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Committee Name: Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
Meeting Date: 1/28/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • John Rocha
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Jeff Sydenstricker
  • Jennifer Dowdy
  • Christina Brannan
  • Connie Sublett
  • Catherine Rice
  • Thomas Turner
  • Kervinie Alexander
  • Dennis Phillips
  • Katie Bushing
None at this time
  • An Amherst/Campbell renovation meeting was held with the staff on January 7th, the renovation floor plans were shown and discussed.  The Floor design is drawn out on paper, but nothing has been officially approved.  There was a good turnout with lots of questions.  Lewis stated that the Amherst/Campbell renovations were originally slated for late fall / early winter 2020.  VCCS now says it will be May 2021 best case scenario.  Campbell will be completed first and the plan is to move classes from Amherst once complete.  We will then begin renovations on Amherst once Campbell is completed.  Staging is still in question.  We are looking in to how much swing space will be needed, and Lewis has checked into a few different ideas. 
  • The Vines Center will not be available this year for graduation due to renovations.  Facilities will be meeting on January 30th to look at the Indoor Track as a prospective site.  Jeff said it is a really good location and feels it will work well for CVCC.  We are still looking into having a 5-year contract put in place with Shared Services to make things go more smoothly, but with the current renovations going on, LU will not sign at this time.  We will wait until the Vines Center renovations are complete and revisit the contract.
  • New hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in hallways.  More are on order and should be here by mid-February.  They will not be installed in individual classrooms.
  • MS4 Detention pond project behind Merritt involving the Dam and creek:  Deterioration of bank and trees and overgrowth need to be cleaned.  We are now obtaining bids to complete the work and we should receive the bids by March.  The work should be completed by the end of June or beginning of July.  There may be some commotion during this time, but no parking will be lost as far as we know.
  • Clean Harbors picked up the hazardous material on January 21st.  They will pick up non-blood borne items only and we do have some that contain blood.  Jason Ferguson will help come up with a plan to safely and correctly remove blood borne sticks.  Stericycle will provide the sharp box and charge a flat fee per box to dispose.  Kathye had mentioned something about doing this in the past and Jason was taking care of this for the campus at that time.  Twila also uses sticks and we would like to see how she disposes of her boxes.  Jeff said that Campus Police has some sharp object containers with screw on lids and would like to talk to Jason as well regarding specifics on disposal. 
  • The Machine Shop and Facilities both have used oil that needs to be disposed of properly.  John is looking into the minimum allowable for storage on campus and obtaining quotes for disposal.
  • Classroom 5142 is being renovated into an Electrical classroom. Debra Short still wants to use the HVAC lab, but will use this classroom until space is made available.  Lewis has approved storing of some HVAC equipment to make room for the class.  Facilities is looking into purchasing an additional storage container to put some of the surplus equipment in. The carpet has been removed and we had a contractor remove the carpet adhesive from the floor, leaving just a dry slab floor.  The sprinklers have been recessed into the ceiling.  There is an odor from the sprinkler water that was sitting in the sprinkler heads, but this will dissipate soon. We are looking to have the HVAC lab share space with the electrical lab in the future. 
  • We would like to purchase matching tables and chairs and new floor tile for the Multi-purpose room.  Teri has requested VCT be installed in the Multi-purpose room and labs.  The partitions at the side of the room no longer work and we would like to remove.
  • Mini milling machines have been ordered for Lynn Dillard in the Machine shop.  One has been installed, and we are waiting for the second one to be ordered and installed.
  • John will need “Everyone” email status to send out reminders for all MS4 related information.  He needs to locate an environmental clean day on the calendar around Lynchburg to advertise on campus.  We do not have to participate, but we do need to advertise.  John will be scheduling a MS4 class for educational purposes and MS4 posters will be hung around campus.  He will be meeting with Deann McDaniel to have MS4 information posted on televisions throughout campus.  MS4 street sweeping for the entire campus will be completed over spring break (March 9th – 15th).  Teri will be scheduling this.  Requirements will be changing for MS4 compliance and street sweeping may not be used in the future.
  • Jeff went to a local emergency committee planning meeting for Lynchburg City.  Proposed legislation is coming that anyone who has above ground storage over 1,320 gallons will need to have this documented.  This information will go to the local emergency manager to meet regulations and will have to be inspected yearly.  Jeff wanted to make sure the college is aware as we store oil, fuel and diesel.  Currently we log gas storage but not diesel.
  • Teri has documents where the crash bars need to be able to be secured in doors in 2123 and the Multi-purpose room.  This needs to be addressed immediately.   
  • Parking lot striping needs to be priced for lots #2-#7, and Facilities will meet with Lewis to discuss the quotes afterwards.
  • There are several trees on campus that need to be removed.  Facilities will obtain quotes.
  • Facilities will be checking on the wood and center concrete steps going down to the lower parking lot #1and will get quotes on patching and replacing or repairing.
  • Paul will price a new Gator for Campus Police which will take the place of the Jeep they are going to surplus.  They need one that has heat, defrost and tail lights.  John Deere is significantly cheaper than Kubota. Facilities will take over the existing gator.      
  • Our Next Meeting will be March 3rd at 1pm, in room 2205
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Jennifer Dowdy
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