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January 18, 2012
The two hundred and fourth meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on January 18, 2012, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114. 



Members Present

Dr. Robert Bashore                            (Bedford County)
Ms. Vivian Brown                              (City of Lynchburg)
Mr. Richard Carter, Sr.                       (Appomattox County)
Mr. Skip Lamb                                   (City of Lynchburg)
Mr. Keith Maxey                                (Campbell County)
Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum                       (City of Lynchburg)
Ms. Lou Tweedy                                 (Campbell County)
Mr. Ben Witt                                         (City of Bedford)

Members Absent                          

Mr. Nathaniel X. Marshall                  (State Representative)
Mr. Robert Bailey                               (City of Lynchburg)
Ms. Beverly Jones                                (Amherst County)

Special Guests

Ms. Cat Mobley, Accounting Manager
Ms. Kimely Davis, Procurement Manager
Ms. Leticia Forster, Interim HR Director 
Ms. Liz Barry, Lynchburg News and Advance                

Staff Present

Dr. John Capps, President
Dr. Geoff Hicks, VP for Academic Affairs & Student Services
Mr. David Lightfoot, VP for Information Technology
Mr. John Poole, VP of Finance
Mr. Don Sutton, VP of Institutional Advancement
Ms. Dianne Sykes, Administrative Staff Assistant


Mr. Lamb, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes No. 203

On a motion by Mr. Carter, duly seconded, Minutes No. 203 from the regular meeting of October 26, 2011, were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.



Career Studies Certificate: Multi-craft Basics
On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, Multi-craft Basics was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.
Career Studies Certificate: Multi-craft Electricity
On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, Multi-craft Electricity was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.
Career Studies Certificate: Multi-craft Mechanical
On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, Multi-craft Mechanical was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.
Associate in Arts and Sciences in Education
On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, modifications to the Education program in Arts and Sciences were approved.
The motion carried unanimously.
Associate in Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services-Paramedic Specialization
On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, modifications to the Emergency Medical Services-Paramedic Specialization program in Applied Science were approved.
The motion carried unanimously.
Career Studies Certificate in Emergency Medical Technician-Basic
On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, modifications to the Career Studies Certificate in Emergency Medical Technician-Basic were approved.
The motion carried unanimously.


Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements
The Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were approved. A copy of the Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements are attached and made a part of these minutes.
The motion carried unanimously.
State Spending Plan
 A copy of the State Spending Plan for 2011-2012 was provided for information. A copy of this document is attached and made a part of these minutes. (The document heading should have read December 31, 2011, and not September 30, 2011.)
Facilities Update
Mr. Poole reported on the Student Center renovation project and stated the architect chosen for the project is Virginia A & E, and stated they will make a presentation at the upcoming Staff meeting on the design. He stated at the April Board meeting, he expects to request local funds and the usage of student fees from the Board to finance this project. Mr. Poole stated the cost estimate is a little over $500,000.
Mr. Poole also reported the College is in the process of having the bathrooms in Amherst and Campbell Halls renovated. He stated the VCCS asked the College back in November to please rush and get an architect’s quote for the project and within two days, his office did just that. However, he stated he is still waiting on the VCCS to reply.
Mr. Poole stated CVCC has now officially laid the possibility of a stand-alone bookstore to rest because the College has no money appropriation for the construction. He stated he has spoken with the VCCS and requested a waiting period of about two years and then may request appropriation once again.
Dr. Bashore questioned how much money the College has for the Student Center. Mr. Poole answered about $300,000 but some of that money will be used to expand the current bookstore. He stated the College has raised student fees at a rate of $.50 per credit hour for the last three years and also for the upcoming fourth year for this purpose also. He hopes this will give the College sufficient amount to pay the debt in case of financing but hopes the College will not have to do that.



