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July 20, 2016
The two hundred and twenty-second meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on July 20, 2016, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114. Following the business session, dinner was held at the Porterhouse Restaurant.



Members Present

Dr. Robert Arnold
Mr. Winfred Nash
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall
Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum 
Dr. Steve Troxel
Dr. John Walker
Mr. Ben Witt
Campbell County
Appomattox County
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
Amherst County
Bedford County

Members Absent

Mr. Keith Maxey
Mr. Franklin Swann
Mr. Michel Zajur
Campbell County
City of Lynchburg
State Representative

Special Guests Present

Mr. Joel Burch
Ms. Jesse Pounds
News and Advance

Staff Present

Dr. John Capps, President
Mr. Michael Bradford, VP of Institutional Advancement
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III, VP for Finance and Administration
Chief Russell Dove, Chief of Police
Dr. Ruth Hendrick, VP of Workforce Solutions and Community Education  
Dr. Muriel Mickles, VP for Academic and Student Affairs
Ms. Kris Ogden, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Mr. Will Sandidge, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Administration Coordinator


Mr. Witt, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.



Approval of Minutes No. 221


On a motion by Mr. Marshall, duly seconded, Minutes No. 221 from the regular meeting of April 27, 2016, were approved with several corrections noted.
The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Joel Burch

Dr. Capps introduced Mr. Joel Burch, Vice President and General Manager of BWX Technologies’ Nuclear Operations Group, and stated he will speak today on BWXT’s relationship with CVCC.  
Mr. Burch began his presentation by stating BWXT, headquartered here in Lynchburg, is celebrating its 60thAnniversary this summer. He stated BWXT employs 2,200 and has a practice of hiring local talent. Mr. Burch stated BWXT is highly selective in its hiring practices looking for good work ethics, skills, honestly, and integrity when hiring. He stated CVCC has provided a great pipeline of employees beginning at the high school level with the STEM program and also the college-level though the Machine Tool and Quality programs.
Mr. Burch discussed a relatively new program, Manufacturing Tech 1 (MT1) which is taught at CVCC. He stated this certification was developed to meet the growing employment demands of the manufacturing industry. He stated the MT1 is a portable, stackable industry credential that demonstrates to employers anywhere in the world that an individual has an understanding of modern manufacturing and has attained mastery in the core competency areas certified.
Mr. Burch stated the Engineering Sponsorship program with CVCC and UVA (BWXT supplied the books and a paid internship) was another great program, but UVA had dropped the program due to low enrollment.  
Mr. Burch stated, “Our people make us successful!” He stated 68 full-time employees hired in the last five years were CVCC graduates and were hired in the following disciplines: Engineering and Engineering Technology, HVAC, Industrial Electricity, Machining, Quality Control, Welding, and Business.
Mr. Burch thanked CVCC for the training provided to students who eventually become employees of BWXT.
Mr. Witt thanked him for his presentation.


Cyber Security Career Studies Certificate

On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, the Cyber Security Career Studies Certificate was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.

Cyber Security Fundamentals Career Studies Certificate

On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, the Cyber Security Fundamentals Career Studies Certificate was approved as a new Career Studies Certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.

Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science

The Engineering Technology Associate of Applied Science program was provided for information.


Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements
The Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements were reviewed.  On a motion by Dr. Troxel with Dr. Tannenbaum duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Facilities and Finance Committee), the Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements were approved as written. A copy of the Local Funds Quarterly Financial Statements are attached and made a part of these minutes.
The motion carried unanimously.
Auxiliary Reserve Plan for College Parking Facilities
On a motion by Dr. Troxel with Dr. Tannenbaum duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Facilities and Finance Committee), the request for funding the Auxiliary Reserve Plan for College Parking Facilities 2016-2018 was approved.
The motion carried unanimously.
Budget Modifications
On a motion by Dr. Troxel with Dr. Tannenbaum duly seconding (as there was not a quorum for the Facilities and Finance Committee), the budget modifications were approved. A copy of the requests is attached and made a part of these minutes.
The motion carried unanimously.

