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April 15, 2015
The two hundred and seventeenth meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on April 15, 2015, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114, dinner was held at Crown Sterling Restaurant.



Members Present

Dr. Robert Arnold
Ms. Carolyn Bergdoll
Mr. Al Brandt
Ms. Vivian Brown      
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall
Mr. Keith Maxey
Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum 
Dr. Steve Troxel
Dr. John Walker   
Mr. Ben Witt
Campbell County
Appomattox County
Bedford County
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
Campbell County
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
Amherst County
Bedford County
 Members Absent
Mr. Michel Zajur
State Representative

Special Guests Present

Ms. Deanne Davis
Chief Russell Dove
Student Activities
Director of Public Safety & Chief of Police

Staff Present

Dr. John Capps, President
Mr. Michael Bradford, VP for Institutional Advancement
Dr. Ruth Hendrick, VP of Workforce Solutions and Community Education
Mr. David Lightfoot, VP of Information Technology
Ms. Kris Ogden, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Mr. John Poole, VP for Finance and Administration
Mr. Will Sandidge, VP for Academic Affairs & Student Services
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Administration Coordinator


Ms. Brown, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes No. 216

On a motion by Mr. Witt, duly seconded, Minutes No. 216 from the regular meeting of January 21, 2015, were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.


Request for Public Notice
Ms. Brown asked for any public notice and hearing none proceeded to the report of the Standing Committees.