Administrative Operations’ Presentation by John Poole and Staff

Mr. Poole stated usually a Board meeting presentation has included new programs but today the backroom operations will be discussed. He introduced Ms. Cat Mobley, CVCC’s Business Manager, Ms. Kimely Davis, Procurement Manager, and Ms. Leticia Forster, Interim Human Resource Manager and read their credentials.
Ms. Mobley began by stating the Accounting office has four full-time and two part-time staff with their combined 49 years of experience just here at CVCC. She stated the four main focuses of the Accounting Office are internal controls, collecting money, spending money, and reporting on the money that is spent and collected. Ms. Mobley stated internal controls revolve around policies and procedures the College must follow to be good stewards of the student’s tuition, the tax dollars, and also to make sure the College is in compliance with any financial reporting requirements or laws and regulations. She stated years ago, the College focused on internal controls but did not document them as well as it does today. Ms. Mobley stated with the Enron and Sarbanes–Oxley scandals in the private sector caused the Commonwealth of Virginia to take a firmer stand. The College now annually updates and tests it internal controls in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards (ARMICS). Ms. Mobley stated because of this, the College is now doing a better job of documenting and testing the internal controls on an annual basis. She stated the College is audited by internal auditors, external auditors, federal auditors for grants, and by the College itself.
Ms. Mobley discussed another focus which is collecting money. She stated in accordance with the Commonwealth of Virginia Policies and Procedures Manual, all collections are deposited the next business day. She stated this ensures the money is accounted for properly and also is safe. She stated local funds are invested in the Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP). She reported while the College may not get its greatest of returns, it does meet the Code of Virginia requirements.
Ms. Mobley stated the Accounting Office deals with a lot of credit card numbers and takes precautions to ensure those numbers are not written down on any documents for security reasons.
Ms. Mobley discussed payment of expenditures, and stated the College pays for only goods received. She stated payments are approved by a supervisor, grant payments are reviewed by the grant’s accountant, and then she reviews all payments. She stated if anything appears out of the ordinary, it is questioned. She stated the same goes for the employees’ travel. All travel requests are reviewed to make sure the guidelines are followed.
Ms. Mobley stated the last focus is financial reporting. Annual Financial Statements for the College are prepared in accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards (GASB), and Financial Reports are prepared for grant funds in accordance with the grantor’s instructions and requirements. She stated all Financial Reports are reviewed by a supervisor for accuracy.
Dr. Tannebaum asked if the Accounting Office was involved in employees’ salaries. Ms. Mobley stated that took place in the Human Resources Department.
Ms. Kimely Davis, Procurement Manager, stated the Procurement Office has three full-time employees, and she stated this group utilizes all state approved sources such as the Virginia Public Procurement Act, the Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual, and eVA:
·         eVA is the Commonwealth’s Electronic Procurement System
·         It has surpassed 20 billion dollars in purchases of goods and services
·         It has saved the Commonwealth and taxpayers more than $280 million through streamline purchasing
·         eVA has leveled the playing field for small, women, and minority-owned businesses to participate in the state’s business opportunities
·         Since the program was started in 2001, eVA has had more than five million products posted online and more than 38,000 private vendors registered
Ms. Davis stated with the above mentioned information, her office researches for the lowest deal with the best value. She stated not only is the procurement staff trained but also the end users on how to properly prepare orders so they will not spend extra fees for expedited orders. She reported all of the state’s contracts are utilized because it is known these contracts have been through a process that ensures the best price and product available from reliable suppliers. Ms. Davis stated her department also monitors CVCC’s Purchasing Card Program to ensure that only state required items are purchased. A “check off” system is in place that the card holders’ supervisor or a higher level person approves the card holders’ transactions.
Ms. Davis stated the procurement staff also works closely with the Campus to place surplus items on GovDeals. She stated this is a state approved site (compared to eBay) that all state agencies can sell used equipment like facilities’ lawnmowers and tractors, trucks, and etc. In turn, she stated, the College receives the funds that are deposited into an account to purchase new equipment. Ms. Davis stated she personally oversees this account and for the months of July through December 2011, the College received over $2,500 for goods sold.
