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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability Committee
January 23, 2018
1:00pm Amherst Hall Room 2205

Members in Attendance:
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Beth Walkup
  • Peter Dorman
  • Tim Wilhelm
  • Kervinie Alexander
New Business:
  • Update! LED signs are being talked about for some of the campus. The college will save $2,000 per light over the life of the light by changing to LED. These lights are mostly being changed after the current lights go out. More will be changed over in the visitor’s lot this spring.
  • Compensation study is moving forward and going well.  Phase 2 will be in place this month.
  • All FFS members in attendance voted for the CVCC LOVE sign as long as all the necessary details are known. Those details are
    1. Is there a Lynchburg City group that is affiliated with these signs around town and at LC?
    2. After this is approved through the committee’s, it would need to be approved through Ken Bunch and Jill Markwood.
Tom has since found and contacted the group that is in charge of these signs and found out that they give $1,500 towards the cost.
Old Business:
  • Renovations – waiting for VCCS to fund so we can hire architect. VCCS is looking for $1 million in startup funds. (Update – they have come up with about $800K.)
  • New signage has seemed to be very helpful to students and inexpensive.
  • LED signs are being talked about for some of the campus.
  • Replacing the Honeywell system is a work in progress. Waiting for a time it can be done without leaving the building without heat while we are open.
  • Harvard Street name change has been voted on. Ron believes it will now be CVCC Way.
  • Speedbumps are being discussed for campus.
  • New signage is being worked on and looked into for main campus. Campus police would like to have digital signage for warnings.
  • Dennis Phillips is proposing a new 3 wheel program in Workforce. Can am will pay the part of tuition. Which is like a WCG. By taking a 3 wheel course along with a two wheel course the student could then get a M classification thus being able to ride both 2 and 3 wheel motorcycles. More importantly this would assist with student retention and their continued learning in safety.

Chair: Ron Parker
Recorder: Beth Walkup
Meeting Began: 1:01pm
Adjourned: 1:26pm
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