Dr. Muriel Mickles

Dr. Mickles began her report by announcing Dr. Jeff Laub who has been Dean of Science, Math, and Engineering for a number of years, is returning to teaching this August, and Dr. Cindy Wallin will serve in the capacity as interim dean. She also announced Dr. Lisa Chilton has been hired as the Financial Aid Coordinator.
Dr. Mickles discussed some of the College’s ongoing recruitment initiatives. She stated one is the Beacon of Hope Boot Camp that is scheduled for five Saturdays this summer. She stated this is to provide a bridge to gap between high school graduation and a seamless transition entry to fall semester at CVCC. Dr. Mickles stated Michele Fletcher and Mickey Paige are coordinating these Student Orientation classes (SDV) which have 10 students enrolled.
Dr. Mickles discussed the Start Smart-Finish Strong initiative which require students to register on time with no late registration allowed. She stated research shows students are more likely to complete a course successfully when they begin the class on time. She stated notification to students include posters, emails, postcards, billboards, buses, and Facebook. Dr. Mickles stated 14-week classes have been built in the schedule to catch the late-comers, and the 8-week classes are still available.
Dr. Mickles also reported a Start Smart Bridge initiative began yesterday. She stated students having applied to CVCC but not enrolled in classes have been identified. She stated 40-50 students attended plus some of their parents. Dr. Mickles stated afterwards, 26 students enrolled with 12 waiting to enroll in classes that were full.
Dr. Mickles discussed some of the College’s marketing strategies and stated a postcard was mailed to encourage students to Start Smart. She stated the College has received 110 phone calls in response to this card. Dr. Mickles stated a tuition payment initiative has been sent by emails, text, phone calls, post cards, e-blast, etc. to 1,350 current students.
Dr. Mickles reported CVCC has a club now for new students (8-10 have joined) who have never attended College, and it is called Club LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, and Development). She stated this is to help transition them to the changes and challenges of college life.  
Dr. Mickles stated another initiative is to reach out early to students by scheduling three-day summer orientations. She stated one began on July 18 with 36 students, and beginning on August 8, there are two more classes scheduled with one during the day and one in the evening.
Dr. Mickles stated Early College enrollment is strong in all of the College’s regions: Bedford County (50 enrolled), Campbell County (22 enrolled), Amherst County (24 enrolled), Appomattox County (12 enrolled), and Lynchburg City (26 enrolled).  
Dr. Mickles stated she and Dr. Capps are working with Liberty University to try and establish a dual enrollment agreement similar to the ones with Randolph and Lynchburg College.
Dr. Mickles reported the College received a grant, Achieving the Dream Open Educational Resources (OER), in consortium with five community colleges. She stated the consortium will receive $400,000 to continue the project.
Dr. Mickles discussed a Pell Grant for dual enrollment students that CVCC received. Dr. Mickles stated a meeting has been held with the school superintendents and will be meeting with parents and students soon to disseminate information about this grant.
Dr. Mickles reported a VA Teacher’s Professional Development Seminar was held in Hampton, Virginia, with three of CVCC’s faculty attending, one from each division.
Mr. Nash asked what amount of enrollment increase did the College anticipate as a result of these initiatives. Dr. Mickles stated this would be the College’s benchmark year as it is a first time for most of them. 
Dr. Arnold asked that CVCC reach out with these initiatives to the high school students. He stated that once the students graduate, the schools lose touch with them.
Dr. Capps discussed enrollment and stated as of now, the College is showing a decrease in FTEs of 1.5% compared to last year but stated the true numbers will not be known until the end of the semester. He stated trends are working against the College this year because of population changes which mean fewer recent high school graduates and also the improving economy typically corresponds with lower college enrollment.

Mr. Lewis Bryant, III

Mr. Bryant reported facilities has worked many hours during the replacement process of the Amherst/Appomattox buildings air conditioning system. He stated the VCCS funded the $220,000 for this project from its emergency fund.
Mr. Bryant stated in the finance area, everyone is busy closing out the year. He reported the state budget is still under review at this time but hopes this will soon change in order to continue with the financial planning.
Dr. Capps thanked Mr. Bryant for his hard work in developing the College’s budget.

Mr. Michael Bradford

Mr. Bradford reported the marketing strategies have increased this year and stated they included TV and radio commercials, digital advertising of pre-roll video, four static and one electronic billboard, advertisements on buses as well as a direct mail to the high school students and one to every household (with an 18-30 year olds) within the service region.
Mr. Bradford reported the website redesign is progressing. He stated the President’s Cabinet has approved the new design, and the committee has now created the home page, tabs, and links on the side bars. He also reported a content management system is in place, and soon the owners will begin the process of building new content with the goal of making the information more engaging.
Mr. Bradford discussed CVCC’s 50th Anniversary and stated celebrations begin on August 26 with a Welcome Backstudent picnic and continues with a Homecoming celebration on November 5. He stated a spring luncheon/dinner is being planned but no date has been selected. He thanked the Board for approving the budget for these celebrations.
Mr. Bradford reported on scholarships and stated $571,000 has been awarded, and two-thirds of the Tobacco Indemnification Commission (TIC) money has been awarded. He stated a small portion of the TIC grant is about all that is left which eliminates Amherst County and Lynchburg City students as they are not tobacco regions.
Mr. Bradford stated this is year-end for the Foundation as well, and the total of gifts and grants is expected to be approximately $936,000 which is an increase from last year.
Dr. Capps stated he is pleased to say that Dr. Belle Wheelen will be the guest speaker for the College’s 2017 graduation.

Dr. Ruth Hendrick

Dr. Hendrick thanked the members of the Local Board for their contributions to the Summer Academies program. She stated 29 students received scholarships from these contributions. Dr. Hendrick reported the program is going great this year with 262 attending which is more than double from last year.
Dr. Hendrick distributed and discussed Workforce’s report on its goals for fiscal year 2016. She reported this was another good year with most of the goals met or partially met. Dr. Hendrick stated this year is a paradigm shift for her department as most of the goals in the past are no longer priorities. She stated the revenue stream will remain the same with the College receiving $80,000 of their profit for this year to support Workforce operations.
Dr. Hendrick stated most of Workforce’s effort is geared towards the credential grant change which was effective July 1.  She stated CVCC has been approved for 13 Workforce Credential grant (WCG) programs with 9 programs operating this fall. She stated this grant helps offset the tuition for non-credit credentials and reported there are three areas of funding available: Financial Aid for Noncredit Training leading to Industry Credentials (FANTIC) (can fund up to 95%), Workforce Credential grant, and the On-Ramp grant (can fund 100%). Dr. Hendrick stated she feels this funding will increase the success of their programs.