Chief Russell L. Dove
Chief Dove began his presentation by stating since being employed at CVCC for approximately two years, he has tried to enhance security. He stated when he first began working at a college campus in 1989, the top concerns among students were drug and alcohol abuse. He stated a lot had changed in 25 years, as the concerns now also include active shooters, sexual assault, and terrorism.
Chief Dove stated the staff of the CVCC Department of Campus Police is committed to:
•        Providing public safety services and performing duties with efficiency, professionalism, and integrity in all matters
•        Maintaining a safe and secure environment conducive to enhancing the learning experience
•        Protecting the college equipment, facilities, and supplies from damage, theft or other negative situations
•        Enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the rules and regulations of CVCC and the VCCS
•        Educating the community on matters related to emergency preparedness and personal safety and security
Chief Dove stated CVCC employs three full-time and two part-time police officers who are Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (VA DCJS) certified and sworn, and all but one have at least an associate’s degree with experience ranging from 13-34 years. He stated they are usually on Campus from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Chief Dove also stated CVCC employs four part-time Campus security officers who are Department of Criminal Justice Services certified who normally work from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. and weekends. He stated there are two part-time and one work study dispatchers/switch board operators who answer all incoming calls for the College and security, walkups, monitor the Student Center and periodically review surveillance cameras.  (He stated a part-time Emergency Management Coordinator’s position is currently vacant.) Chief Dove stated the Security Office is located in Amherst Hall’s room 2605.
Chief Dove discussed the core functions of each department which included:
•        Dispatchers:
–       Answer phone, radio traffic, parking, administrative duties (logs, incident reports), parking (appeals, billing, and temporary passes), manage lost and found process
•        Emergency Management Coordinator:
–       Maintain updated COOP and EOP, provide emergency response/preparedness training to campus members, assist in the coordination and planning efforts to include drills, exercises and IRT (Incident Response Team) training (Chief Dove is acting as Interim Emergency Management Coordinator.)
•        Police Officers:
–       Patrol Campus, respond to calls for service and Campus emergencies, conduct investigations, perform safety/security checks and enforce parking/campus rules
•        Security Officers: 
–       Patrol campus, respond to calls for service and campus emergencies, perform security checks and enforce parking/campus rules
Chief Dove stated other services provided include assisting other agencies, unlocking doors, dispatch/switch board, emergency response/preparedness, engraver loan program, parking assistance/enforcement, rendering First-Aid, safety/security presentations (staff /students), personal/safety escorts, motorist assistance, monitor Campus – 24/7, Lost and Found, CARE and Threat Assessment Team.
Chief Dove discussed the CARE Team and stated their mission is to assist students with challenges that may hinder his/her ability to be academically successful, or students with academic, emotional medical, social or personal issues. He stated the CARE Team is committed to student success.
Chief Dove discussed the Threat Assessment Team and stated their focus and mission was to evaluate potential dangerous or threatening person(s) or situation. He stated all reports are confidential. Chief Dove stated potential outcomes include:
•        Arrest or temporary detention
•        Expulsion
•        Emotional/mental intervention
•        Schedule change or re-assignment
•        Disciplinary action or termination
•        Mental evaluation
•        Monitor
•        Referral to another agency/jurisdiction
•        Trespass ban
•        No action- unfounded
Chief Dove stated after the VT shooting incident, the governor created a task force—the 2007 Crime Commission for Campus Safety which made 24 recommendations. (Some are listed below.)
Recommendation #1: Each college and university should establish a Safety and Security Committee(s). CVCC complied by:
•        Provide input on Equipment/Training and policy/procedures
•        Facilities, Finance, Faculty(4), IT, Library Police, Student Services
•        Exploring adding a student representative   
Recommendation # 4 Each college and university should offer multiple courses/training sessions of Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) with certified instructors. CVCC complied by:
•        Each semester, 19 participants- staff and students/non-students
Recommendation #7 Each college should embrace the community policing philosophy and establish initiatives in order to establish better relationships with the campus community. CVCC complied by:
•        Regular foot patrol
•        SDV and other safety/security presentations
•        Co-sponsor programs-Sexual Awareness Week / Personal Safety Day
Recommendation # 8  Each campus police/security department should have a  policy/procedure manual, which gives consideration to the standards set forth by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. CVCC complied by:
•        Recently revised and updated – internal review
•        Reduce the potential for complaints or lawsuits (bad publicity)
Recommendation # 11 - Participate in Professional development opportunities offered by regional, state and national organizations. CVCC complied by:
•        Clery Center for Security on Campus
•        FEMA / National Incident Management System
•        VA Campus Safety and Violence Prevention
•         VA Association of Chiefs of Police/VACP
•        VA Campus Law Enforcement Association/VACLEA
•        VA Emergency Management Association/VEMA
Recommendation # 12 Belong to Professional Organizations. CVCC complied by:
Recommendation #13 Have regular interaction with community/local officials. CVCC complied by:
•        Cross- training with adjoining agencies (LPD, Liberty, LynCom/911)
•        College/university emergency management meetings
•        Regional Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs / RASAC
•        Local Emergency Planning Commission
•        Lynchburg Sexual Assault Response Team
Chief Dove stated some significant department enhancements include a conversion of two part-time switchboard operators to dispatcher/switchboard operators, converted two part-time officers’ positions to full-time positions, Code Blue devices, and an automated external defibrillator (AED) which will be placed in Merritt Hall.
Chief Dove discussed continuing or new initiatives which include:
•        Continue surveillance camera upgrades
•        Continue to provide emergency preparedness and safety programs to  staff and students
•        Continue to provide emergency response and preparedness training to selected CVCC administrators/staff
•        Continue Professional Development for security staff
–       Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) ( talk down–vs.-take down)
–       Juvenile issues/interactions (approximately – 30% of students are juveniles)   
•        Upgrade radio communications equipment
•        Student Police Academy Certification program
–       Department sponsors students
Dr. Capps commended Chief Dove on all that he has brought to his department. He stated on college surveys, students are reporting that they feel safe on CVCC’s Campus and that is a reflection on Chief Dove’s leadership.




