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October 26, 2016
The two hundred and twenty-third meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on October 26, 2016, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114. Following the business session, dinner was held at the Crown Sterling Restaurant



Members Present

Dr. Robert Arnold
Mr. Winfred Nash
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall
Mr. Keith Maxey
Mr. Franklin Swann
Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum 
Dr. Steve Troxel
Mr. Ben Witt
Campbell County
Appomattox County
City of Lynchburg
Campbell County
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
Bedford County

Members Absent

Dr. John Walker
Mr. Michel Zajur
Amherst County
State Board Rep.

Special Guests Present

Ms. Elizabeth Narehood
Workforce Solutions

Staff Present

Dr. John Capps, President
Dr. Muriel Mickles, VP of Student and Academic Services
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III, VP for Finance and Administration
Mr. David Lightfoot, VP for Information Technology
Dr. Ruth Hendrick, VP for Workforce Solutions
Mr. Michael Bradford, VP of Institutional Advancement
Ms. Kris Ogden, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Chief Russell Dove, Chief of Police
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Administration Coordinator


Mr. Ben Witt, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes No. 222

On a motion by Mr. Marshall, duly seconded, Minutes No. 222 from the regular meeting of July 20, 2016, were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.


Ruth Hendrick and 
Elizabeth Narehood
Workforce Solutions Development and Training

Ms. Elizabeth Narehood (CVCC’s Workforce Development Coordinator) began her presentation by stating she starting working at CVCC in March 2016, and previously had worked with Regional 2000 Economic Development Alliance on the tech council. She stated she has a master’s degree in Career and Technical Education; therefore, CVCC is the perfect place for her.
Ms. Narehood stated workforce development is about creating a pipeline of workers for area businesses based on current workforce needs and projected future needs. She stated their goals are focused on several different audiences, one being the emerging workforce of high school students who have yet to enter the workforce. Ms. Narehood stated one such program is the transitions program with students from the four school divisions. She stated juniors and seniors (usually with physical and mental challenges) come to CVCC to get specialized training. Ms. Narehood stated another program is with Centra’s Rivermont School where students from Danville and Lynchburg come to CVCC for career readiness, training programs, and credentialing programs. She also stated career academies exploratory camps for middle and high school students are held each summer and reported academies for 2016 saw record enrollment with 269 students attending. She stated this exposes students to a variety of careers as well as CVCC faculty and adjunct faculty. Ms. Narehood stated studies show that middle school is where students actually begin career planning and through career academies, they are exposed to the different career paths.
Ms. Narehood stated, in workforce development, credentialing and training programs are available in a rapid train format. She stated rapid train provides intensive, short-term (3-15 week) training opportunities in a variety of technical fields. Each specific program is designed to respond to the immediate needs of Region 2000 businesses for entry level, skilled applicants, and to provide students with the means to secure well paying, career positions in local industry. She stated industries show a need for Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA), Commercial Drivers License (CDL), and Information Technology (IT) help desk. Ms. Narehood reported CMA is conducting its first fall class with 13 students and has received inquiries about the upcoming spring classes. She reported an IT class is being taught this semester with 10 enrolled students. Ms. Narehood stated all will be earning industry credentials upon completion. She stated she has met with the deans and Ms. Ogden to see how these students can then proceed with credit classes to earn a degree.
Ms. Narehood stated she oversees the On Ramp program for dislocated workers, recently separated veterans, and their spouses. She stated they can receive full-tuition assistance for this program.    
Ms. Narehood stated in summer 2017, Workforce will once again work with AREVA to reestablish an apprenticeship program.  
Ms. Narehood stated, on one of her handouts, information is included about non-credit financial aid (when qualifications are met) can pay 2/3 of the tuition and Financial Aid for Noncredit Training Leading to Industry Credentials (FANTIC) program can provide funding for the 1/3 portion the student must pay.
Dr. Hendrick reported on workforce training and stated its primary focus is on incumbent workers and those workers who want to maintain their skills. She stated Francie Dye is the Workforce Training Coordinator.
Dr. Hendrick reported assessments of current employees and new recruits are also offered. She stated for example, if employees need computer training, an assessment is done to see exactly where the need is and provide customized training to meet that need. Dr. Hendrick summarized that Ms. Dye and her team provide training that can be offered any length, any time, any content, to meet a business’ specific needs for their employees. She stated some of these classes are offered as open enrollment and can include students from several different employers. 
Dr. Hendrick discussed coaching and consulting and stated the employer realizes a specific need and CVCC can meet that need with the expertise in its faculty. She stated CVCC can also offer support by providing location training from area employers.
Dr. Hendrick stated some of the training included the following:
·         Custom training for business
·         Employer visits
·         Professional training & certifications
·         Online professional development
·         WorkKeys sales & administration
·         Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
·         Institutes & Academies (DCJS Security Program, Leadership, Project Management, Safety, SHRM)
·         Professional Development Initiative for Schools (PDIS)
Dr. Hendrick stated Ms. Dye and her team have assisted Workforce Solutions in reaching the goals of the division. She stated Workforce is extremely fortunate to have Ms. Dye and Ms. Narehood as team leaders.



