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Facilities, Finance and Sustainability Committee 
September 4, 2018
1:00pm Amherst Hall Room 2205
Members in Attendance:
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Beth Walkup
  • Peter Dorman
  • Tim Wilhelm
  • Jeffrey Sydenstricker
  • Thomas Turner
  • Dennis Phillips
  • Rick Tyler
New Business:
  • Voted Ron to chair. Lewis nominated Ron. Dennis, then Peter second it.
  • Voted Beth to recorder. Peter first, Jeffrey second.
  • Voted on committee goals & objectives given by Lewis. Dennis first, Peter second.
  • Lewis met last week to interviews for engineers and architects. They had 5 interviews. They are in the vetting process now.
  • Facilities is working on the gravel drainage project. The equipment was rented so they will be doing more. The gravel has been delivered. This looks nice and is working well.
  • VDOT came last week to check the parking lots that they are responsible for. They feel like it will be under $100k for motorcycle lot and under $50k for visitor lot.  VDOT has to replace the lower lot due to bus damage. Going to put crack seal to get through the winter.
  • Purchased trailer for machine shop. Dennis is working well, still needs power.
  • Budget should be approved at the next staff meeting.
  • Floors were all done this summer. They look better than in the past. The man over this is so nice to everyone and seems to really care that their company does good work.
  • CVCC was approached by AEP that their right away needs cleared. They have a 30’ right away. Going to use one common pole for Verizon and AEP. Working with Verizon to tidy up the right away. Follow exact same path to do this. They are checking with the other land owners as well. The trees always grow towards the lights. Homeowners seem happy to have some of the trees down.
  • The city has applied for a grant for 2025 for a traffic circle at Wards Ferry.
  • There is a signage study taking place for a digital monumental sign. Estimated cost between $65k - $250k for these signs.
Old Business:
  • New cleaning service will start soon. The new company currently cleans VT, DCC, High Point University and Roanoke Carillion Hospital. (Lewis)
  • Kervinie asked about the hot water heater in Bedford Hall because there is never hot water to wash hands with. Ron explained that the water heater is only about a year old but it just takes a long time to get from the water heater to the faucet. Needs instantaneous water heater but the circuits in the building are too small.
  • Facilities has been working with Denis and this building is in place for the 3 wheelers. He is just waiting on the contract. (Ron)
  • Heavily working on grounds right now mulching and grass cutting. (Ron)
  • Paul Campbell is the new grounds supervisor. Paul is very experienced with grounds and machinery. (Ron)
  • LED retrofit is still in progress. Rebuilding heads, all roadways are done and working along buildings. (Ron)
  • Graduations contract with LU is signed. Committee is having weekly meetings. (Ron)
  • Continuing with controls systems. Done in Bedford, Merritt and Campbell. Working on Amherst and Appomattox now. Will be able to access these controls from anywhere. (Ron)
  • Boiler – planning to start replacement in Merritt the day after graduation for the change out. (Ron)
  • VCCS has the first approval for the renovation. Now they are advertising for an architect and engineer. They advertised for several colleges at one time so they will put a rep from each college on the committee to hire them. (Lewis)
  • Drainage around sidewalks – Paul has some ideas but limited on what can be done due to wiring.
  • Furniture for the lobby in Appomattox has been ordered. The old furniture was worn out and students use that area to study. VCCS sent us back money that was left over from the bathroom renovations in Amherst Hall which is being used towards this. (Lewis)
Chair: Ron Parker
Recorder: Beth Walkup
Meeting Began: 1:01pm
Adjourned: 1:31pm
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