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 January 15, 2014
Materials for Meeting (defunct link)
The two hundred and twelfth meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on January 15, 2014, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114. 



Members Present

Ms. Vivian Brown      
Mr. Richard Carter, Sr.
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall
Dr. Steve Troxel
Mr. Keith Maxey
Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum    
Ms. Lou Tweedy
Mr. Ben Witt
City of Lynchburg
Appomattox County
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
Campbell County
City of Lynchburg
Campbell County
Bedford County

Members Absent

Mr. Michel Zajur
Bedford County
Amherst County
State Representative

Special Guests Present

Dr. Muriel Mickles
Ms. Amy Trent
Dean of HSS
News and Advance

Staff Present

Dr. John Capps, President
Dr. Joey Fronheiser, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Ruth Hendrick, VP of Workforce Solutions and Community Education
Mr. John Poole, VP for Finance and Administration
Mr. Will Sandidge, VP for Academic Affairs & Student Services
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Administration Coordinator


Ms. Brown, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes No. 211

On a motion by Mr. Carter, duly seconded, Minutes No. 211 from the regular meeting of October 23, 2013, were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.

Presentation on the CVCC’s New Governance Model

Dr. Mickles began her presentation by stating a new Governance Model had been created here at CVCC. She stated this model is a participative one as it provides a structure for decision-making that offers opportunities for all groups of stakeholders to participate and support the College’s mission.   
Dr. Mickles stated the purpose of the governance model is to enhance communication and transparency and include all voices in matters of importance and contributions in decision making. She stated the stakeholders include all full-time and part-time staff and faculty, administrators, and students.
Dr. Mickles described how the model was created and stated an organized committee was formed (called the Committee on Committees) from all areas of the College. She stated focus groups were also created with memberships including all stakeholders and students. Dr. Mickles stated surveys were sent to the College community to learn what committees were deemed important, and the Dailey Bulletin featured committee information such as purpose and membership.
Dr. Mickles stated in the end, there were 15 committees created and an activity hour was designated on Tuesdays from 1 p.m. until 2 p.m. She stated the original committees included Cultural Diversity, Evaluation and Assessment, Safety and Security, Social Events, E2IT, Employee Recognition, Student Success, Compliance, Facilities and Finance, Professional Development, PR and Marketing, Faculty Association, College Governance, Classified Association, and Part-time Association. Dr. Mickles stated this governance model is a living document which means changes will be made when necessary. She stated a new athletics committee has just been added due to CVCC’s involvement in sports and fitness.
Dr. Mickles stated on CVCC’s website a link to Communication Central can be found that houses all of the committees, the meeting minutes, memberships, and purposes.
Dr. Mickles stated the implementation results of this new model is that it provides transparency in College governance, open communication, quality interaction between stakeholders, ownership of the process, participation in committees, commitment, camaraderie, and pride.
Dr. Mickles demonstrated how to find all of the committee information on CVCC’s website.
Dr. Tannenbaum questioned if there were by-laws or an authority listed. Dr. Mickles stated as requests or items discussed in the committees require approval, these items are submitted to the College Governance Committee (CGC). She stated membership for this committee included the chairs of all the committees and also the President’s Cabinet members. She stated once approved by the CGC, the request was then sent to the President’s Cabinet for final approval or further discussion.  
Dr. Troxel questioned if evening students were given the opportunity to participate since the meetings were scheduled in the afternoons. Dr. Mickles stated there were many opportunities for evening students to participate in the many activities of the committees.
Dr. Capps thanked Dr. Mickles for her presentation.



Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements
The Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were approved. A copy of the Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements are attached and made a part of these minutes.
The motion carried unanimously.
Request for $12,380 for GLTC Bus Pass System Funding
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, a motion to approve the request of $12,380 for the GLTC Bus Pass System was made.
The motion carried unanimously.
Request for $10,000 for Region 2000 Technology Dev. Council
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, a motion to approve the request of $10,000 for Region 2000 Technology Dev. Council was made.
The motion carried unanimously.
State Spending Plan
 A copy of the State Spending Plan for 2013-2014 was provided for information. A copy of this document is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Mr. William Sandidge

Mr. Sandidge began his report by stating the Computer and Electronics Technology AAS degree has been approved by State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). He stated hopefully the Nuclear Technology program (which is a partnership with AREVA) will be approved soon.
Mr. Sandidge reported a Super FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Week will be held here at CVCC beginning on February 3 and continuing through February 6 and also on February 8. He stated help will be provided to students and their parents on filling out the FASFA application for any college.
Mr. Sandidge discussed a new retention initiative at CVCC that is called New Beginnings. He stated this is to orient new students coming to CVCC for the first time. Mr. Sandidge stated this included tours of the Campus, introduction to BlackBoard, learn about the SGA and student activities, etc. He reported about 90 students attended this program for Spring 2014 and feels this program will definitely grow. (Dr. Fronheiser stated CVCC has approximately 500 new students each semester.)
Mr. Sandidge stated a View Book has been created as a new recruitment initiative. He distributed one to each Board member and stated the book demonstrates CVCC’s affordability, accessibility, and convenience.
Mr. Sandidge also distributed United Way’s 2-1-1 books donated by United Way to each Board member and stated this book is being offered to full- and adjunct faculty to assist them in helping students who need financial help and to provide access to services in the Lynchburg community.

Mr. John Poole

Mr. Poole began his report by stating the College’s Business Manager, Cat Mobley, has accepted a position at Longwood University, and Peggy Samuels will act as interim during the advertising and filling of that position permanently.
Mr. Poole stated renovations continue in the Student Services area. He stated the food service (The Spot) has been temporarily relocated to The Speck (in the Library). He stated the completion date has been extended from the last of January to the second week in February due to problems with the final inspection of the sprinkler system.
Mr. Poole stated the Police Department’s new offices will be completed soon as well as the Veteran’s office. He stated four of the six bathrooms are under construction and once those four are completed, renovation will begin on the remaining two.
Mr. Poole stated the drawings for the raised walkways are complete and have been sent to VCCS for approval (did not have to go to BCOM because VDOT had approved). He reported once the building permit is obtained, the College can then go to bid. Mr. Poole stated he hopes the walkways are completed prior to the opening of the new LU tunnels.
Mr. Poole stated the canopy located outside the walkways at Amherst Hall will be repaired which will be paid for by the VCCS maintenance fund.  He stated he had to declare the repairs needed as an emergency to speed up the process.
Mr. Poole stated a request was made to take pictures of Amherst (built in 1968) and Campbell Halls (built in 1972) showing the need for renovations. He stated the pictures will be submitted showing the conditions of those buildings and hopefully the legislators will fund this through a budget amendment.
Dr. Capps stated the governor’s budget did not fund any money for capital outlay, and any renovation request must be submitted as a budget amendment. He stated Senator Steve Newman and Delegate Matt Fariss agreed to submit this as a budget amendment. Dr. Capps stated he was grateful for all of their support.

Dr. Ruth Hendrick

Dr. Hendrick had to leave the meeting early.

Mr. Michael Bradford

Mr. Bradford was absent.