Curriculum Advisory Committee Member Appointments

On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, duly seconded, the memberships of the Curriculum Advisory Committees were approved.
The motion carried unanimously.

Curriculum Advisory Meeting Minutes

On a motion by the Curriculum Committee, duly seconded, the meeting minutes of the Curriculum Advisory Committees were provided for information.
Dr. Troxel showed several discrepancies on the meetings as to the amount of members present and to the committees that have not met within a year as mandated in the VCCS Policy Manual. Dr. Mickles stated she will review the minutes with the deans to ensure this does not happen again.
Dr. Capps stated these advisory committee meetings should consist of input from the members and not for them to just to listen.
Dr. Mickles stated to ensure attendance, the advisory committee members are notified of an upcoming meeting by letter, email, and phone call. She stated a possibility of having conference calls or skyping members instead may help to guarantee that a quorum is present.


Local Fund Financial Statements
The Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Fund Budget Adjustment Request
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the request to reallocate $19,000 from Student Success Center’s Local Funds (software costs less than anticipated) to purchase three additional metal picnic tables with umbrellas. (The $19,000 should cover the cost plus shipping.)
The motion carried unanimously.


Threat Assessment Team
Chief Dove requested the Local Board to approve the members of the Threat Assessment Team as listed on the handout. These members will also serve on the Sexual Assault Review Committee. (The member list will become part of these minutes.)
Dr. Troxel made a motion duly seconded, to accept the members as listed to serve on the Threat Assessment Team (TAT) and Sexual Assault Review Committee.
The motion carried unanimously.

Dr. Muriel Mickles

Dr. Muriel Mickles reported the College’s General Studies program is now recognized by the State Policy on Transfer. She stated transfer students with this degree admitted through a regular admission process will be admitted as a junior and all lower-level general education requirements will be accepted. Dr. Mickles thanked Ms. Ogden for providing the data necessary to achieve this.
Dr. Mickles reported Patti Saffioti and Jack Freeman submitted an application and received the Chancellor’s Innovation Grant for Building Student Success Through Appreciative Advising. Muriel stated with this funding, a counselor workshop will be held in March 2017 with an invitation to the area high school counselors and career coaches along with CVCC counselors.
Dr. Mickles reported Liberty University and Central Virginia Community College have signed a dual enrollment agreement which allows interested and qualified students to enroll at both CVCC and LU. She stated the accepted students will be allowed to take one class per semester at LU, while taking a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester at CVCC. Dr. Mickles stated CVCC students can enjoy some of what LU has to offer such as the student center and their library.
Dr. Mickles discussed the Grow Your Own Teachers program and stated students who are admitted will complete two years of coursework at CVCC, while also taking selected classes at Lynchburg College. She stated upon graduation from CVCC, the remaining two years of coursework will be completed at Lynchburg College. Dr. Mickles stated every effort will be made to employ these students in their home school divisions.
Dr. Mickles discussed the dual enrollment experiment (Financial Aid for Early College and STEM students) and stated 47 students applied for financial support with 27 students being awarded so far, and 12 students pending for verifications. She stated 15 students were ineligible. Dr. Mickles stated these students represented most of the area schools and even included home schooled students.
Dr. Mickles discussed the Achieve the Dream initiative grant and stated it is to redesign courses using open educational resources. She stated CVCC is the recipient of this grant and goals are to develop three degrees using no cost books. 

Mr. Lewis Bryant, III

Mr. Bryant reported Ms. Christina Brannan has been hired as the business manager. He stated prior to returning to CVCC, Ms. Brannan worked as the business manager and also as a financial program coordinator for Virginia Tech. She has also worked as an accountant for the city of Salem, and before that spent four years working for the city of Lynchburg as a file management specialist.
Mr. Bryant discussed the College’s food service provider and stated their contract will end on May 31, 2017. He stated the College will go out for bids very soon so there will no service interruption for the students.
Mr. Bryant reported a pilot program of shared services for accounts payable and procurement will begin January 2017. He stated the center will be located in Daleville, Virginia. Mr. Bryant also stated a software, Chrome River Technologies, has been purchased that the Colleges could use for travel reimbursements. He stated the traveler would enter his/her information, and the software would route this information for the appropriate approvals.  
Mr. Bryant reported he is pleased to say that the cooling systems in the Campbell and Bedford Buildings will be replaced (funded by the VCCS). He stated there are 40 heat pumps in the ceiling of Campbell and 50 in Bedford that will be replaced as well (funded also by the VCCS).

