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 July 17, 2013
The two hundred and tenth meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on July 17, 2013, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114. Following the business session, dinner was held at The Crown Sterling.



Members Present

Dr. Robert Bashore
Ms. Vivian Brown      
Mr. Richard Carter, Sr.
Mr. Keith Maxey
Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum    
Dr. Steve Troxel
Ms. Lou Tweedy
Bedford County
City of Lynchburg
Appomattox County
Amherst County
Campbell County
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
Campbell County

Members Absent

Mr. Michel Zajur
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall
Mr. Ben Witt
State Representative
City of Lynchburg
City of Bedford

Special Guests Present

Ms. Amy Trent
Mr. J. Paul Lewis
Mr. Tom Bushley
News and Advance
Dewberry Consultants
Facilities Maintenance

Staff Present

Dr. Joey Fronheiser, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Ruth Hendrick, VP of Workforce Solutions and Community Education
Mr. John Poole, VP for Finance and Administration
Ms. Judy Graves, Dean of Student Enrollment
Ms. Dianne Sykes, Administrative Staff Assistant

Members Absent

Dr. John Capps, President
Mr. Michael Bradford, VP of Institutional Advancement
Mr. Will Sandidge, VP of Academic Affairs and Student Services


Ms. Brown, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.


Presentation on CVCC’s Master Planning Effort
Mr. Tom Bushley introduced Mr. J. Paul Lewis with Dewberry Consultants. Mr. Lewis stated at the beginning of the year, he was tasked with compiling information from surveys and creating a Master Plan for the College. He stated this plan is a creative roadmap for the future. Mr. Lewis showed renderings of road signage, updated parking lots (possibly several levels of parking), new buildings, sports complex (soccer, baseball, tennis, and team lockers), relocated smoking gazebos to the outer perimeters, safer pedestrian walkways, gathering spaces, sculptural elements, informational signage, etc.
Mr. Poole stated a Master Plan is a requirement of SACSCOC and is designed to provide ideas and opportunities for future plans. He stated these ideas are both flexible and changeable.

Approval of Minutes No. 209 and

Approval of Executive Session Meeting Minutes, June 20, 2013

On a motion by Dr. Bashore, duly seconded, Minutes No. 209 from the regular meeting of April 24, 2013, and Executive Session Meeting Minutes of June 20, 2013, were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.


Introduction of New Board Member

Ms. Brown introduced Dr. Steve Troxel and stated he is representing Lynchburg City on CVCC’s Local Advisory Board. She stated Dr. Troxel was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma Baptist University, a Master of Arts degree from Wheaton College (in Illinois), and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.
Ms. Brown stated Dr. Troxel was a Professor of Communication Studies at Liberty University for 21 years and now currently owns SingleTree Media, a social media marketing company. She stated he and his wife, Rosie, have been married for 32 years and have two children: Michael, who is COO for SingleTree Media, and Ariel, who will graduate next March as a chiropractor. Ms. Brown stated the family has lived in Lynchburg since 1985.
Ms. Brown welcomed Dr. Troxel as a new member,


Curriculum Advisory Committee Member Appointments

On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, the memberships of the Curriculum Advisory Committees were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.


CVCC’s Master Plan
On a motion by, Dr. Tannenbaum, duly seconded, the Master Plan was approved as presented at today’s meeting. 
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements
The Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by the Budget and Finance Committee, the Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements approved as written (with the exception on Page 7 requiring correction of the Percentage of the Student Services Funds spent from 44% to 85%).  A copy of the Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements are attached and made a part of these minutes.
The motion carried unanimously.
State Spending Plan
A copy of the State Spending Plan for 2012-2013 was provided for information. A copy of this document is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Ms. Judy Graves

(in Mr. Sandidge’s absence)

Ms. Graves reported College is looking at several initiatives this fall to increase enrollment. She stated one initiative is Lynchburg City Schools Early College program which has 20 students enrolled, (total number of Early College students is 192). Ms. Graves stated another initiative is House Bill 1184 which requires all community colleges to have a contract with school systems to pursue a General Studies Certificate or an Associate’s Degree during high school. She reported all of CVCC’s service area high school contracts have been signed to comply with this bill.
Ms. Graves reported the Campbell County School System approached CVCC about offering career technical courses in four areas which included Emergency Medical Services (9 students enrolled), Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition (4 students enrolled), Machine Tool (4 students enrolled), and Welding (11 students enrolled). She stated there was a total of 28 students enrolled which resulted in 21.4 in FTEs. She stated once the high school students are enrolled, the classes will be opened to the general public. She stated this will be offered to the other school systems in this region.
Ms. Graves discussed the STEM Academy and distributed information about the program.  She reported 25 students are enrolled in this program and they will take 12 credits this fall and also 12 in the spring which will total 20 FTEs for the College.  
Ms. Graves reported the College has offered positions for new faculty beginning in fall. She stated those positions included a Biology faculty, a Radiology Program Head, two English instructors and a Physical Education instructor.    

