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July 15, 2015
The two hundred and eighteenth meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on July 15, 2015, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114. Following the business session, dinner was held at the Crown Sterling Restaurant.

Members Present

Mr. Al Brandt
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall
Mr. Keith Maxey
Mr. Franklin Swann
Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum 
Dr. Steve Troxel
Bedford County
City of Lynchburg
Campbell County
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg

Members Absent

Dr. Robert Arnold
Ms. Carolyn Bergdoll
Dr. John Walker
Mr. Ben Witt
Mr. Michel Zajur
Campbell County
Appomattox County
Amherst County
Bedford County
State Representative

Special Guests Present

Mr. Chris Cioffi
Ms. Tina Murphy
News and Advance
Veterans’ Program

Staff Present

Dr. John Capps, President
Mr. Michael Bradford, VP of Institutional Advancement
Chief Russell Dove, Chief of Police
Dr. Ruth Hendrick, VP of Workforce Solutions and Community  
Mr. David Lightfoot, VP for Information Technology
Dr. Muriel Mickles, VP for Academic and Student Services
Ms. Kris Ogden, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Education
Mr. John Poole, VP for Finance and Administration
Mr. Will Sandidge, Special Assistant to the President 
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Administration Coordinator
Dr. Tannenbaum, Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.



Approval of Minutes No. 217


On a motion by Dr. Troxel, duly seconded, Minutes No. 217 from the regular meeting of April 15, 2015, were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.


Presentation on the Veterans Resource Center

Ms. Murphy began her presentation by stating the folders that were handed out contain information about the Student Veterans Organization on the left side, and on the right side, the top two documents are provided to new students.
Ms. Murphy stated CVCC is committed to the student veterans and will continue to build upon an ongoing effort to support them within the community as they pursue academic and career goals. As a result of this commitment, policies and programs have been implemented to ensure the integration and academic success of CVCC’s veterans. In recognition of these efforts, the College has been recognized as a Military Friendly School since 2010. (Only 15% of schools nationwide are recognized with this honor.)
Objective of the Veterans Program:
Ms. Murphy stated the objective of the veterans program is to ensure greater access to higher education by streamlining the application process and by providing support programs to ensure their success as they transition from the military to the classroom. 
She stated to meet this objective, CVCC opened its Veterans Resource Center in 2012, and it consists of the veterans’ office and the student veterans’ area with a combined space of approximately 650 square feet.
Ms. Murphy reported the student veterans’ center consists of a lounge and study area, six computer stations, and serves as a hub for a variety of resources. During the first year, the center provided services to more than 2,800 student veterans, military personnel, and dependents. 
She stated in order to better serve the College’s student veterans, the center is designed as a one-stop shop with the veterans’ office adjoining the student veterans’ area. By centralizing services, focus is on providing support and accessibility to information.
Brief Overview of VA Education Benefits:
Ms. Murphy reported VA currently has seven education programs with eligibility being based on many factors. All the programs pay the student a monthly stipend but the amount varies depending on which benefit they are eligible for or decide to use. The majority of the students currently use chapter 30 benefits (the Montgomery GI Bill) or chapter 33 benefits (the Post 9-11 GI Bill). She reported of the seven programs, four programs pay tuition and fees on behalf of the veterans, and the payments are submitted directly to the college.
Ms. Murphy reported beginning with the fall 2004 semester, CVCC had approximately 70 student veterans utilizing veteran’s education benefits but now have approximately 140-180 students per semester, using their education benefits (excluding summer).
·       During the spring 2015 semester, VA issued tuition payments for 72 students in excess of $100,000 – these payments were issued directly to CVCC. The remaining student veterans either paid out-of-pocket or utilized grants, scholarships, or loans to cover their costs.
·       Approximately 90% of CVCC’s student veterans have served overseas.
·       All branches of the service are represented on Campus; the majority of students served in the Army, followed by the Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.
·       CVCC also has students who are either currently serving in the Army Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, or the National Guard.
·       Currently 15-20 spouses or dependents are using education benefits.
·       During the spring 2015 semester, CVCC had over 350 students who self-identified as having a military background.
Ms. Murphy reported one of the strengths of the CVCC community is its built-in resource of administrators, professors, and staff who have served in the military or are a spouse of someone who has served. When feasible, the professors are paired with first semester student veterans. She stated this informal mentoring process eases the student veteran’s transition to a classroom setting.
Ms. Murphy stated in the past, CVCC has collaborated with Danville Community College, Lynchburg College, University of Virginia ROTC, Virginia Military Institute, and Virginia Tech to share its expertise regarding military friendly practices and to exchange best practices.
She reported CVCC also collaborates with We Are Virginia Veterans, the American Legion, the VFW, the DAV, and the VEC, either by participating at their events or when events are hosted in the College’s veterans’ center.
Student Veterans Organization:
Ms. Murphy stated CVCC’s student veterans established their Student Veterans Organization (SVO) spring 2010. It is a recognized chapter of Student Veterans of America, which is a national organization with over 1,000 chapters. The mission statement of the SVO is two-fold: to ensure military personnel are receiving all benefits to which they are entitled and to advocate on behalf of student veterans by increasing campus awareness and understanding of veterans. She stated the SVO is active within the community and has been interviewed and featured in the local newspaper and local television news shows. (The SVO also sponsors ongoing projects such as a textbook lending library, an emergency book fund, an informal peer mentoring and peer tutoring program.)
Ms. Murphy stated one highlight was meeting with Secretary Harvey Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs here on Campus and also meeting with Dr. Capps and outside community leaders to discuss CVCC’s veterans programs. 
Closing Remarks: 
Ms. Murphy stated in 2007, the CVCC Alumni Magazine included a special report on veterans. The report questioned whether or not the College was ready for the influx of veterans. She stated she believed in the years since then, the College has risen to the challenge and remains committed to the success of its veterans. This belief was confirmed in 2013, when CVCC submitted its Plan to Enhance Veterans Services to the VCCS in response to the Chancellor’s request which met with the Chancellor’s approval.
Ms. Murphy stated in the future, the College will continue to assist student veterans as they transition from the military into the classroom, and will continue to honor its commitment to serving student veterans and military families.
In closing, She stated she would like to acknowledge the role the CVCC administration and the CVCC community plays in the success of the program. She stated the College is able to offer a strong, viable veterans program because of its continued commitment and support.
Mr. Brandt asked how a school becomes Military Friendly. Ms. Murphy replied that an extensive annual survey must be completed by the College. This survey questions to see if the school provides a variety of services and programs to the veterans. Ms. Murphy stated there must be policies in place to protect the veteran student such as when a student is deployed.
Dr. Tannenbaum thanked Ms. Murphy for her presentation.