Proposed Local Fund Budgets for 2015-2016
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the proposed Local Fund Budget for 2015-2016 was approved as written. A copy of the Local Funds Budgets are attached and made a part of these minutes.
Landscaping Improvement Request
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the request was made to use a portion of the funds ($30,000) appropriated for CVCC’s baseball team to be reallocated for landscaping improvement across Campus at an approximate cost of $14,000.
The motion carried unanimously.
(Dr. Capps stated the College is looking to form intramural sport teams in the future as efforts for creating a baseball team have not been successful.)
Student Fee Increase
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, a request was made for a $.50 increase to student fees.
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements were approved as written. A copy of the Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements are attached and made a part of these minutes.
The motion carried unanimously.
State Spending Plan
A copy of the State Spending Plan for 2014-2015 was provided for information. A copy of this document is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Mr. Will Sandidge

Mr. Sandidge introduced Ms. Deanne Davis as the new Activities Coordinator for CVCC.
Mr. Sandidge began his report by stating the College’s spring enrollment shows an increase of 1.24% compared to the same day last year. He stated this was something to be proud of as only seven colleges in the VCCS are showing an increase, and the VCCS overall average shows a decrease of 3.59%.
Mr. Sandidge stated summer enrollment is showing a 23.36% increase from summer 2014, and he accredited this to the following initiatives:
·       Increased disbursement of financial aid and scholarships
·       Emailed students to inform them financial aid is available
·       Emailed faculty to tell students financial aid is available
·       Mailed post cards to students
·       Called students who registered for classes but have not paid tuition
·       Placed ads on TV monitors and website
·       Distributed tent cards with information around Campus
Mr. Sandidge discussed the Early College program and stated it boasts an increase of 36 students (which equates to 38 FTEs) for fall semester. He quoted the increases as follows:
      Early College                     2014                        2015
      Amherst                                  8                             18
      Appomattox                           14                            15
      Bedford                                  37                            50
      Campbell                                24                            24
      Lynchburg City                      12                            24
Mr. Sandidge stated some of the CTE students from Campbell County will graduate this year in programs approved at the January 2015 Local Board meeting. They include:
·       HVAC Fundamentals-5 students
·       Machine Technology-7 students
·       Welding Fundamentals-12 students
·       Pre-Nursing 1-31 students
·       Pre-Nursing 2-19 students
Mr. Sandidge discussed the new Industrial Maintenance Career Studies Certificate and stated he and Dr. Jeff Laub (Dean of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering) worked with Mr. Ben Bowman from the Workforce Investment Board and a representation from the business and industry to create this program. He stated plans are to present this to the Board at the upcoming July meeting for approval. He stated another program that will be implemented this fall is the Cypher Security Certificate program. Mr. Sandidge stated this will be offered by Northern Virginia Community College's Extended Learning Institution through their shared distance learning courses (SSDL).
Mr. Sandidge stated to increase enrollment, new courses must be offered to attract students, and then those students must be retained.
Mr. Brandt questioned how much financial aid offerings are being increased compared to last year. Mr. Sandidge stated the College retained $300,000 to be used for summer tuition and Mr. Bradford has additional money earmarked for summer scholarships. Dr. Capps stated, in 2013, CVCC awarded 411 students with financial aid, and in 2014, the number decreased to 198.  

Mr. John Poole

Mr. Poole began his report by stating in June 2015, CVCC will be switching from Barnes and Noble Campus Bookstore to Follett Bookstore. He stated this is a VCCS initiative but will benefit CVCC by providing an additional $60,000 in commission revenue for local funds. (Mr. Poole stated revenue from commissions has more flexibility from the strict procurement guidelines than other revenue sources.) Mr. Poole reported another benefit is that Follett is committed to build an interface with their financial aid accounting system and with the College’s system. He stated, in the past, when reconciling between the two systems, the many different transactions (purchasing and then returning books, etc.) of the students was not always captured making reconciliations difficult. 
Mr. Poole discussed another system-wide contract which is transferring the College’s tuition payment plan from Nelnet to Tuition Management Systems (TMS). He stated some of the policies and procedures will be changing for the students who participate in CVCC’s tuition payment plan. He stated with Nelnet, payment could be divided into five payments but TMS will have only four.  (Nelnet will remain the credit card payment system.)

