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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability Committee
April 10, 2018
1:00pm Amherst Hall Room 2205

Members in Attendance:
  • Ron Parker
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Beth Walkup
  • Peter Dorman
  • Tim Wilhelm
  • Kervinie Alexander
New Business:
  • New cleaning service will start soon. The new company currently cleans VT, DCC, High Point University and Roanoke Carillion Hospital. (Lewis)
  • Kervinie asked about the hot water heater in Bedford Hall because there is never hot water to wash hands with. Ron explained that the water heater is only about a year old but it just takes a long time to get from the water heater to the faucet. Needs instantaneous water heater but the circuits in the building are too small.
  • Facilities has been working with Denis and this building is in place for the 3 wheelers. He is just waiting on the contract. (Ron)
  • Heavily working on grounds right now mulching and grass cutting. (Ron)
  • Paul Campbell is the new grounds supervisor. Paul is very experienced with grounds and machinery. (Ron)
  • LED retrofit is still in progress. Rebuilding heads, all roadways are done and working along buildings. (Ron)
  • Graduations contract with LU is signed. Committee is having weekly meetings. (Ron)
  • Continuing with controls systems. Done in Bedford, Merritt and Campbell. Working on Amherst and Appomattox now. Will be able to access these controls from anywhere. (Ron)
  • Boiler – planning to start replacement in Merritt the day after graduation for the change out. (Ron)
  • VCCS has the first approval for the renovation. Now they are advertising for an architect and engineer. They advertised for several colleges at one time so they will put a rep from each college on the committee to hire them. (Lewis)
  • Drainage around sidewalks – Paul has some ideas but limited on what can be done due to wiring.
  • Furniture for the lobby in Appomattox has been ordered. The old furniture was worn out and students use that area to study. VCCS sent us back money that was left over from the bathroom renovations in Amherst Hall which is being used towards this. (Lewis)
Old Business:
  • LED lighting is complete in the 2500 block. Instead of replacing every 2-4 years, should be about 22-27 years. Some of these are only $30 more.
  • Compensation study is moving forward and going well.  Phase 2 will be in place this month.
  • Rick has asked how the delays and closing are decided. Lewis feels like we have made good calls on the weather this year.
  • Rick asked about having the second set of doors removed where there are two sets. Ron and Lewis are looking into it and will get back with us at the next meeting.
  • No new news on the remodel.
  • Ron – grass cutting began today and soon will be mulching.
  • Lot 3 is cleared for Dennis’s container for 3 wheelers. Working on leveling the ground then put gravel down and bring in container.
  • Currently interviewing for a grounds supervisor. Need a couple more guys. Lost two recently. Leaving some positions like Ron’s vacant currently for budget reasons.
  • Graduation plans are in progress. Contracts will soon be signed with LU if it has not been already.
  • It has been too cold to replace the Merritt Boiler. Hope to be able to do this in April or early May.
  • Lewis – There has been a vendor complaint filed on our current cleaning vendor. Over 30 pages of emails and over 100 digital pictures have been collected. The complaint has been accepted so this will stay on their file. We have met with another contractor and will hopefully be finalized soon.  The company pays their employee’s more and used less people for a better return.
  • The initial start for the beginning of campus wide controls update will be March 12th. David Lightfoot and William Perez will be providing drops in each building. Anyone franchised can work on the new controls.

Chair: Ron Parker
Recorder: Beth Walkup
Meeting Began: 1:02pm
Adjourned: 1:56pm
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