Mr. David Lightfoot

Mr. David Lightfoot began his report by stating in January, CVCC email for faculty and staff was moved from the CVCC server to the cloud—Microsoft Office 365. He stated this provides eight times more storage space for emails with the cost about the same as having the server here at CVCC. Mr. Lightfoot stated this will provide more continuity in operations in case of an emergency here on Campus. He stated, in the future, more services such as web services will be moved to the cloud.
Mr. Lightfoot stated beginning in January 2014, students can now use their mobile device to pay for classes.
Mr. Lightfoot reported some of the faculty and staff wanted to use the Microsoft Surface in place of laptops. He stated some advantages was its small size, Pro model will run applications same as a laptop, only a small increase in cost, and can also have a docking station to allow using a full-size monitor and keyboard.
Mr. Lightfoot discussed increasing network speed to the College’s buildings so more mobile devices can connect to the internet in a timely manner. He stated Merritt Hall had the largest demand so that was the first building that was upgraded.
Mr. Lightfoot discussed campus security and stated probably everyone has seen the emergency blue lights on the outside of the buildings. He stated the same company also makes an internal system, and the College will be replacing the current system to with new system to provide our students, faculty and staff with a consistent security interface. He stated an emergency blue light will be placed in front of Amherst Hall and eventually those lights will be added to the parking lots to alert people not to come on Campus in case of an emergency.
Mr. Marshall questioned the data security of the Cloud system. Mr. Lightfoot stated with Microsoft Office 365, CVCC has the ability to control the users.

Dr. Joey Fronheiser

Dr. Joey Fronheiser gave an update on CVCC’s reaffirmation with SACSCOC. He reported on October 21-October 23, 2014, an on-site visit will take place. He stated one portion of the reaffirmation will consist of the Compliance Certification which is a written response to about 84 SACS’ requirements and standards. He stated the report is due to SACSCOC on March 17, 2014. He stated an external viewer is reviewing the document and feedback has been received.
Dr. Fronheiser stated the second part of the reaffirmation consists of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) which is a written course of action to address an issue at the College related to improving student learning. He stated CVCC’s QEP title is Building Better Writers. He stated in the near future, the Local Board will receive a request for funding the QEP which will likely be used for improving the College’s Success Center, hiring peer tutors, providing professional development for faculty, and hiring a QEP director.

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps stated a mid-term report card of the College’s Goals Supporting Achieve 2015 July 2013 through June 2014 has been provided today as a snapshot of the progress of achieving those goals. He stated during the past three years, the College has taken a deliberate approach to developing College-wide goals to support the VCCS goals. Dr. Capps stated a copy of those goals have been presented to the Board members at the beginning of each year and a report card at the end of each year which show if those goals have been achieved. Dr. Capps stated upon reviewing the present document, it will show that the major goals have been achieved with the remainder well-on-their way to being achieved.  
Dr. Capps discussed the enrollment for fall 2014 compared to fall 2013 and stated even though the College ended the fall semester with a -.89% in FTEs, it was ahead of the VCCS average of 
-1.79%. He reported only four colleges did better than CVCC. Dr. Capps also reported on spring enrollment for 2014 and stated it was showing a decrease at this time.
Dr. Capps stated he viewed the development of the new Governance Model as one of CVCC’s greatest accomplishments but of course, he felt achieving full SACSCOC compliance was the best. He reported the College’s SACSCOC’s liaison, Dr. Mark Smith, is retiring, and at this time, not sure who will be replacing him.
Ms. Brown thanked Dr. Capps for his leadership in all that the College has accomplished. He stated the real credit belongs to the College community.
Mr. Marshall discussed his knowledge of a persistence grant or scholarship that is available for students who have completed a year of college and have a GPA of 2.0 or better. He stated this is a great retention initiative and possibly one that CVCC could offer.
Dr. Capps reported in the fall 2011-spring 2012, CVCC was ranked number 17 of the VCCS colleges in retention rates but the new retention efforts have raised the College to number 10 in fall 2012-spring 2013.  He stated one of the College’s needs is to have a more robust advising system that will involve the faculty.
State Board Remarks
Mr. Zajur was absent.
Old Business
New Business
Ms. Brown reported she had attended the VCCS State Board Annual meeting in November and stated she learned a lot while attending the informational sessions. She encouraged all Board members to attend this year’s meeting if they were able.
Ms. Brown discussed the Chairman’s Award for College Board Member Exemplary service. She requested anyone with nominations for this award to please contact Ms. Sykes within the next few weeks.
Ms. Brown requested all Board members to complete the Financial Disclosure Statements that they were given today and return them to Ms. Sykes within the next week.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 
6:15 p.m.
John Capps
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