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January 18, 2017
The two hundred and twenty-fourth meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on January 18, 2017, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114. Following the business session, dinner was held at the Crown Sterling Restaurant.



Members Present

Mr. Nathaniel Marshall
Mr. Keith Maxey
Mr. Franklin Swann
Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum 
Dr. Steve Troxel
Dr. John Walker
City of Lynchburg
Campbell County
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
City of Lynchburg
Amherst County

Members Absent

Dr. Robert Arnold
Mr. Winfred Nash
Mr. Ben Witt
Mr. Michel Zajur
Campbell County
Appomattox County
Bedford County
State Board Rep.

Special Guests Present

Dr. James Lemons
Mr. Mark Robertson
BAH Dean
News and Advance

Staff Present

Dr. John Capps, President
Dr. Muriel Mickles, VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Mr. Lewis Bryant III, VP for Finance and Administration
Mr. David Lightfoot, VP for Information Technology
Dr. Ruth Hendrick, VP for Workforce Solutions
Mr. Michael Bradford, VP of Institutional Advancement
Ms. Kris Ogden, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Chief Russell Dove, Chief of Police
Mr. Will Sandidge, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Administration Coordinator


Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum, Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes No. 223

On a motion by Dr. Troxel, duly seconded, Minutes No. 223 from the regular meeting of October 26, 2016, were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.


Public Comment

There was no public comment.


Dr. James Lemons and Ms. Kris Ogden

Ms. Ogden stated CVCC has developed a strategy implemented as part of its strategic plan, Complete 2021. She stated CVCC is in the second year of this plan which has four categories-connection, entry, progression, and completion. Ms. Ogden stated this strategy is to help students by supporting them from beginning to completion.
Ms. Ogden reported, last year, the VCCS instituted a series of sessions that consisted of a student success leadership team that attended conferences where they were exposed to  examples from institutions of other states of their best practices of supporting students to completion. She stated this information resulted in CVCC conducting a compliance audit to look for gaps in those best practices and what CVCC was actually doing.
Ms. Ogden stated the team first realized the way the information was being presented about the programs offered here at CVCC and their structure was creating barriers for students. Ms. Ogden reported last fall, all faculty began reviewing their programs within a new structure that will allow the students to see the pathways to completing a credential. She stated this also allows an internal view of how the student is progressing through the pathway.
Ms. Ogden stated to improve communication for students, it was decided to streamline programs by providing simple choices, relevant coursework, and limited electives to create a clear roadmap for their career choice or to their transfer institution. She stated a template was created (using examples from other institutions) to restructure the College’s programs. Ms. Ogden distributed an example of this template using the General Studies transfer degree. She stated when reviewing this template, the committee looked for items such as hidden pre-requisites.  She stated the template listed the course, title, credits, type, term offered, and required pre-requisites. Ms. Ogden stated the yellow line in the middle represents a milestone for the students as they will receive a General Education Certificate when the courses above have been satisfied. Ms. Ogden stated this also ensures that the College is offering all of the courses in the correct sequence to complete the programs.
Ms. Ogden stated that this is setting the stage for an integration of all the systems that allows the College to track all aspects of the students’ experience. She stated this has been a college-wide project and will be available for fall 2017 enrollment that actually begins later this spring.
Dr. James Lemons began by stating the information he is sharing is about the new certificate that is on the agenda for approval later on in this meeting. He stated the College has two existing programs—Pre-Nursing I and Pre-Nursing II that have been offered with the Centra College of Nursing for 35 years. Dr. Lemons stated if a student graduates from the Centra College of Nursing, by default he/she is also a CVCC graduate. He stated Centra until recently was the one of a few that still offered a diploma program that can be completed in a year. Dr. Lemons stated Centra decided to switch to a two-year program and wanted CVCC to add more general studies courses to the curriculum and wanted it done quickly. He stated a decision was made to combine two existing career studies certificates calling it Health Sciences as a certificate only requires Local Board approval. Dr. Lemons stated there are other area colleges that offer a nursing program that CVCC students can transfer. He stated with Centra’s permission, CVCC now has articulation agreements with five other area colleges/universities; however, each require slightly different courses. Dr. Lemons stated at CVCC’s SDV course, all five colleges are invited to make presentations to these students. He stated the students then can make decisions on where to attend based on cost, distance, etc. after completing the courses at CVCC.
Dr. Lemons stated in closing that today, he is asking for approval for three things-new certificate, changing name to Health Sciences and requiring Health 143 that transfers instead of Health 141 which does not.




