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Committee Name: Finance, Facilities and Sustainability
Meeting Date: 3/16/2021 12:00:00 AM
  • John Rocha
  • Lewis Bryant
  • Lynn Dillard
  • Kimberly French
  • Jennifer Dowdy
  • James Tuite
  • Evan Abatecola
  • Cindy Wallin
  • Annalee Bondurant
  • Jeff Sydenstricker
  • Chris Hines
  • Dennis Phillips
  • Christina Brannan
  • Nelson Ayala
  • The Merritt Hall roof replacement is near completion.  Please do not park beyond the service road until all clean-up is complete.  John will let everyone know when the road will be available for use.
  • Facilities has a very good supply of PPE for distribution.  Please enter your order in Inventory Direct or contact Linda Roberts/Jennifer Dowdy with your request.  In addition, we still have cloth masks available for all staff and faculty.  We purchased two per person, but we do have some extras, so please let us know if you need a cloth mask while working on campus. We are also trying to save the empty soap/water and hand sanitizer bottles we provided for classroom PPE, so when you need refills, please let us know and leave the empty bottles in the room and Facilities will pick them up, sanitize them and prepare them for re-use. 
  • Facilities is still preparing to have the cooling tower between Campbell and Framatome replaced due to it leaking and being physically wore out.  The project has been approved and bids were accepted, but then were rejected due to an issue with the contract.  The project will now go back out for bids and John will keep everyone updated once we have more information.  Once work begins, we do expect parking between the two buildings to be impacted.
  • Facilities is planning to divide the 4,000 square foot Framatome HVAC Lab into three different classrooms for the CTE program.  The project will include the HVAC lab, and the addition of two multi-purpose lab classrooms, possibly one for electrical use, and one for future plumbing use, all within the former HVAV Lab.  Facilities is working on funding with the VCCS, and an architect has been called in for design recommendations.  This project has the potential to offer and provide a lot of Workforce opportunities here for the Lynchburg and surrounding areas.  The Workforce electrical program is going very well right now, but they need a lab for classes because the classroom they currently use is very small.  They will be able to utilize this space to provide a safer environment for learning and reach more students.  This project is still in the development stages and has not yet been finalized, but the architects are steadily working on the plans. The HVAC class is growing significantly, and it is going to require a lot of planning and scheduling to figure out the best time to begin and complete the project.
  • The Amherst/Campbell renovation discussions are again back on the table.  There is still a significant amount of planning and preparation ahead for this project.  The preliminary drawings have been completed, but the construction is not expected to begin until Spring 2023.  The Campbell building first floor is scheduled to be renovated first and then the Amherst building.
  • There is a committee working on the reopening of the campus for the Fall Semester, but at this time, there is no specific information on what changes will be made.  Once the committee meets and has a plan in place, Facilities will work with them on social distancing any planned use classrooms and equip each room with appropriate PPE. 
  • CVCC is planning to have a virtual graduation ceremony in May.  They are partnering with an outside company to have a virtual presentation put together and the Graduation Committee is working now to finalize all events.  At this time, the 2020 graduation is scheduled for May 11th and the 2021 graduation for May 13th.  They are also planning to have a graduation parade on May 12th, but the request will need to be approved by the Reopening Committee before proceeding.
  • Facilities has been working diligently during COVID to ensure safety on campus.  In the beginning they installed antibacterial wraps on all door handles to help fight the spread of germs.  They are currently replacing existing wraps with new ones on all door handles throughout campus.  Foot pedals have been installed on all bathroom doors which allows you to use your foot to open the door instead of your hand.  Automatic flushers for the commodes and automatic sink faucets are being installed in buildings that still have non-automated fixtures.  Automatic paper towel dispensers are on order for all bathrooms but are currently on backorder due to high demand but will be installed as soon as they are received.  HVAC air purification is currently being reviewed as another safety option.  The main goal is to be proactive in making our campus as safe as possible for the return of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Our Next Meeting will be April 20, 2021 at 1pm.
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Jennifer Dowdy
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