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                                CENTRAL VIRGINIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                                        BOARD MEETING
                                                         MINUTES NO. 233
                                                               April 24, 2019
The two hundred and thirty-third meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on April 24, 2019, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114.



Members Present

Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum—City of Lynchburg
Dr. Jeffrey Garrett—Appomattox County
Ms. Julie Harris—Campbell County
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall—City of Lynchburg
Dr. Steve Troxel—City of Lynchburg
Mr. Clay Stanley—Campbell County
Dr. John Walker—Amherst County

Members Absent

Dr. Mac Duis—Bedford County
Mr. Franklin Swann— City of Lynchburg
Ms. Tamara Rosser—Bedford County

Special Guests Present

Ms. Carrie Dungan, News and Advance
Ms. Brittney Cochrane, CVCC Navigator
Ms. Layia Perry, CVCC Navigator
Miss Anna Martin, Student
Mr.  Terrell Clark, Student

Staff Present

Dr. John Capps, President
Dr. Muriel Mickles, VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III, VP for Finance and Administration
Mr. Chris Bryant, VP of Institutional Advancement
Ms. Kris Ogden, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Administration Coordinator


Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes No. 232

On a motion by Dr. Troxel, duly seconded, Minutes No. 232 from the regular meeting of January 16, 2019, were approved as written. (Dr. Troxel stated he had notified Ms. Sykes prior to the meeting of three corrections that had been made.)
The motion carried unanimously.




Presentation Dr. Capps introduced Ms. Brittney Cochrane and Ms. Layia Perry as two of CVCC’s Navigators who had recently been hired to advise first-year students and to empower them through collaborative mentoring relationships and the development of academic and career plans.
Miss Anna Martin was introduced as a student who had been working with Ms. Cochrane. Ms. Martin stated she is an E.C. Glass graduate who has several health issues which include three out of four strains of Lyme’s Disease and an autoimmune disease. She stated she chose CVCC as she did not want to go in debt. Ms. Martin explained the tick bite affected her brain which hindered her learning. She stated she successfully completed fall 2018 semester at CVCC but spring semester 2019 brought more difficulties with mold issues, and she had to drop her classes. She stated as she was restricted to bed, online classes were not an option. Ms. Martin stated thanks to the help of a mask, she is now enrolled in summer classes. She credited Ms. Cochrane with help in dropping her spring classes while encouraging her that college is still possible. Ms. Martin stated she hopes to transfer to LU (upon completion of an associate degree), and Ms. Cochrane is even helping with this.
Ms. Perry introduced Mr. Terrell Clark and stated she met him during his fall semester 2018. She stated he was taking classes here but was unable to complete them. Ms. Perry stated Mr. Clark is a graduate from E.C. Glass and the Empowerment Academy but faced lots of barriers that hindered his education. She stated she reached out to him and helped with completing the financial aid forms and provided gas and food cards. Ms. Perry stated Mr. Clark is now enrolled in spring classes and for summer and fall semesters. She stated he is 19 years old, lives on his own, and works a full-time, third-shift job.
Mr. Clark stated Ms. Perry has been a huge help by keeping him on-track. He stated working a full-time job and taking classes is challenging. Mr. Clark stated one of his strong points is that he is persistent and attending college is something he has always wanted to do, and a goal is that he will be the first in his family to graduate from college. He also stated he wants to be a good example for his younger sister. Mr. Clark stated coming here to CVCC is amazing and is his best option. He stated he is enrolled in the Machine Tool and Quality program, and one day, would like to work at BWXT.  
Mr. Marshall stated BWXT is always looking for employees with strong work ethics.
Dr. Tannenbaum thanked the two navigators for helping these students as their stories are very uplifting.
Dr. Capps stated he could not have done what many of CVCC’s students must do to get an education. He stated it is an honor to have them as students. (He also asked that both students speak at the upcoming May 1 Town and Gown meeting which will be hosted here at CVCC.)




Financial Statements
The Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by Mr. Stanley, duly seconded by Dr. Walker, (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), the Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Fund Budget for FY ‘19
The Local Fund Budget for FY ‘19 was reviewed. On a motion by Mr. Stanley, duly seconded by Mr. Marshall, (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), the Local Fund Budget for FY ‘19 was approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Fund Budget Transfer Request
On a motion by Mr. Stanley, duly seconded by Dr. Troxel, (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), a Local Fund Budget transfer request was approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Fund Budget Adjustment Request for Math Mall/Tutoring Center Funds
On a motion by Mr. Stanley, duly seconded, by Dr. Walker, (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), a budget adjustment request to the Math Mall and Tutoring Center funds was approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.


