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Committee Name: Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
Meeting Date: 3/3/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • John Rocha
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Jeff Sydenstricker
  • Jennifer Dowdy
  • Kimberly Williams
  • Christina Brannan
  • Connie Sublett
  • Catherine Rice
  • Thomas Turner
  • Kervinie Alexander
  • Dennis Phillips
  • Katie Bushing
None at this time.
  •  Our contract with Liberty University has been signed and Graduation will take place at the Indoor Track on May 14th at 7 p.m.  Teri attempted to have the stage moved to a more convenient area, but Liberty would not allow.  She is still working with them to find a more suitable alternative.  The Graduation Committee is currently looking for volunteers to assist in all areas of commencement.  
  • The year-end bon fire has officially been approved for May 12th 7 – 9.  It will be the same set up as last year with food and music and be held in the same location. 
  • Bids have been submitted and opened on March 11th for the MS4 maintenance to embankments around the pond area near Merritt Hall.  It will cause some disturbance to the road and parking behind Merritt but should be completed by June 30th
  • We have talked to Deanne about adding MS4 slides on the TVs throughout campus.  John will alert everyone about the upcoming environmental clean day and MS4 educational class. 
  • During spring break we will complete street sweeping and parking lot striping.  We are looking to have the striping work done at night.  Lots 2 and 3 will be completed excluding the lot between Framatome and Campbell and the Facilities lot.  Lot 6 will be closed off March 17th – 19th for tree pruning.  We will have to drop power lines for tree work, but Campus Police vehicles will not need to be moved.  We will be pruning near the two flag poles and removing two trees between Amherst and Merritt where sewer issues were caused by tree roots.  Concrete work will be completed on the sidewalk to lot 3 behind Bedford.  Water pools in the middle, so we are trying to dig out and put in drainage.  The sidewalk at the Appomattox building has cracked and also has large crevices that need addressing.  We will have that portion removed and replaced and will grind down some near the flag poles.  The flower beds in front of the building will be completely redone.  VDOT will work on the main road at the third stairwell where there is a depression.  The road will need to be dug up and fixed.  Steps to lot 1 have several cracks and broken concrete that will be patched.  The wooden set of steps are not to code for spacing and depth and we will be taking those out completely and seed the bank.  We will be working on freshening up Market At Main.  We will get a quote on redoing the lavender cabinet and woodwork in that area to give it a more modern look.  This will cause them to lose the tray rest but will not change the layout.  MAM has had many instances of theft and they are thinking of putting a mirror or door chime on the cooler door.  Jeff would like to move the drink cooler to a different location. We are looking at replacing the flooring, but George may try one more time to clean. 
  • In response to the COVID19 virus Facilities has placed automatic hand sanitizer dispensers throughout campus.  We will begin to keep a large stock of sanitizer and have ordered new dispensers for each classroom.  We are ordering a new cleaner for everyday use which has a stronger disinfectant than our current cleaner.  The Budd Group has hospital grade cleaning supplies they use on a daily basis.  Jeff will be attending a VDH / Lynchburg city COVID19 meeting for emergency management in which all higher eds will be attending. 
  • John would like more CRCC training on campus.  It is no cost to the college, they just need a place to meet.  Jeff stated he would like additional care kits placed throughout campus. 
  • Our Next Meeting will be April 14th at 1pm, in room 2205.
None at this time.
None at this time.
Jennifer Dowdy
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