Ms. Davis stated she attended a conference and learned that there was a state approved site called Creative Recycling Systems, Inc. (CRS, Inc.) to recycle the College’s used computer and electronic equipment. She stated this has resulted in a huge cost savings. In the past, she reported, the College had to pay to store and ship the outdated equipment to an offsite location but now CRS, Inc. comes to the Campus to pick up the equipment at no cost to CVCC. She stated last year the College received over $700 in refunds.
Ms. Davis reported last year she completed a cost savings analysis for the College’s printing and copying needs. She stated she arranged meetings with every department at CVCC to ascertain their needs. She stated she discovered that some areas had a fax, scanner, printer, and a copier in separate areas, and they all had their own ink/toners purchased separately. Ms. Davis stated she utilized a state contract and replaced all of the multiple machines down to one multi-functional unit per department. She stated the state contract even included the toner. She stated this proved to not only be a cost saver but a time saver as well by eliminating the need for employees to walk from one machine to another and even sometimes to a different building.
Ms. Davis also reported her office often combines orders to receive free shipping and other discounts for several of the orders up to and including the Centers. She stated for example the Bedford Center may need office supplies and the Amherst Center needs paper products, and by combining the orders resulted in a cost savings. She stated the order is shipped to each individual Center for convenience.
Ms. Davis concluded by stating all systems are set in place to ensure the proper handling of state funds from the beginning to end and over again. (During her presentation, Ms. Davis distributed a printout of GovDeals, eVA, and Creative Recycling.)
Ms. Forster, Interim Human Resource Director, stated the HR Department was in charge of recruiting, payroll, benefits, salary surveys, and training. She stated there were three full-time employees and hopefully a part-time position will be hired soon.
Ms. Forster stated that in April 2011, the new Human Resource Management System (HMRS) through PeopleSoft was implemented which was required by the VCCS. She stated HRMS is used for payroll, Human Resources, time sheets, and leave requests. She stated their department worked together as a team to learn the new system and now manages to get the job done.
Ms. Forster reported her office processes payroll for 153 full-time faculty and staff, approximately 179 adjunct faculty, and 182 part-time employees. She stated the office also administers all the benefits for the full-time employees and even some for the part-timers. She stated the benefits included the 403 plan, 457 plan, leave plans, health and dental insurance, and process all deductions while working with third party administrators and also the state on a daily basis.
Ms. Forster discussed recruiting and stated the College is now advertising for all part-time positions. She stated all print advertising has been discontinued because it is neither cost effective nor advantageous. Ms. Forster stated posting available jobs online is instantaneous and available for all to see. She stated it seems they are receiving more qualified applicants because they do look online. She stated there is now a one-week turnaround from the end time a job is posted to the time the referrals are sent to the hiring manager.
Ms. Forster discussed the hiring process and stated they meet with the hiring manager to create the job posting, then it is posted online, and after all the applications are received, they are screened to see if they meet the required qualifications. The most qualified applications are sent to the hiring manager. A search committee selected by the hiring manager interviews the candidates of their choice, and the decision to whom they want to hire is sent back to Human Resources for a background check.
 Ms. Forster stated the HRMS Knowledge Center is being utilized for mandatory training purposes. She stated two topics included Sexual Harassment and Worker’s Compensation. She stated training will be developed this summer for performance management and supervisory skills. She stated they will discuss the evaluation process with the supervisors to show them the timeline and to discuss the importance of it. She stated this needs to be a win-win situation.
Ms. Forster stated salary surveys have been conducted for all classified positions and information is also being gathered for faculty and administrator faculty positions. She stated the completion goal is the end of this year.
Ms. Forster stated a Benefits Fair is scheduled for this spring, and a benefits summary presentation is scheduled for the next Classified Staff Association meeting to let everyone know what is actually available.
Mr. Lamb questioned as to how often are employees evaluated. Ms. Forster answered officially once a year.
Mr. Poole stated he thought it was important to see what goes on behind the scenes and stated he would be lost without all their support. He thanked Ms. Forster, Ms. Mobley, and Ms. Davis for their presentations.
Mr. Lamb and Mr. Witt both stated they learned a lot of information about the working of the College. Mr. Lamb thanked everyone for their presentation.