Health Sciences Certificate
On a motion by Mr. Marshall duly seconded by Dr. Troxel, (as the Curriculum Committee did not have a quorum) the Certificate of Health Sciences was approved as new certificate.
The motion carried unanimously.

Local Fund Financial Statements
The Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Request for Local Fund Budget
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the request to increase the local funds budget in the amount of $5,337 to provide funding to cover the offering of $8 in food tickets to each attendee at the 50th Anniversary Fall Festival was approved. (The original amount requested for the 50th Anniversary celebrations was $25,000.)
The motion carried unanimously.

Dr. Muriel Mickles

Dr. Muriel began her report by stating the first two days of classes were a little bumpy as school was canceled because of snow. She stated the express registration that was scheduled for Saturday, January 7, had to be canceled as well. Dr. Mickles reported faculty and staff (Dr. Capps also) rallied in the halls to direct students and offer support where needed.
Dr. Mickles stated enrollment for CVCC was looking good but the upcoming weeks will show the final numbers.
Dr. Mickles discussed a new Early College program that will be housed at Jefferson Forest High School. She stated the school received a grant to pilot a program that will have a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) focus. She stated in order to participate in this program, students must have passed pre-calculus I and II with a grade of “A” or “B.” Dr. Mickles reported an information session for this program was held last night. She reported the Early College located at the Bedford Center will continue as well.
Dr. Mickles stated, at CVCC, communication is very important. She stated her office creates a newsletter during each semester to keep all faculty and staff informed. (She distributed the spring semester newsletter.)  
Dr. Mickles discussed the Grow Your Own Teachers program and stated students who are admitted will complete two years of coursework at CVCC, while also taking selected classes at Lynchburg College. She stated upon graduation from CVCC, the remaining two years of coursework will be completed at Lynchburg College. (Dr. Mickles distributed a booklet on this subject.)
Dr. Troxel requested Dr. Mickles to discuss 2017 spring enrollment compared to 2016 spring enrollment. She stated at present CVCC is down 2.54% from last year. Dr. Troxel asked if the weather had an effect on enrollment. Dr. Mickles stated enrollment dates were extended to make allowances for the snowy weather. She reported this information was communicated on the CVCC website, emails were sent to students, and ads in the newspaper.    

Mr. Lewis Bryant, III

Mr. Bryant began by stating an ongoing project is to go out for bids for the College’s food service. He stated the state bidding process first requires review of the internal contracts that the state has. Mr. Bryant reported several operations have visited the College’s food service but have not contacted him with any interest. He stated he is hopeful to have the Requests for Proposals (RFP) by the end of January. He stated then the College can begin to look at different proposals and alternatives for the students. He stated hopefully the new contractor can provide the College with commission from its sales.
Mr. Bryant reported CVCC will participate (with three other colleges) in a pilot program of shared services located in Daleville, Virginia, called Procurement to Pay. He stated the benefits of this is to gain efficiencies and decrease overall costs. Mr. Bryant stated training for CVCC on this new initiative will take place on February 17 and “go live” date will be February 28.
Mr. Bryant stated the process of hiring a grant accountant is in the final stages of being filled.
Mr. Bryant stated so far in January 2017, the College has been closed for three workdays because of snow and ice. He stated the bills for clearing the snow will appear in future local funds financial statements.

Dr. Ruth Hendrick

Dr. Hendrick began by stated the Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) began this fiscal year by allowing the offering of the Rapid Train programing at a reduced tuition rate. She stated five programs—Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA), Backflow Prevention Device, SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and IT Helpdesk Technician were offered with 57 students completing this program. Dr. Hendrick stated most of fall programs are just finishing now, and the students have 120 days to complete their national certification exams. She stated most need the certification before employment. Dr. Hendrick stated CVCC receives one-third of the student tuition up front, one-third when the students complete their program, and the final one-third when the students obtain their national credentials. Dr. Hendrick stated the 95% achievement was the result of her staff working very hard to support these students and to help them succeed.
Dr. Hendrick reported Layia Perry has been hired as the WCG coach to offer even more support to those students helping them to complete their programs, meet the VCCS expectations, receive credentials, and obtain employment.
Dr. Capps distributed a summary sheet for FY17 Certifications and Licensures for all of the VCCS colleges. He stated from July 1, 2016, until December 5, 2016, CVCC students earned 590 certifications and licensures. He stated this is a tribute to Dr. Hendrick, Dr. Mickles, Ms. Ogden, and the faculty’s hard work.    

