
  • The missing ceiling tile in room 2209 has been replaced.
  • Rick from the systems office came last week to look at the campus with planning for remodel. Student Center and restrooms have been remodeled so they may not touch those areas. Rooftop units need to be replaced. A lot of the building does not have enough electrical. Possibly partial to Appomattox building. Planning to start this summer. Putting out the bid for Engineer and Architect.
  • Trying to do an upgrade to the Honeywell system soon.
  • Harvard Street - discussion about the large amount of traffic and not being able to turn onto Harvard Street from Wards Ferry Road. Lewis checking to see who the point of contact is so maybe we can find out their plan. Jeffrey is going to check with the chief. Ron checking for contact as well. Peter mentioned that in the meantime possibly increase light times at Wards for morning and busy times.
  • Lewis said the carry over money helped to balance the budget. Waiting for the end of the month so we should know more after financial aid is disbursed and dual enrollment bills are sent out. VCCS recommends no more than 2% carry over. Not sure if we will have that yet.
  • Lewis said that the college has spent much less at this point than in previous years. Denis helped with getting students to pay. May reduce MO budgets by 10% again to help budgets. Hoping to help with salary plan or other priorities.
  • Trying to increase enrollment. High school numbers are down about 1%. Lewis believes our numbers may be down as much as 4%, same as Fall.
  • Podiums – some of the classrooms do not have podiums. Ron is going to have the guys do inventory to see what we have then just order for necessary rooms. Beth suggested rolling ones because that is what most instructors that run into an issue ask for. This was it can be rolled across the front of the room. Rick suggested the ones that come apart and can be set on a tabletop.
  • Discussion of rooms being dedicated for specific subject areas so they can suit the room to those classes.
  • Thomas stated that in the future the podiums will be in the middle of the front of the rooms, screen on one side, white board on the other.
Chair: Ron Parker
Recorder: Beth Walkup
Meeting Began: 1:00pm
Adjourned: 1:55pm
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