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Committee Name: Finance, Facilities and Sustainability
Meeting Date: 3/15/2022 12:00:00 AM
John Rocha
Lewis Bryant
Jennifer Dowdy
Annalee Bondurant
Mary Woerner
Lynn Dillard
Cindy Wallin
Evan Abatecola
Cathy Sanders
Kimberly French
Tim Wilhelm
Jeff Sydenstricker
  • Facilities still has a good supply of PPE for use in your classrooms, or for use in your main common or work areas. It is up to the department heads to make sure the stock is maintained or in place in your area once facilities make the initial delivery.  If you notice the supply of PPE for your classrooms or work area is low, please email Linda Roberts or Jennifer Dowdy in Facilities immediately to let them know what is needed. A supply requisition can also be filled out on Inventory Direct.  The supply inventory on hand includes cloth mask, surgical mask, wipes, hand sanitizer and Lysol. We just received a limited supply of KN95 mask in inventory and are working those into the classroom inventory as we get them. We also have some additional desktop partitions and air purifiers in stock. We are in the process of changing all filters in the air purifiers and will have them on a schedule for future changes.  Keep an eye on the filter light and let us know if it needs to be reset. Help us be proactive, if you walk past a hand sanitizer station, please test it to make sure it is working, and if not let us know.
  • The Cooling Tower replacement project for Framatome is almost complete. Contractors came out and removed the old tower and installed the new one the week of spring break.  There is still some control work that needs to be completed, but there should be little to no disruption to the campus.
  • The HVAC Lab expansion project drawings are almost complete and getting closer to be sent out to bid. The plan is to divide the current 4,000 square foot HVAC Lab in Framatome into three different classrooms for the CTE program.  The project will include the HVAC lab and the addition of two multi-purpose lab classrooms, possibly one for electrical use and one for future plumbing use, all within the former HVAC Lab space.  We will keep you posted as the project progresses.
  • The Alertus outdoor alert system is being heavily discussed and starting to move forward. This is an alert system that will house several speakers outside around campus.  It will be like the alert system Liberty University has that goes off during incoming weather alerts or other emergencies. 
  • The touchless water fountain/bottle filler stations are being installed around campus.  With the older water fountains being so outdated, Facilities has run into some problems with the new installations which is causing a longer installation time.  There are still more to be installed, but you should notice the new bottle filler stations being installed in your area very soon.
  • Facilities and Finance are working closely together with an Architect and Contractor on a project to install Ionizer units within target mechanical systems throughout campus as another preventive measure in our fight against airborne and surface microbes. This project began Spring Break, and most of the units are installed. We cannot energize them until we get the permit from the VCCS. The project is called bi-polar ionization. Ions are positive or negative charged oxygen atoms that are already in the air. Bi-Polar ionization units generate more positive and negative ions into the air. The ions are attracted to virus and bacteria pathogens, and they form clusters called hydroxyl radicals on the surface of the microbe walls.  This causes the hydrogen to be removed from the microbe, which helps deactivate infectious particles in the air. It is still recommended to follow cleaning protocols such as washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask as recommended and social distancing to further stop the spread. This project should be completed shortly.
  • The MS4 Bioretention Facility and Drainage Channel project went out to bid and there were two bidders on the project. The apparent low bidder is Environmental Quality Resources out of Maryland. The VCCS is working with them to verify their bid. The work involves improving the drainage system for the water runoff from our campus and will be restricted to the wooded area behind the facilities trailer and shop. We do not have a timeline yet for the work schedule but will let you know more once we know.
  • The eVA conversion to a new operating system has started.  There are hard deadlines that will allow for little to no flexibility.  Please submit any orders as soon as possible to ensure the approval is processed prior to shut down.  Ask your supervisors for more information.
  • Facilities will be purchasing new campus signage in the near future and will be moving the directional sign at the exit of campus to ensure better visibility. 
  • The Bedford Hall roof replacement is moving forward and there will be a pre-bid meeting at the end of the month.  We will be working with those closely in that building, once a winning bidder has been determined, on a schedule.
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Next Meeting is scheduled for April 19, 2022, at 1 p.m. via Zoom.
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