Mr. Michael Bradford

Mr. Bradford reported the Annual Revenue and Expense Budget for the Foundation totals a little over $1,000,000. He stated at the end of the year about three-fourths of that amount will have been used for scholarships, a new record for CVCC.
Mr. Bradford reported on the Tobacco scholarships and stated for this upcoming year, the College will be awarded $350,000. He also reported the Gene Haas Foundation has awarded a grant for $15,000 to the Machine Technology Program.
Mr. Bradford stated the road located by CVCC is named Harvard Street but there are no addresses associated with this street. He stated Harvard Street is not a right-of-way for the city or the state and is property of the VCCS. Mr. Bradford stated there was no mention of the street until the tunnel opened across Wards Road, and the city placed large street signs naming Liberty University Blvd. and Harvard Street. Mr. Bradford stated after seeing those signs, the College has decided to rename the street a name more appropriate. He stated he had spoken with the city of Lynchburg, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and the VCCS and discovered the name can be changed subject to approval by the VCCS State Board.  Mr. Bradford stated a survey (for alumni, students, community) will be conducted with some suggested names but also a write-in vote for suggestions. He stated a committee comprised of employees and students will review the suggestions and submit a group of names to the President’s Cabinet for a selection. Dr. Troxel stated this will increase awareness that Harvard Street belongs to CVCC and hopefully encourage safer driving. Dr. Troxel stated he felt suggestions should be requested first, and then survey the top names would produce the best results. Mr. Bradford agreed this should be considered by the committee. (Mr. Bradford stated the cost of changing the two city signs will range from $2,500 to $4,500.)

Mr. David Lightfoot

Mr. Lightfoot reported the College is in the final phase of the web redesign and stated the plan is to roll out the new website during the weekend of February 25.  He stated the new site will be mobile friendly, with improved navigation (especially on mobile devices) and images (local images-no stock images).
Mr. Lightfoot reported the College is also reorganizing and rewriting the content to lead users to the relevant information and presenting the information in a more engaging and succinct manner. He stated this is departure from the current site where “search” is the most common method of finding information with the information being presented more contractually and not as engaging as it could be.
Mr. Lightfoot reported in conjunction with the roll out of the new website, the new primary domain will be announced.  He stated the domain will change from to  Mr. Lightfoot stated earlier this month, as a “soft opening”, became the primary email domain but the email addresses will continue to work indefinitely. 
Mr. Lightfoot stated he is fortunate to have some innovative employees in IT.  He reported William Osborne, CVCC’s System Engineer” attended a Microsoft Training class a couple of years ago where he learned of some new features in the then upcoming version of Microsoft’s server software. Mr. Lightfoot stated he leveraged this software, through the purchase of independent components, then selected and assembled, to replace a much more expensive system from a ($50,000 a year) vendor. He stated the system is very cost-effective, but because it is “home grown”, many have discounted the design as a “Walmart” system.  Mr. Lightfoot stated he is pleased to say Mr. Osborne’s design has been validated by Dell as last week, Dell announced they are selling a system based upon the same design that Mr. Osborne created for CVCC some 18 months ago. 

Ms. Kris Ogden

Ms. Ogden reported her office is working on the structured programs and supporting the pathways. She also reported CVCC will be participating in The Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) which is part of the College’s assessment plan. She stated this is a national survey that allows students to respond to the questions in a variety of categories which allows their engagement to be measured. She stated the College last participated in this survey in 2013.  Ms. Ogden stated this is directly linked to CVCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that led to the development of the Writing Center and later to the development of the Math Lab. (Dr. Troxel complimented the Math Lab and encouraged everyone to go visit. Dr. Mickles stated an Open House is scheduled for tomorrow and invited everyone to attend.)