College Update


College Update contin…


College Update contin…



















College Update contin…




Dr. Capps began by saying this in-between time (between fall and spring) is a good time to take stock of where the College is and try to chart the accomplishments made during the first half of the year. He reminded everyone CVCC’s goals have been identified, defined, and published on the website, and hopes everyone has taken time to read over those goals. He stated one goal was to bolster the ranks of the full-time faculty and staff. Dr. Capps stated the College has hired five full-time faculty for economics, biology, English, history, and math. He stated the College has also hired a federal student loan processer in the Financial Aid Office, two full-time academic advisors who will also be responsible for recruitment and retention. Dr. Capps stated the College has extended an offer to a new staff member in the Institutional Effectiveness Department, and hired a new staff member in Purchasing. He also reported a permanent Vice President of Workforce Development and Continuing Education, Dr. Ruth Hendrick, has been hired and will begin on January 30. Dr. Capps stated he feels the College has made dramatic progress.
Dr. Capps stated the College has invested energy in trying to strengthen communication by sending out a variety of emails on timely topics of interest to the College community. He stated he wanted to send weekly emails but time has not permitted. However, he reported he had sent out 15 or 16 emails during the 10 months he has been here to keep the College informed.
Dr. Capps stated thanks to Ms. Sykes for her ingenuity and effort, a Daily Bulletin was created and is being sent to everyone daily to apprise them of what is going on and also to acknowledge accomplishments of the faculty and staff. He stated this is another way of strengthening communication.
Dr. Capps stated he conducted seven town hall meetings during the fall semester on the main Campus, the Centers (except for Amherst), and even one with just the students. He stated he has tried to break down barriers between faculty, administration, and staff. He stated faculty and staff may have different duties but everyone is equally important to the success of the College. He reported, with this in mind, the presidents of the various associations of the College (Faculty, Classified Staff, and Part-time Staff) have been invited to attend and participate in the President’s Staff meetings, and the vice presidents of those associations have been invited to attend Dr. Hicks’ Academic and Student Affairs meetings. Dr. Capps stated all meeting minutes will be published on the College’s website under a catchy title such as “Communication Central” in order for all information to be available to everyone.  He stated this is in line with total transparency at CVCC.
Dr. Capps reported on professional development money and stated for several years none has been made available but he is glad to say it has been resurrected. He stated $50,000 has been allocated for full-time faculty and staff which amounts to $325 per person.
Dr. Capps stated the College has been engaged in some innovative marketing and promotional activities. He stated the College successfully made the transition to only an online schedule for classes. He reported in the past a printed schedule was mailed to everyone in the service region but changes to the schedule made it obsolete the moment it was printed. He stated an enhanced version of the schedule has now been posted on the College’s website which has resulted in a savings of $75,000 per year. He reported each class posted has a link to the bookstore to show which books are required and also displays a map of the Campus to direct the student to the correct classroom.
Dr. Capps discussed marketing and reported Mr. Sutton is leading the College in a rebranding effort and the establishing of a new logo. He also reported Mr. Sutton and Mr. Lightfoot are working on the redesign of a new website. Dr. Capps stated there are new rounds of ads for the College on WSET and the WSET web site.
Dr. Capps discussed Financial Aid and stated it was another goal that CVCC can add to its accomplishments. He stated 247 students have been awarded during fall 2011, and in spring, there were 384 students awarded. He stated in all, 2,063students benefitted from Pell Grants in the fall and spring resulting in a 22% increase over the past year which had only 1,693 students. He states extending access and opportunity to the community is what CVCC is all about. 
Dr. Capps reported on the curricula front, a new Machine and Tool Program was launched and also a new Developmental Match Program. He stated Ms. Wallin (math faculty) reported she has not seen any significant problems as of yet, and hopefully it will be a smooth transition getting the students in the correct module.
Dr. Capps reported on the new governance model and stated it is still in the process of development. He stated it will be a more democratic method of having a voice at CVCC.
Dr. Capps stated he, Jonathan Whitt, and Greg Sullivan, will be meeting soon with all the area school superintendents to discuss a Regional STEM Academy. He stated afterwards, a preliminary application will be submitted to the state for approval.
