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Committee Name: Finance, Facilities and Sustainability
Meeting Date: 11/30/2021 12:00:00 AM
John Rocha
Lewis Bryant
Jennifer Dowdy
Annalee Bondurant
Mary Woerner
Lynn Dillard
Kimberly French
Cindy Wallin
Cathy Sanders
Tim Wilhelm
Evan Abatecola
Jeff Sydenstricker
  • Facilities still has a very good supply of PPE for distribution and all Fall classrooms have been supplied. If you notice the supply of PPE for your classrooms are low or almost out, please enter an order in Inventory Direct, or contact Linda Roberts/Jennifer Dowdy with your request.  In addition, we still have cloth masks available for staff and faculty, so please let us know if you need one while working on campus, or any other supplies.
  • The Cooling Tower replacement for Framatome is still in the works, we will let you know when we have a installation schedule or when they are expected to start bringing materials in.
  • The HVAC Lab expansion project is getting closer to be sent out to bid. The plan is to divide the current 4,000 square foot HVAC Lab in Framatome into three different classrooms for the CTE program.  The project will include the HVAC lab, and the addition of two multi-purpose lab classrooms, possibly one for electrical use, and one for future plumbing use, all within the former HVAV Lab space.  We will keep you posted as the project progresses.
  • Bedford Hall Roof Replacement – This project is in the early drawings stage and a new roof is being designed for this building. Stay tuned for more details on this project.
  • Merritt Hall HVAC Equipment replacement is in the discussion stages, no new movement on this project at this time.
  • The Amherst/Campbell renovation discussions are quiet at the moment. There is still a significant amount of planning and preparation ahead for this project.  Construction is not expected to begin until Spring 2023. 
  • The Alertus outdoor alert system is being heavily discussed and starting to move forward. This is an alert system that will house several speakers outside around campus, this will be like the alert system that Liberty has that goes off during incoming weather alerts or other emergencies. 
  • The touchless water fountain/ bottle filler stations have been ordered, but the lead time is quite long. We will make plans for installation once we get them in.
  • Speed Bumps – Facilities is working with the Police Department on their initiative to try to slow down traffic in lot #1 and the main road entering campus. The first stage was the addition of speed bumps for each location. We are working on additional safety features such as flashing lights/ additional signage to make people slow down.
  • Sidewalk repairs – We recently replaced the sidewalk at the bottom landing behind Bedford Hall that leads up to lot #2. Every time it rained, the sidewalk retained water and you had to roll your pants legs up to get through it. They removed the existing sidewalk, re-poured, and re-sloped a new sidewalk so the water should run off it now. The main set of steps going down to lot #1 had some broken steps and they have been repaired.  We are looking at doing additional step repairs in the future and will keep you updated. 
  • We are conducting a study for a possible sidewalk addition on the end of Amherst Hall, that will join the sidewalk that runs in front of campus near the bus stop. This sidewalk will run down the side of campus beside the road that leads to Facilities.  This will ensure students taking classes in Campbell Hall or Framatome will have a safe place to walk instead of walking in the road. This project is in the design stages right now and will be considered if everything can be worked out, design, budget, etc.
  • Facilities and Finance are working close together with an Architect on a project to install Ionizer units within target mechanical systems throughout campus as another preventive measure in our fight against airborne and surface microbes. The project is called bi-polar ionization. Ions are positive or negatively charged oxygen atoms that are already in the air. Bi-Polar ionization units generate more positive and negative ions into the air. The ions are attracted to virus and bacteria pathogens, and they form clusters called hydroxyl radicals on the surface of the microbe walls, and this causes the hydrogen to be removed from the microbe, which helps deactivate infectious particles in the air. It is still recommended to follow cleaning protocols, washing your hands frequently, wearing mask as recommended and social distancing to further stop the spread.
  • Merritt Hall Wallpaper removal – The ugly brown/tan “wallpaper” covering that goes up the stairs next to the bust and on the outside of the auditorium will be removed, skimmed over with drywall mud, and repainted in December. The walls and door frames in the halls and common areas will be given a fresh coat of paint as part of this project on both floors. The work will start December 17th and is expected to be finished before Staff comes back on January 3rd.
  • Facilities is working with the CVCC Christmas Parade Committee in Counseling to help them prepare for the Lynchburg Christmas Parade to be held on Sunday, December 5th, starting at 4pm. The parade takes place in midtown Lynchburg starting at The Bank of the James Stadium, turning onto Fort Ave taking a left onto Oakley Avenue then turning right onto Memorial Avenue and ending at E.C. Glass High School. They need volunteers badly to walk, help smile and wave. They have 7 staff and roughly 6 students already signed up but can have up to 50 volunteers assisting them. The sign-up sheet is in counseling at the front desk. Look for our truck and trailer from CVCC to be in the parade.
  • The college has received carry-over funds from the COVID money that was unused during the pandemic.  The requests have been sent to the President’s Cabinet for approval.  They have requested to utilize the money to pay off an outstanding Treasury loan which will help us to fund future budgets for such projects as web-site redesign, campus directional signage, Machine Shop equipment, landscaping work, repairs to Lot #1, new concrete stairs, fitness equipment, a Anatomage digital dissection table, and the HVAC Ionization system project.
  • Cindy Wallin mentioned that Facilities help will be needed in Rooms 2311 and 2405 in December, the classrooms will need to be flipped to accommodate the new Anatomage digital dissection table that was just purchased.  The table will be placed in room 2311.  Shannon McDermot will coordinate the move with Facilities.
  • Our next meeting is scheduled for February 1st at 1pm via Zoom.
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Jennifer Dowdy
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