Introduction of New Board Member

Dr. Tannenbaum introduced Mr. Franklin Swann and stated he is representing Lynchburg City on CVCC’s Local Advisory Board.  Dr.  Tannenbaum stated that Mr. Swann is currently the Director of Sales of Promotional and Print Marketing at Prototype Advertising, in Forest. Previously, for 20 years, he was the president and owner of Swann Holdings and The Swann Group. The Swann Group Inc. was a firm responsible for safety and incentive programs with national clients such as KFC, T-Mobile, and Laidlaw Transit and regional clients including B&W, AREVA, CB Fleet and UVA. The Swann Holdings, LC was a holding company responsible for the renovation, care, and management of 724 Commerce Street, an 1892 five-story building in downtown Lynchburg.
Mr. Swann also spent 12 years as the Director of Sales and Marketing, Pepsi-Cola USA, White Plains, NY, and 4 years, Sales Manager, Oscar Mayer and Company.
Mr. Swann’s education includes attending CVCC for two years before transferring to Radford University where he earned a BS in Finance. He also earned a MBA in Marketing from Vanderbilt University.
Mr. Swann has served on various boards which include Friends of the Lynchburg Symphony, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, James River Day School, and UCT National Junior Golf Program. Some of his hobbies include golf, tennis, woodworking, and home improvement.
Dr.  Tannenbaum welcomed Mr. Franklin as a new member.


Corrections Officer Career Studies Certificate

On a motion by Dr. Troxel duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Curriculum Committee), the Corrections Officer Career Studies Certificate was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.

Law Enforcement Career Studies Certificate

On a motion by Dr. Troxel duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Curriculum Committee), the Law Enforcement Career Studies Certificate was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.

Manufacturing Technology Career Studies Certificate

On a motion by Mr. Brandt duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Curriculum Committee), the Manufacturing Technology Career Studies Certificate was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.

Medical Imaging Information Career Studies Certificate

On a motion by Mr. Swann duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Curriculum Committee), the Medical Imaging Information Career Studies Certificate was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.
Associate of Applied Science
Medical Laboratory Technology
On a motion by Mr. Marshall duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Curriculum Committee), modifications to the Medical Laboratory Technology program were approved. 
The motion carried unanimously.
Engineering Fundamentals Career Studies Certificate
On a motion by Mr. Marshall duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Curriculum Committee), modifications to the Engineering Fundamentals Career Studies Certificate were approved.
The motion carried unanimously.