Dr. Capps stated the College is still trying to work with Lynchburg City Schools to establish the Early College Program. He stated he and Dr. Hicks will be meeting soon with Dr. Larry Massie, (interim superintendent for Lynchburg City Schools) in hopes to have the program available for fall 2012.
Dr. Capps discussed concurrent admissions agreements with four-year colleges and universities. He reported in December 2011, he signed a guaranteed admission with Randolph College who has also allocated $180,000 in scholarships for CVCC transfer students. Dr. Capps stated Sweet Briar College was also interested in this agreement.
Dr. Capps discussed the College’s goals earmarked for the future. He stated one such goal was the Veterans’ Center of which the College did not achieve this as planned. He reported one individual on Campus was responsible for the Veterans Affairs and also for dual enrollment but that will change soon when dual enrollment is transferred to another area.
Dr. Capps discussed another goal the College will get serious about this spring and that is a Career and Transfer Center.
Dr. Capps stated he has just discussed and reported where he sees the College but would like to hear from the Local Advisory Board members as to where they see the College or any changes they would like to see here. He stated he was seeking their wisdom and advice as community leaders.
Mr. Lamb stated he is seeing more enthusiasm at the College and more effort to relate to the community than he has before and commended Dr. Capps and the Staff. He stated he feels there is a reinvigoration in the vitality here at CVCC but does not have anything immediately to say that the College is doing wrong.
Mr. Witt stated he hasn’t heard anything negative concerning the College and is excited about what he sees going on. He stated one comment is that he thinks it would benefit the community is to extend education to people who work rotating shifts.
Ms. Brown stated she has only heard positive things about CVCC in the community.
Mr. Carter stated his observation is that Dr. Capps has a full plate but is heading in the right direction. He asked in this process, he hopes CVCC does not lose the technology part of the College and keeping up with the industry as it is a community college and that is what it is designed for. Dr. Capps stated the Regional STEM Academy will provide opportunity to renew relationship with industry.
Dr. Tannenbaum stated he read the State Board of Higher Education’s initiatives, and they align with CVCC’s initiatives. He stated CVCC is a true people’s college. Dr. Tannenbaum stated the commercials are good but other community colleges are running them too which is competition for CVCC. He questioned why Early College is taking so long for Lynchburg City schools. Dr. Capps answered he did not know because he lacked the historical perspective. Mr. Lamb stated until a year ago, Campbell County did not have the program either but a change in the administration with the new superintendent, Dr. Johnson, initiated the program there. Dr. Tannenbaum asked if it would help for the Board members to meet with the superintendents concerning this. Dr. Capps stated Dr. Massie wants to establish the Early College but is also in the process of trying to balance the budget. Dr. Capps stated Dr. Massie expected Dr. Braband (new superintendent of Lynchburg City Schools) will also be a strong supporter of CVCC.
Dr. Tannenbaum questioned the status of the “Great Expectations” Program. Dr. Capps stated he had met with the Presbyterian Home, and will meet with CASA and Social Services in Lynchburg. He stated he is trying to build a nucleus of interested parties for the program. Dr. Capps also stated an advisory board has to be selected prior to being approved for the program. He stated applying for a grant is the next step but feels confident the College will be approved.
Dr. Bashore questioned if there was any need for internships. Dr. Capps stated it is not on the plate right now but perhaps should be.
Mr. Lamb stated he would like to see the day when students would think of coming to CVCC first. Dr. Bashore says the parents like the cost of the tuition which is getting their attention.
Dr. Capps stated he met with Mr. Michael Bryant, CEO of Centra Health, and stated his son is a student here at CVCC.  Mr. Lamb commended Dr. Capps for going to see Mr. Bryant stating he represents a powerful organization here in Lynchburg.  Dr. Capps stated he was truly impressed with him.
Dr. Capps stated the Community College Days will be held on January 25 and February 2 and to please let Ms. Sykes if anyone would like to accompany him and the students to Richmond.  Dr. Capps discussed the 2012 legislative priorities for the VCCS which included increasing the number of classes taught by full-time faculty from 43% to 47% by the year 2013, increasing the number of full-time students majoring in STEM-H fields, serving more U.S. military veterans by making it easier for them to access the colleges and translate their military experience into college credit; and building on the momentum of the 2011 investment in non-credit workforce development programs.
State Board Remarks
Mr. Marshall was absent.
Mr. Lamb discussed the Chairman’s Award for College Board Member Exemplary service. He stated anyone with nominations for this award to please contact Ms. Sykes within the next few weeks.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 
6:00 p.m.
John Capps
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