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Committee Name: Finance, Facilities and Sustainability
Meeting Date: 10/27/2020 12:00:00 AM
  • John Rocha
  • Lynn Dillard
  • Kimberly French
  • Jennifer Dowdy
  • Dennis Phillips
  • Christina Brannan
  • James Tuite
  • Evan Abatecola
  • Annalee Bondurant
  • Nelson Ayala
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Jeff Sydenstricker
  • Cindy Wallin
  • The Merritt Hall roof replacement will begin on Monday, November 2nd and the contractor will drop off materials on Friday, October 30th.  Heavy machinery will be used to place items on the roof proportionately based on the square footage and should pose no safety issues for the building occupants.  The workers will enter the roof from the exterior of the building with a ladder or scaffolding.  This will be a complete roof replacement, scheduled to last 30-40 days, running into December, depending on weather.  There will be temporary signage placed at the service road, inside Merritt Hall, and on the back stairwell and entrances warning of the construction.  The service road behind Merritt will be closed off to employees, and parking will only be allowed in Lot 4. Everyone will need to walk on the sidewalks around to the front of the building, and not behind.  Back entrances are to be used for emergencies only. If anyone has any scheduling concerns with any ongoing classes, please contact Jennifer Dowdy or John Rocha.
  • PPE is continuously being supplied to all classrooms being utilized during the Fall Semester.  Please contact Jennifer Dowdy or Linda Roberts if you need replenishment of PPE in your area.
  • Our Next Meeting will be December 1, 2020 at 1pm.
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Jennifer Dowdy
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