Ms. Kris Ogden

Ms. Ogden began by stating Institutional Effectiveness has been involved with all initiatives that have been discussed during this meeting. She stated information is always being gathered for the College’s assessment and continuous improvements.
Ms. Ogden discussed some of the information found on the 2016 Graduation Survey and Student Overall Satisfaction Surveys. She stated the Student Government Association (SGA) was very involved in encouraging their peers to participate in the Satisfaction survey which increased response rates. (She stated the graduate survey is mandatory.) Ms. Ogden stated this information is very helpful in assessing programs.

Chief Russell Dove

Chief Dove stated in an effort to keep the Campus safe, the number of safety presentations provided to the students have increased. He stated with all the incidences happening around the world, an emphasis will be on how to respond in the event of an active shooter situation.
Chief Dove stated he is in the process of filling one full-time and one part-time position due to a resignation and a retirement of two of his employees.
Chief Dove reported he continues to meet with Lynchburg officials to plan the College’s full-scale emergency (active shooter) exercise which is planned for March 2017.

Mr. Will Sandidge

Mr. Sandidge reported he participated on a panel at a nuclear technology conference where he discussed CVCC’s associate degree. He stated CVCC was the only community college represented there and felt the College received a lot of visibility. He stated a meeting is scheduled in August to determine how CVCC can support Dominion Power with courses and maybe even a degree program.  
Mr. Sandidge discussed the College’s Energy Technology program and stated marketing has created a brochure which will be used to promote some of these courses (Industrial Fundamentals, OSHA 10, and Solar Energy) into the high schools as dual enrollment courses.
Mr. Sandidge reported on the CVCC initiative of “Building a Better CVCC.” He stated nine Campus committees developed recommendations on how to make CVCC an even better college. He stated an action plan was created from those recommendations, who is responsible, and the response to the recommendations.

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps stated now the College has reached the end of the fiscal year, usually the extent of completing that year’s goals are reviewed. He referred to two documents Chancellor’s Objectives for the Complete 2021 Goal (2016-2017) and Chancellor’s Objectives AY 2016 Update but stated CVCC produced its own Complete 2021 goal which included four categories of students’ experiences at CVCC: connection (attract students to CVCC), entry (process of enrolling students), progression (students making progress), and completion (students earning a degree,  certificate, or credential). Dr. Capps stated the VCCS has a broader version of Complete 2021 and is a two-year plan where in the past, plans were just for one year. He stated CVCC’s plan is also a two-year plan that is a formative plan with quantitative goals; therefore, the report today will be a mid-term progress report. Dr. Capps stated the Chancellor did establish some metrics in certain elements in the VCCS’ plan which is included in the Chancellor’s Objective handout. He stated the overall goal of the VCCS is tripling the number of credentials awarded for economic vitality and individual prosperity over the span of six years. He stated the VCCS goal for connections is to increase fall admission applications from 110,000 to 130,000. Dr. Capps stated it was discovered some applied to a community college not to enroll but to obtain a VCCS email address making them eligible for a free Netflix subscription.
Dr. Capps discussed the entry objective which was to increase fall admission applications yield to 60% system-wide. He stated CVCC did not make the connection objective as the number of applications declined from 2014 to 2015, and the percent to enroll, declined as well. Dr. Capps stated this underscores the kinds of enrollment initiatives that Dr. Mickles discussed today. He stated everything that is being done to market the College more strategically will cause those numbers to increase.
Dr. Capps stated the VCCS Progressive Objective is to increase fall-to-fall retention (students return) to 60% and fall-to-spring retention to 71%. He stated he was pleased to report that CVCC met both of those goals.
Dr. Capps discussed the VCCS Completion Objective which is to increase associates degrees, certificates and career studies certificates by 6,000 over AY 2015, and stated CVCC met this goal by increasing their total awards over the baseline and increase awards by more than 30%. He also stated the Completion Objective was to collect baseline data on industry certifications and awards of industry certifications. Dr. Capps stated as of June 7, 2016, CVCC had awarded 292 noncredit and 282 credit industry certification and licensures.
Dr. Capps discussed CVCC’s Complete 2021 Objectives handout and stated this plan showed the strategies to achieve these objectives. He stated the strategies in red are ones that will not be met, and he was glad to say there were only two: install directional informational signage on Campus (too costly) and to explore child care options to support students.
Dr. Capps complimented all of his direct reports for all of their hard work. He stated the College is blessed with such a group of talented people working here at CVCC.

Chair’s Report

No report.
Old Business
No report.
New Business
No report.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 
6:42 p.m.  

John S. Capps
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