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Committee Name: Facilities, Finance and Sustainability
Meeting Date: 2/2/2021 12:00:00 AM
  • John Rocha
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Lynn Dillard
  • Kimberly French
  • Jennifer Dowdy
  • Christina Brannan
  • James Tuite
  • Evan Abatecola
  • Cindy Wallin
  • Annalee Bondurant
  • Jeff Sydenstricker
  • Dennis Phillips
  • Nelson Ayala
  • The Merritt Hall roof replacement is still on-going.  The metal coping around the perimeter of the roof had to be redesigned and approved to sustain at least 160 mile per hour winds.  This work will begin February 3rd and is scheduled to take one week, weather permitting.  They are in the process of removing leftover materials and extra equipment from behind Merritt, so please remember not to park beyond the service road behind Merritt Hall until all work is complete and the ok is given to do so. The ceiling tiles that were damaged from the recent roof leak have been replaced, and there are a few damaged tiles from an earlier leak that Facilities will be replacing soon.
  •  Facilities has a very good supply of PPE for distribution.  Please enter your order in Inventory Direct or contact Linda Roberts/Jennifer Dowdy with your request.  In addition, we still have cloth masks available for all staff and faculty.  We purchased two per person, so please let us know if you have not received yours.  We would like to save the empty soap/water and hand sanitizer bottles, so when you contact us for refills, please leave these in the room and Facilities will pick the bottles up, sanitize them and prepare them for re-use.
  • The inclement weather closure notices have been implemented.  Code 1 is to close campus with virtual learning to continue as normal, this code has been used twice.  Code 2 is to close campus with no virtual learning.  Please remember to always check the CVCC website or the CVCC alert notice for complete information on closings.  Faculty will need to remain in close contact with students during this time to ensure they are aware of all changes.
  •  The Library curb side signage has been installed.  The current curb sign signage at the Visitors lot is numbered 1, 2 and 3 and the Library signage is 4, 5 and 6.  The phone number has been kept generic throughout campus and the phone bank is aware of the new curb side spots and will direct calls appropriately.  The existing curb side signage and drop box installed at the Visitors lot are working well for everyone.  We do not foresee any issues with the additional signage. 
  • Facilities is preparing to have the cooling tower between Campbell and Framatome replaced due it leaking and being physically wore out.  The project has been approved and all bids are due by February 9, 2021.  Once work begins there will be activity in the lot between the two buildings which will impact parking.  John expects this to begin within the next few months and will alert the occupants before the work begins.
  • The Bedford Hall roof replacement has been approved and the architect has been awarded the contract.  John will keep everyone updated before and during the project.
  • The Machine Shop is working in conjunction with the Foundation to purchase new equipment.   Facilities is working closely with Lynn Dillard to have the old equipment posted for sale.  John is projecting this project will be finalized by spring.
  • Facilities is planning to divide the 4,000 square foot Framatome HVAC Lab into three different classrooms for the CTE program.  They would like the project to include the HVAC lab, and two multi-purpose lab classrooms, possibly one for electrical use, and one for future plumbing use, all close to the same location.  Facilities is working on funding with the VCCS, and an architect has been called in for design recommendations.  This project has the potential to offer and provide a lot of Workforce opportunities here for the Lynchburg and surrounding areas.  The Workforce electrical program is going very well right now, but they need a lab for classes because the classroom they currently use is very small.  They will be able to utilize this space to provide a safer environment for learning.  This project is still in the development stages and has not been finalized.
  • The TRIO Grant program has been set up in Merritt Hall, and they will be utilizing rooms 5225, 5226 and 5227.  This program will help to secure student success from onboarding all the way through completion.  They will work with people in underrepresented areas including, but not limited to, disabled, low income and first-generation college students.  Facilities has cleaned and repainted the rooms and new signage has been installed.  Cindy Wallin has requested a door be placed in the Administrative Assistants office to provide an opening into the hallway.  Currently the only door in the office opens into classroom 5227.  John spoke with Teri and she said this had come up for discussion in the past, but the work would be extremely difficult to complete.  John is looking into this project again and will update Cindy once more information is gathered. 
  • The Amherst/Campbell renovation discussions are again back on the table.  Facilities is hoping that funding will be restored, and the project will be included in the budget for 2021-2022. 
  • James River Contracting is on campus today installing new cameras.  Jeff said the Amherst interior and exterior cameras are being completed first, but when they are finished, we will have new interior and exterior cameras for the buildings.
  • Our Next Meeting will be March 16, 2021 at 1pm.
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Jennifer Dowdy
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