GLTC Budget Request
On a motion by the Budget and Finance Committee, the request for an additional $1,500 for the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company Budget (student bus pass) was approved.
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial  Statements
The Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by the Budget and Finance Committee, the Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements were approved as written. A copy of the Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements are attached and made a part of these minutes.
The motion carried unanimously.
State Spending Plan
A copy of the State Spending Plan for 2014-2015 was provided for information. A copy of this document is attached and made a part of these minutes.



Mr. Will Sandidge

Mr. Sandidge began by referring to one of the Goals Supporting Achieve 2015 which is to expand educational programs. He stated a number of new programs have been presented during this year which includes the ones approved during this meeting. He stated another goal was to expand shared distance learning. Mr. Sandidge stated 65 courses were offered at CVCC through the shared distance learning model with Northern Virginia Community Colleges with 142 CVCC students enrolled in those courses. He reported CVCC is also delivering several of these courses. Mr. Sandidge stated this provides more choices for CVCC students and indicates where classes need to be added to the schedule.
Mr. Sandidge reported CVCC has hired a Dean of Enrollment Management which he feels has had a positive impact on enrollment and financial aid awards.
Mr. Sandidge stated another initiative was to reduce textbook costs and in June, CVCC received a $15,000 grant from the VCCS as part of the ZX23 project. This grant will enable the college to pilot the use of open educational resources (OERs) in 13 courses in 2015-16, leading to textbook-free associate’s degrees in Business Administration and General Studies. He stated all Early College students are enrolled in the General Studies degree, and as they are not able to receive financial aid, not having to buy textbooks would be significant advantage.
Mr. Sandidge discussed the goal of implementing student services initiatives and stated Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Success (SAILS) is used as an early alert system for students.
Mr. Sandidge reported a dedicated space for a writing center has been identified to help students be successful in writing. He stated this center has a faculty member as the director and peer and professional tutors to help students.
Mr. Sandidge discussed the McBratney donation of $200,000 to establish the McBratney Career and Technical Educational Program at the Lynchburg City Schools. He stated this partnership between CVCC and Lynchburg City Schools will begin this fall with 9 machine tool students and 16 pre-nursing students. 
Mr. Sandidge stated the College is in process of creating a developmental math lab similar to the developmental writing lab.
Dr. Capps introduced Dr. Muriel Mickles as the new Vice President of Academic and Student Services.
Dr. Capps announced Mr. Sandidge will return to CVCC (after an obligatory month leave) in a part-time capacity as the special assistant to the president and as the director of strategic initiatives and accountability.

Mr. John Poole

Mr. Poole referred to the State Spending Plan document that was distributed and stated the money that remained has been used to pre-pay leases so the balance on the document will be much lower once it reflects these payments.
Mr. Poole stated at the April meeting, this Board approved the request to use a portion of the funds ($30,000) appropriated for CVCC’s baseball team to be reallocated for landscaping improvement across Campus. He stated this project has been completed with the exception of purchasing picnic tables.   
Mr. Poole reported the Student Services area is sporting new paint and carpet which will improve how CVCC is perceived by students and parents.
Mr. Poole stated a contract with a new cleaning company and will have a person working during the day shift to help improve the cleanliness of the College.
He stated the accounting department had a successful yearend closeout. He reported next year’s budget is looking good.
Mr. Poole stated two new software programs are being implemented—Workforce Enterprise System (WES is a system to enroll non-credit students) and financial aid refunds will be mailed to students on a VISA debit card instead of a mailed check (state-wide initiative).  
Mr. Poole stated CVCC is now working on its second year purchasing contract with Virginia Western Community College, and he is pleased to say that so far the shared service has been successful.
Mr. Poole reported the Human Resources Department is working on implementing SilkRoad's Onboarding software. He stated this software will enable all information concerning benefits and salary be made available to a new employee upon being hired. He stated it also assists hiring committees to track applicants.  