Mr. John Poole

Mr. Poole reported the bids for construction were received and opened last week for the Student Center Renovation. He stated J.E. Jamerson and Sons was the low bid. He stated this is a local fund project and will be paid for with student fees and college revenue from the bookstore commissions. He also reported the bids are out for the bathroom renovations. Mr. Poole stated the VCCS will be providing emergency funds to correct the never-ending leak in the canopy at Amherst Hall but stated first a firm had to be hired to create a sketch of the new design so the building permit can be obtained.
Mr. Poole stated the funds have just been approved for the design work of the raised crosswalks. He stated the raised crosswalks will not reduce but will calm traffic and protect students crossing the road to the upper parking lots.
Mr. Poole discussed the upcoming year’s budget and stated the budget will be presented next week to the College.
Mr. Poole distributed hard copies of the letters received from SACSCOC concerning the removal of CVCC’s probation sanction and dates for the upcoming SACSCOC reaffirmation.

Dr. Ruth Hendrick

Dr. Hendrick reported on the progress of moving the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to CVCC and stated she is hoping to get approval tomorrow. She stated the Economic Development Council has been requested to help with the 50% funding match for which the College is responsible. Dr. Hendrick stated interviews have already been held for the director of the SBDC and will move forward with the hiring if the approval is given. She stated the local government is required to fund this program the first year, but after that, the director will have to secure funding elsewhere to maintain the Center.
Dr. Hendrick stated a VCCS grant has been applied to fund two new programs which are a basic computer training for the area’s workforce and a regional summer teacher training program.
Dr. Hendrick reported on the Fast Trak welding program and stated all ten students that began the program also completed the program. She stated nine students received the NCCER certification and three completed the American Welding Society Certification.
Dr. Hendrick stated now the model for Fast Trak has been developed, the College will be offering Fast Trak phlebotomy and EKG technician training in the fall and hopefully electricity in the spring.
Dr. Hendrick stated a lot of the Workforce Division programs (summer academies, apprenticeship, etc.) have been grant funded in the past but stated a lot of those grants have ended. She stated she is looking for other funding to sustain those programs.
Dr. Hendrick reported the Career Center just opened their online job bank for employers to post positions for students to access, and students can also post their resumes. She stated she is hoping by the end of the month to hire an internship coordinator for the Career Center to help develop new internship opportunities.
Dr. Hendrick stated on July 1, 2013, the College took over the full physical responsibilities for the One Stop Center located at the Plaza.
Dr. Hendrick stated enrollment has increased for the community interest classes.

Mr. Michael Bradford

Mr. Bradford was absent.

Mr. David Lightfoot

Mr. Lightfoot reported there are several IT projects he is excited about and stated CVCC now has a mobile app for Apple and Android devices. He stated this is part of a VCCS initiative, and encouraged everyone to install this app on their phones and stated the data within the app is continuing to be defined.
Mr. Lightfoot reported the College is continuing to pursue an expanded emergency communications infrastructure. He stated the additional components will include exterior wall-mounted devices, telephones in classrooms, and bollards in parking lots and open areas. He stated these devices will have Public Address functionality and telephone capability for students and others to request assistance. Mr. Lightfoot reported the bollards and wall-mounted devices will also have flashing blue light.
Mr. Lightfoot stated the College is working on a policy to enable the faculty to have tablet devices, like iPads, to enhance the teaching/learning experience. He stated the College is piloting the students using iPads in the respiratory therapy curriculum.
Mr. Lightfoot reported the College is implementing a customized front-end to its Student Information System (SIS) to streamline the process of providing workforce services.  He stated the current system is focused on credit students, where residency and college-credit is crucial. 
Mr. Lightfoot reported he read today that Cisco has a new wireless product that uses Facebook Wi-Fi for authentication.  He stated CVCC currently provides unauthenticated wireless—which means anyone can use it. He reported Facebook Wi-Fi prompts wireless users to authenticate with their Facebook credentials and once authenticated—the user “lands” on CVCC’s Facebook page.  He stated in addition to the ability to target information to these users, the College will have the user’s demographic information and know the type of device the user is using.

Dr. Joey Fronheiser

Dr. Fronheiser reported the official letter from SACSCOC has been received which removed the College from probation with no additional reports required. He stated the College can now move forward to reaffirmation in 2015.
Dr. Fronheiser stated there are two parts of the reaffirmation—Compliance Certification and Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). He stated the Compliance Certification must be submitted on March 17, 2014. He stated this report consists of 81 Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements that must be documented and attested compliance with. He stated the Compliance Certification Committee is headed by a faculty member, Irene Wheeler, and they have completed 61 of 81 Core Requirements.
Dr. Fronheiser reported on the Quality Enhancement Plan and stated it is a detailed, focused plan to improve the College. He stated writing is the topic the College has chosen for its QEP. He stated the Committee is co-chaired by faculty members, Lana Valez and Cindy Wallin and a pilot has to be implemented at the time of the on-site committee in fall 2014.  He stated some of the ideas included plans to transform the Student Success Center by adding more computers, tutors and training.
Dr. Fronheiser stated a new Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness has been hired.

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps was absent.

Chair’s Report

No report.

State Board Remarks

Mr. Zajur was absent.
Old Business
No report.
New Business
No report.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.
              John Poole
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