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Committee Name: Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
Meeting Date: 11/18/2019 12:00:00 AM
  • John Rocha
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Kimberly Williams
  • Ron Parker
  • Christina Brannan
  • Connie Sublett
  • Catherine Rice
  • Thomas Turner
  • Kervinie Alexander
  • Rick Tyler
  • Dennis Phillips
  • Jeff Sydenstricker
  • Katie Bushing
  • Jennifer Dowdy
  • John mentioned the renovation project plans for Amherst Hall/Campbell are going well. The Architects/Engineers are almost done with the design floor plan phase of the project. They came last week and walked the campus looking at the mechanical and electrical systems for the buildings. The mechanical systems are old and look like they will have to be replaced due to age and current mechanical codes. There is another round of meetings scheduled for this Thursday.
  • The company Safety Kleen, who works with Clean Harbors, submitted the quote to remove the old chemicals from our lab, chemical storage room and hazmat shed. The proposal was around $1700, and it was agreed to let them do the work. They will come in and remove the chemicals from each of the areas, and we will work with the Science Department to make sure the timing of the removal will work for them.
  • Facilities has been contacted by the Christmas Parade Committee about using our truck and trailer for the parade. The parade will be on Sunday, December 8th, at 4pm. Volunteers are asked to be there at 2pm if they are able or want to help decorate the trailer.
  • The New MS4 brochures have been printed and look good. John handed them out and showed how the pictures were enhanced and they feel somewhat crisper now.
  • Lewis mentioned that enrollment is still down and that they are looking for ways to improve enrollment. He said they are going to have a mass mailing of postcards to go out to all residents reminding them to enroll for the new semester. He would like for Jennifer to call him and discuss the cheapest way to do postage for the postcards when she gets a chance.
  • Kimberly mentioned that she is with ODU. Through her program, students can earn up to an PHD. They are also looking into an agreement with Centra Health to start a Nursing program and will be working with CVCC for space for that program once it starts. She suggested maybe ODU and CVCC could work on some kind of incentive program together to get more students enrolled at the college.
  • Our Next Meeting will be January 28 at 1pm, in room 2205
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John Rocha, Jr.
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