Dr. Ruth Hendrick

Dr. Hendrick reported on the Workforce goals and stated her division moves so quickly, the information distributed is already out of date. She distributed more current information in regarding results from Achieve 2015 but stated the VCCS will not release some of the information until a couple of weeks from now. Dr. Hendrick reported on the Workforce division goals and stated most were met or exceeded. She stated most importantly the number of unduplicated employers served was over 1,000, and contact hours exceeded 32% over the goal. Dr. Hendrick stated this is important because Workforce funding is based on the number of contact hours.
Dr. Hendrick stated the correct number of Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) completions was 200 which exceeded 110% of the goal, and the revenue generation goal was $375,000 but ended the year at $446,000. She stated that not all her division’s goals were met but those that didn’t, came close.
Dr. Hendrick also discussed WES and stated lots of time had been spent on training. She stated the software will be implemented over the fall semester and go-live for the public during the spring semester. 
Dr. Hendrick stated Workforce has been successful in employer awareness based on their activities that were done.
She discussed another Workforce goal which was to reorganize the Workforce Center’s programming and facility to increase utilization by and success of clients and employers. She stated this had been accomplished even before Goodwill Industries took over the Center.
Dr. Hendrick stated Workforce met its goal to provide increased levels of support to expand the Workforce adjunct pool by creating a quarterly newsletter to provide information and by developing an online adjunct orientation program which will be implemented in early FY16.
Dr. Hendrick distributed the Workforce Teams’ goals for the Board to review at a later time.
Dr. Hendrick also distributed Workforce’s goals for 2016 and discussed which relate to meeting specific goals for contact hours and revenue generation, increasing employer awareness, etc. She stated Workforce has developed two advisory councils to help strengthen relationships with the business community—one for Workforce and one for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Dr. Hendrick stated that Nathan Kolb is the Coordinator of the Small Business Development Center and hopes are to introduce him to this Board at a future meeting.
Dr. Hendrick reported that CVCC’s Fast Track program has a new name—Rapid Train, to avoid confusion with another program housed in Roanoke.  

Mr. Michael Bradford

Mr. Bradford reported on marketing and stated the good news is that CVCC is in the process of hiring a marketing person and will be interviewing the candidates later this month. He referred to the Achieve 2015 goal which is to develop a marketing plan for CVCC in Region 2000. He stated he feels sure the new marketing person will develop that plan rather than just tactics.
Mr. Bradford reported on fund raising and stated those Achieve 2015 goals are found on page 7. He stated it was a very good year for CVCC with the annual campaign (restricted, unrestricted, and endowments) increasing in donations from $261,025 to $377,956. Mr. Bradford stated online giving is now available but needs to be marketed to inform those of this option. He stated one goal achieved was to secure $440,000 in scholarship support from the Tobacco Indemnification Commission for use during the 2015-2016 year. He stated his office has been accepting applications since March for this upcoming year and of that $440,000, $391,000 has been awarded. Mr. Bradford stated the online scholarship application has made it easier for his office to deal with the hundreds of applications it receives. (He stated Tobacco Scholarships are restricted funds as the students must be a resident of a tobacco county—Bedford, Campbell, Appomattox, Pittsylvania, Halifax, and Charlotte, and the second requirement is that the student has chosen specific programs of study at CVCC that are in a science, technology, engineering, math or health (STEM-H) related field). Mr. Bradford stated while these scholarships do not cover transfer students such as those in the General Studies program, another program available is the Tobacco Region Academic Scholarships. He stated this is for students with at least a 3.0 GPA that graduated in the last three years in a tobacco county school.
Mr. Bradford reported on a notable contribution of $20,000 from the Easley Foundation fund. He stated this is given to five colleges, and CVCC is replacing Sweet Briar College.
Mr. Bradford reported CVCC received a new endowed scholarship named after Donna Schewel Clark. He stated the College will receive $35,000 every six months of unrestricted funds for an indefinite period.  
Mr. Bradford stated CVCC had a record year for scholarship giving which was up 90% from $246,000 to $468,000.  
Mr. Bradford reported there are two Department of Education (DOE) grants that community colleges apply for—the Trio Grant and the Title III ($1.4 million over four years) grant. He stated the Trio Grant request was submitted in spring 2015. Mr. Bradford stated it is a long shot for CVCC to be awarded these grants as other community colleges have been applying and receiving them because they have journeyed through a learning process. He recognized Mr. Sandidge, Mr. Lightfoot, Dr. Mickles, Ms. Ogden, Mr. Michael Farris, and Ms. Alison Moore on their work on the Title III proposal. Mr. Bradford stated if this grant is not received, at least the proposal is graded and should help in future endeavors. 