Dr. Ruth Hendrick

Dr. Hendrick reported CVCC had the first Workforce Credential Grant student in the state who completed a credential through this program. She also reported CVCC had the most credentials completed in the VCCS for FY ’16 and as of October 10, 2016, the most for FY ’17. Dr. Hendrick stated this was an effort from the entire college including both credit and non-credit credentials. (Dr. Capps distributed a handout with the data.)
Dr. Hendrick stated Workforce received a capacity building grant (about $353,000) for expanding its services particularly in the Workforce Credential Grant. She reported some that money will fund the hiring of a Workforce credential specialist who will work and encourage non-credit students to complete their programs and certifications. She stated another part of that funding with go to developing curriculum and supplies for new and existing programs in the Rapid Train area. Dr. Hendrick stated this grant will also help the College by supporting the credit-side with a mobile welding lab (with welding stations and welding trainers).

Mr. Michael Bradford

Mr. Bradford discussed CVCC’s 50th Anniversary and stated the local fund budget approval for the celebrations at the July Board meeting was much appreciated and will be used to fund several celebrations. He stated a “kickoff” celebration was held on August 26 at the “Welcome” student picnic. He stated at this event faculty, staff, and students were given a commemorative t-shirt. He stated a website has been established for the anniversary and will include a place for alumni to update their information. Mr. Bradford stated he hopes this will boost the number of alumni contacts.
Mr. Bradford stated a festival will take place on November 5 with live music by CVCC alumni “Mondo Fundy Worx,” food trucks, beer and wine garden, carnival games, airbrush tattoos, photo booth, building tours, and CVCC memorabilia displayed. He stated a press release will go out tomorrow inviting the community to attend.
Mr. Bradford stated the writing of a commemorative magazine is in progress but will not be ready for the November 5 event. Mr. Bradford stated a display case has been purchased for archives and will be located in the library.
Mr. Bradford discussed the possibility of renaming Harvard Street, (as the VCCS owns this street) and will hold a Campus-wide contest for suggestions.  

Mr. David Lightfoot

Mr. Lightfoot referred to his handout which showed the front page of CVCC’s new website. He stated this updated site is student friendly/focused showing both non-credit and credit offerings. He stated it will also be more user friendly for mobile phones and tablets.
Mr. Lightfoot discussed the technology upgrade in Amherst Hall’s 2123 auditorium. He stated two eighty-inch screens have been added with a large podium in the center with a touch-screen monitor. He stated smaller classrooms will eventually have new technology as well.
Mr. Lightfoot discussed the new digital x-ray system which was also featured in the handout and stated an x-ray is taken and then can be sent via wi-fi to other devices. He stated the benefits included about 60% reduction in radiation for patients and patients do not have to be moved as often.

Ms. Kris Ogden

Ms. Ogden stated the reports that have been given tonight support the College’s Strategic Plan Complete 2021. She stated the College is in its second year of its strategic plans that focuses on connection, entry, progression, and completion objectives. Ms. Ogden reported that this semester, work has been mainly on the connection and entry objectives which directly aligns with the content that will be placed on the new website. She stated one goal is to effectively help students and direct them to achieve their goals. Ms. Ogden stated this fall, the faculty kicked off a huge project in which they are reviewing all their programs and creating templates that will provide a structured program pathway. Ms. Ogden stated this also aligns with a system-wide project that is based on nation-wide Best Practices from the Gates Foundation Completion by Design and the Loss and Momentum Framework. She stated all of this is being done so that CVCC is a first choice for students and parents for either a career or a pathway to transfer to a four-year institution. Ms. Ogden stated this should all be in place by fall 2017 semester.
Dr. Tannenbaum requested to see a template at a future meeting.  

Chief Russell Dove

Chief Dove reported a new officer has been hired replacing a retiree. He stated this officer worked at the VCU campus and most recently was a resource officer at a high school in Halifax County of which he feels will be very beneficial as CVCC has a lot of high school students on Campus.
Chief Dove stated he is still in the process of getting a signed agreement for the new radio system. He stated some of the language in the contract has caused a delay.

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps reported Virginia’s budget shows a shortfall of $1.5 billion revenue as a result of sales tax and income tax decreases. He stated, earlier this year, the governor asked the executive branch agencies to build contingency plans of returning 5% of their general fund allocation.  He stated higher education was first excluded but it has now been announced that higher education will be cut a very modest .88%. Dr. Capps reported through unexpended funds in the VCCS, .44% will be absorbed. He stated that leaves CVCC to fund the remaining .44% which amounts to $37,655. Dr. Capps stated he is very thankful for the VCCS, the governor, and the General Assembly for sparing higher education from a more severe budget reduction which could have had a serious outcome on operations.  
Dr. Capps reported the Chancellor held a Listening Tour on Student Success in September. He stated the College featured the Writing Center and the Math MALL.
Dr. Capps stated he and Mr. Bradford have been meeting with perspective donors to help fund scholarships.  
Dr. Troxel stated he had worked under a number of leaders and finds Dr. Capps to be a fabulous leader by pulling together a diverse group of people.   
Mr. Witt thanked everyone for their presentations and reports.  
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 
6:40 p.m.
John Capps
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