Chief Russell Dove

Chief Dove began his report by stating students now have the opportunity to attend the Police Academy sponsored by the Police Department and the Business and Allied Health Division (Criminal Justice Program). He stated one student began the program two weeks ago and should complete it in June. Chief Dove stated this program is one that the Board approved two years ago. He stated officers completing this program have been offered jobs prior to completion. Chief Dove reported two students have expressed interested in beginning this program next semester.   
Chief Dove stated he is in the process of planning and coordinating the March 8 active shooter exercise here at CVCC with the following entities, participating: Lynchburg Police Department, Liberty University Police Department, Fire Department, EMS, Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM), and state police. He extended a participation invitation to the Board members.  Chief Dove stated this will determine how prepared the College would be in actual incident occurrence. 
Chief Dove reported a contract has been approved and signed for CVCC’s new radio system with a tentative “go live” date of February 1. He stated this system will greatly enhance CVCC’s communication ability by directly communicating with Lynchburg City Police, Lynchburg City EMS, Lynchburg City Fire Department, Campbell County, Amherst County, and Bedford County.

Mr. Will Sandidge

Mr. Sandidge stated CVCC was recognized as a Great College to Work For two years ago and ad hoc committees were created along with the existing governance committees to be tasked with reviewing the responses of the survey categories (Job Satisfaction/Supervisor/Department Chair Relationship/Respect and Appreciation and Work Life Balance, Teaching Environment, Professional Development, Compensation and Benefits, Security, Facilities/Workplace, Collaborative Governance, Confidence in Senior Leadership, and Diversity). He stated the members, representing the entire college community, were involved in the committees and developed 37 recommendations. He stated those recommendations were placed on Communication Central. Mr. Sandidge reported that today he emailed an updated action plan to “everyone” for these recommendations. He stated one example is the Professional Development initiative which changed the way the money ($65,000) is distributed.  

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps stated he forgot to acknowledge, earlier in this meeting, Dr. Lemons and his role in helping with the credentials. He stated Dr. Lemons deserves great praise for his contributions to the credential count.
Dr. Capps discussed the budget and gave a preliminary update. He stated for now the College is creating a budget based on a 5% projected cut from the state. Dr. Capps reported CVCC experienced a modest cut for this year which amounted to $33,000. He stated the governor had originally proposed a 7.5% cut for the upcoming fiscal year, but that had decreased to a 5% cut. Dr. Capps stated for CVCC that results in a $435,000 decrease. He stated, between now and February, the General Assembly will decide the final percentage cut. Dr. Capps stated the VCCS has lobbyists that are working hard to get the 5% cut reduced. He requested any Board member that had connections to the members of the General Assembly, please campaign on the behalf of CVCC to lower that 5% cut to something more manageable.
Dr. Capps stated as a climax to our 50th Anniversary celebration, Dr. Belle Wheelan, a former president of CVCC-1992-1999, was asked to be the guest speaker for the College’s graduation. He stated he was pleased to say that Dr. Wheelan agreed to be the graduation speaker. He stated after Dr. Wheelan left CVCC she became the president of Northern Virginia Community College, then on to become the Secretary of Education for Virginia, and she currently serves as president of SACSCOC, the College’s accreditation agency. Dr. Capps requested for a nomination to present Dr. Wheelan with President Emeritus award which is the highest honor a president can achieve through the VCCS. He stated he had already received approval from the Chancellor to proceed with this request. Dr. Capps stated the next step is for the Local Board to approve this request, and the final step will be to seek the State Board’s approval. He stated if the State Board approves the nomination, the award can be presented to Dr. Wheelan at graduation.  
Dr. Tannenbaum made a motion with Mr. Marshall duly seconding to nominate Dr. Belle Wheelan to be presented the President Emeritus Award at the 2017 graduation ceremony.
The motion carried unanimously.
Dr. Capps presented awards to Chief Dove for 35 years of service to Virginia and to Dr. Mickles 45 years of service to CVCC.


Dr. Tannenbaum announced that Mr. Witt is not here today because of some health issues.  






There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 
6:15 p.m.

John Capps
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