Mr. David Lightfoot

Mr. Lightfoot reported as the users continue to become more dependent upon mobile devices to access cloud resources, CVCC must adapt. He stated there are several things the College is doing in response to this trend. 
·       The largest initiative this year is to redesign the College’s website to be mobile friendly. In addition to making it mobile friendly, it will be more student focused. The information targeted to employees will be moved to a different website.
·       The classroom projection systems will be changed to HDMI, with the ability to support 4k video.  It will take several years to convert all of systems to HDMI.  Digital video (HDMI) has enhanced copyright enforcement. This is positive in that it ensures copyright compliance, but some faculty may have to alter how they use videos for instruction. (Mr. Lightfoot stated he will be working with Dr. Mickles to minimize the impact on instruction.
·       As part of a VCCS-wide initiative, next month CVCC’s connection speed to the Internet will be increased by 20%--providing more access to cloud resources.
Mr. Lightfoot reported the College is also preparing for Windows 10. To deploy and manage Windows 10, two management servers must be upgraded. This will be piloted during the fall term and may begin rolling it out in January. 
Mr. Lightfoot stated CVCC is leading a system-wide initiative to leverage Microsoft’s Identity Management cloud services. This service will allow all VCCS to use a single username and password to access over 300 cloud services in addition to VCCS and CVCC applications. If successful, this will provide a single sign-on to most of the information Systems used within the VCCS.

Ms. Kris Ogden

Ms. Ogden stated in the Board packets is a copy of a SACSCOC letter dated June 11, 2015, stating CVCC’s accreditation was reaffirmed with no follow-up report required by the Board of Trustees. She stated CVCC has a lot of strong processes in place and will continue those going forward.
Ms. Ogden stated as the College moves forward, the data collection for Achieve 2015 has been completed. She stated plans are to proceed with the new strategic plan, Complete 2021, which the VCCS has one goal of tripling the number of credentials awarded. She stated these credentials will be both credit and non-credit and part of the implementation for this plan involves identifying those credentials. Ms. Ogden stated the College has completed a process of submitting the credentials that are in place and wait for advisement as to which will count.
Ms. Ogden stated in the packets there is also a copy of the 2015 Graduate Student Survey for all the credit programs, certificates, and diplomas. She stated this information will be used as to what challenges successful students have faced and to develop strategies to help the students with those challenges. 

Chief Russell Dove

Chief Dove stated he is excited about the Law Enforcement Career Studies Certificate that was just approved in this meeting. He stated two students have begun this program with an orientation this month and will complete the certificate in December with 17 college credits and be certified as police officers in the state of Virginia. Chief Dove stated he knows these students will have job offers before completing the program. He stated several more have expressed interest.
Chief Dove reported on Achieve 2015 and stated the Emergency Coordinator positon is slated to be filled. He stated plans are to conduct functional exercises here on Campus to determine and evaluate responses if a real event occurred.

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps stated during his time here at CVCC, a report card of the Achieve 2015 goals have been presented to the Board. He stated a green circle indicated achievement; a red circle indicated not achieved; and a yellow circle indicated progress being made. He stated upon reviewing the goals, it shows that CVCC has had an outstanding year. Dr. Capps stated the judgement is still out on whether the first goal to increase enrollment from underserved populations was achieved because the non-credit data is not yet available. But he stated on the remaining 46 goals, the College accomplished or made progress on all but two goals. He stated of course, the most important goals achieved here at CVCC was the SACSCOC reaffirmation.
Dr. Capps stated Complete 2021 is a plan that is influx at this time which began as a single goal of tripling the number of credentials awarded. He stated recently the Chancellor added some corollary goals which are shown in the light blue on that document in the packets. Dr. Capps stated the Chancellor stated he is more concerned with process goals as opposed to measureable goals. He stated a college-wide metrics will be created in the next year.
Dr. Capps referred to CVCC’s Complete 2021 document (developed from numerous college and business surveys) and stated CVCC’s vision statement has been revised. He stated the College will support students and community members during each point in their college journey: connection, entry, progress, and completion. Dr. Capps discussed several objectives and CVCC strategies to achieve those objectives.
Dr. Capps stated the plan that the College has created is the model for what the VCCS has just released. He thanked Ms. Ogden for her hard work on this.
Dr. Capps stated to strengthen communication with the Local Board, he would to email each member the Daily Bulletin and links for CVCC in the news. He asked that anyone wishing to opt out to email Ms. Sykes with a request to be removed.
Dr. Capps reported on Monday, July 20, he will travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez, for a community college meeting.
Dr. Capps invited all Board members to attend a special Town Hall meeting scheduled for July 21 at which time he will be making a special announcement. He also stated ice cream with all the toppings will be served to everyone attending.

Mission and Vision Statement/Complete 2021 Strategic Plan

On a motion by Mr. Brandt, duly seconding by Dr. Troxel, the College’s current Mission and revised Vision Statement was affirmed, and the Complete 2021 Strategic Plan was endorsed as written.
The motion carried unanimously.

Chair’s Report

No report.

State Board Remarks

Mr. Zajur was absent.
Old Business
No report.
New Business
No report.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 
6: 40 p.m.  

John S. Capps
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