Dr. Ruth Hendrick

Dr. Hendrick began her report by stating she is in the process of reinventing her department. She stated effective July 1, four of the programs under the umbrella of Workforce services will be ending. She stated included were personal enrichment classes (CVCC couldn’t compete with Thomas Road Baptist Church’s EquipU which offers free classes and provides child care), apprenticeship (administration of the program will end but CVCC will continue to provide academic classes), Career Connections (DOL’s three-year grant has ended), and the Region 2000 Workforce Center (a.k.a. One-Stop Center at the Plaza) will continue through the Goodwill Industries of the Valley.  
Dr. Hendrick stated her refocus efforts included spending more time working with business and industry to better serve their needs.
Dr. Hendrick reported Workforce will be hosting an Adjunct and Employer Appreciation Breakfast on April 24 and invited all Board members to attend.  
Dr. Hendrick also reported the Chancellor will be visiting CVCC on May 19 to talk about the new Complete 2021 initiative, the governor’s initiative on certifications, and to poll business leaders on what certifications their employees needed.  Dr. Capps also stated Secretary of Commerce Maurice Jones will be accompanying the Chancellor.
(Dr. Capps reported CVCC will continue with a career and placement center but it will operate under Academic and Student Services.)

Mr. Michael Bradford

Mr. Bradford began his report by discussing marketing for the College and stated he and Mr. Sandidge are working with Mr. Michael Farris, Dean of Enrollment Management, to market for the summer classes. He stated ads will be placed on the electronic billboard (on Wards Road), buses, banners at campus entrances, and radio.
Mr. Bradford reported CVCC has continued its tradition of selecting an Outstanding Alumnus as the commencement speaker for graduation 2015. He stated the speaker this year will be Ms. Jan Walker who is the Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Centra Health.
Mr. Bradford discussed fund raising and stated a $200,000 donation from William McBratney, Jr. was made, and $106,000 for the first year has been received. He also stated Timken and B&W donated $25,000 each and Harris Corporation donated $10,000 for CVCC’s Annual Fund.
Mr. Bradford reported the College has applied for a 50% match of a $230,000 grant to the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission (TIC). He stated if awarded, $205,000 of this grant will fund a new biology lab and lab equipment and $25,000 will be used for equipment in the chemistry lab at the Bedford Center. He stated the College should know in May if the grant has been awarded.
Mr. Bradford stated spring scholarships in the amount of $150,000 were awarded. He reported this brings the total for the year to $400,000 and hopes are to award approximately $25,000 for the summer. Mr. Bradford stated the scholarship application is now available online which makes applying easier for the students.

Mr. David Lightfoot

Mr. Lightfoot began his report by stating last year CVCC tied for #9 in the Digital Community College Survey for mid-sized colleges. He stated this survey recognizes community colleges for their innovative uses of technology to achieve first-rate student learning environments. He stated for this year, CVCC tied for #8 ranking with two other colleges. Mr. Lightfoot reported this ranking illustrates CVCC’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning, and stated he is fortunate to work at an institution that values the benefits of technology.
Mr. Lightfoot reported a major focus of this survey is the use of mobile devices.  He stated the College offered its full-time faculty members Microsoft’s Surface Pro PC/Tablet combination last fiscal year. He also stated by the end of this fiscal year, CVCC’s wireless infrastructure will be updated to provide enhanced wireless access for its students and faculty. He stated this is fundamental step as the College explores the world of the redefined 21st Century classroom which includes moving to an environment where students bring their own device.
Mr. Lightfoot reported the College is piloting a device in this conference room that offers potential to redefine the classroom.  He stated the device allows for a wireless connection to the projection system from a Windows PC, MAC, tablet, and phone. He stated some of the benefits included:
·        This untethers the faculty member from the podium or instructor station, providing the ability to walk around the classroom. 
·        With the faculty member’s permission, students can be allowed to present information from the classroom PC, and hopefully, in the future from their devices to the entire class.
·        It provides the ability for the faculty member to share the contents of his/her screen with the students.
·        And it provides the ability for the contents of four different devices to be is displayed via the projector. 
Mr. Lightfoot stated experience with this device is limited because it was installed only yesterday. He stated as with any pilot, this may not warrant college-wide implementation, but he believes it provides insight into how classrooms will change.

Ms. Kristen Ogden

Ms. Ogden began her report by stating all required documentation has been submitted, and the College is now in the final stage of its 10-year SACSCOC reaffirmation process. She stated the Board of Trustees will meet from June 9-11 to makes the final judgement and stated the College has every reason to believe the outcome will be positive.
Ms. Ogden stated one initiative the College is working on now is its Annual Strategic Budget Planning process. She stated in this process innovative ideas that require funding are solicited from the College community. She stated these ideas are presented to a committee who then prioritizes the list. Ms. Ogden stated this becomes a resource list when funds become available.  She stated this year, 27 requests were received at a cost of 
$461,421. Ms. Ogden stated some of these requests would be from local funds and would need to be approved by this Board.  
Ms. Ogden stated her office continues to analyze and summarize data.

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps began his report by discussing the possibility of closing the Amherst Center as a result of declining enrollment, but stated funding has been received from the General Assembly in the amount of $260,000 to subsidize the Center for the next two years. He stated a task force has been created and given the opportunity to increase enrollment.
Dr. Capps reported he has met with the majority of the legislators to thank them for all their support.  
Dr. Capps discussed the new six-year strategic plan for the VCCS which is Complete 2021. He stated that plan has only one goal and that is to triple the number of credentials awarded. He stated CVCC has to create a localized plan to meet that one goal. He stated, so far in the process, a college-wide survey was conducted and the most prominent suggestion was to hire a marketing/public relations person. He stated other suggestions included adding new programs, promote financial aid more aggressively, etc. (The results of the survey were distributed to the Board members.) Dr. Capps stated the College will continue to identify initiatives by engaging in open forums. He reported Ms. Ogden has begun to compile all of this information as a result of this planning process which will form the foundation for the College’s next strategic plan. He stated each Board member will be given a chance to present suggestions through a survey link that Ms. Sykes will send out in an email.
Dr. Capps reported in the past, the amount of funding each college received was based exclusively on the number of students enrolled but stated in 2016-2017, the VCCS will introduce a new performance-based funding model of which 12% of the general funds will be based on the extent of how well the students succeed according to a series of pre-defined metrics. He stated some of the criteria will include how students fair in completion of college-level English and math, retention rates from fall-to-spring semesters and from fall-to-fall semesters, the progress students make (complete at least 12 credits during first year of study and 24 in the second year), number of students transferring, and ultimately, the number of credentials awarded. He stated in the year 2020, the performance-based funding percentage will increase to 20%. Dr. Capps stated he is encouraged by this new funding model, as CVCC ranked #5 in a preliminary model.
Dr. Capps stated this performance-based funding will be discussed and probably approved by all the presidents in the June ACOP meeting.  
Dr. Capps stated Mr. Sandidge must step down from his position as the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services because he can no longer hold the position as interim. Dr. Capps stated there were no words to say all that Mr. Sandidge has done for CVCC. He stated Mr. Sandidge stepped into that position during the difficult time the College was notified of its SACSCOC probation. He stated Mr. Sandidge is vacating the position but not the College.
Mr. Sandidge thanked everyone for their support during this past three years.

Chair’s Report


State Board Remarks

Mr. Zajur was absent.
Old Business
New Business
Ms. Brown presented a slate of officers who will serve from July 2015 until June 2017. She presented Mr. Witt to serve as chair and Dr. Tannenbaum to serve as Vice Chair. On a motion by Mr. Marshall, duly seconded, the slate of officers as presented by Ms. Brown were accepted to be approved.
The motion carried unanimously.
 Ms. Brown discussed graduation which will be held on May 14, 2015. She stated anyone wishing to ride the shuttle to the Vines Center to be at CVCC beginning at 5:30 p.m.
Mr. Marshall acknowledged Ms. Brown for all her hard work and support to the College. Dr. Capps also acknowledged Ms. Brown as the steadfast supporter of CVCC and a great personal advocate. 


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 
6:28 p.m.
John S. Capps
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