Dr. Muriel Mickles

Dr. Mickles began her report by stating she is looking forward to the graduation ceremony which will be held this year on Wednesday, May 15.
Dr. Mickles reported the BlackBoard platform that is used at CVCC for online classes (and other classes as well) will be replaced on May 17 by a management system called Canvas. She stated training will be provided for faculty as well as adjunct faculty.
Dr. Mickles reported VCCS has launched a new initiative called Transfer Virginia. She stated the goal is to ensure that students can make the jump from community college to the state’s four-year colleges/universities more efficiently. She stated the goal is to provide common outcomes and common content by creating a 16-hour credit passport for general education courses and 30-hour uniform certificate for General Studies.  
Dr. Mickles stated CVCC has initiated the closure of the Communication Design program due to low annual graduation numbers for the last five years. The College is offering to teach- out students for the next two years. She stated these students have been contacted asking them to meet with navigators, counselors, or faculty advisors to get help with their remaining courses.
Dr. Mickles stated Dr. Greg Sullivan is CVCC’s newly hired director of the G3 Grant and Ms. Elizabeth Narehood will be the Title III Grant director. Dr. Mickles reported an offer has been made to a community connections coordinator (position funded by Title III Grant and housed here on Campus with connections to services provided), and the math lab coordinator’s position has been filled.
Dr. Mickles reported a Learning Commons will be located on the second floor of Bedford Hall in order to bring all services such as the Writing Center, Math Lab, Student Success Center, and Distance Education to support students in one location. She stated this will take place over the summer.
Dr. Mickles reported CVCC is exploring the possibilities of a two-division structure with one division relating to students who plan to continue their education at a four year college (transfer) and the other division being for those whose goal of CTE/career technical education can be completed at CVCC.

Mr. Lewis Bryant, III

Mr. Bryant reported on the Amherst/Campbell Halls’ renovations and stated the process has started to take shape with the hiring of an architect firm named SFCS, located in Roanoke. Mr. Bryant stated this firm has worked with many of the VCCS colleges and has a good reputation. He stated he was impressed with their computer image of what the results could look like.
Mr. Bryant stated 13 meetings with faculty/staff and SFCS have been scheduled as a first approach to find out what is needed. He thanked Ms. Sykes for scheduling all the meetings. (Mr. Bryant distributed the meeting schedule with attendees.) He stated there will be other meetings for a broader input.  

Mr. Chris Bryant

Mr. Bryant stated he is with Institutional Advancement which includes the Foundation staff, marketing team and grant writing. He stated he has been here at CVCC for five months and has really learned a lot.
Mr. Bryant stated so far this year his team has awarded 305 scholarships totaling $765,000. He stated the College needs to find that balance of retaining students and bringing in new students. He stated the Foundation and the marketing team at CVCC can play an important role in opening doors for students. 
Mr. Bryant reported that during the summer a new marketing campaign will begin called “One Door for All Students” which is geared toward anyone from 19 to 90 years old to let them know there is a place for them at CVCC.  He stated this will be marketed on the radio as well as seen on TV and free channels such as YouTube, etc.
Mr. Bryant reported the scholarship application process opened on March 1.  He stated students are stopping by his office, and he is hearing lots of great stories from them. He stated the students have diverse needs and unique situations. Mr. Bryant stated a lot of CVCC’s private scholarships have parameters placed on them by their donors, and his office must take the students’ needs and match them up with the scholarships.
Mr. Bryant reported the College’s alumni platform has grown. He stated the emails and addresses is probably known for the last ten years of graduates but not the first 40 years of alumni. Mr. Bryant stated a platform called Wisr who provides the tools to make connections with alumni is being used. He stated CVCC sent 30,000 alumni names and Wisr returned 4,000 names, addresses and phone numbers and returned 2,500 with names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. He stated his office is working aggressively to reach out to about 11,000 people. He stated about 6,000 will be emailed and the remainder 5,000 will be mailed postcards, newsletters, etc. to get them to respond to the Wisr portal. (Mr. Bryant stated Wisr is similar to LinkedIn.)
Mr. Bryant stated several events are being planned such as a bonfire prior to graduation and a Hill Cats Game night for CVCC.
Mr. Bryant reported a Philanthropy Luncheon was held in Richmond on April 16 where Donna Schewel Clark was honored (posthumously) for her annual estate donations to CVCC.
Mr. Bryant stated, for his office, the next quarter will be intense. He reported 50 percent of the entire year’s goal will be raised during the last quarter. Mr. Bryant stated to date, $425,641 has been raised and looking to raise the additional $400,000 by the end of June 2019. He stated the goal is $893,000 and the College is about $75,000 short at first glance and will have to work hard to reach the stated goal.

Ms. Kris Ogden

Ms. Ogden distributed and discussed information about Ad Astra and CVCC Navigate. She reported on some of the technological tools that the VCCS has acquired and now are part of CVCC’s strategic plan.   
Ms. Ogden referred to the navigators who spoke in the presentation today (Ms. Cochrane and Ms. Perry) and stated they are being proactive in their outreach to students. She stated these technological tools help to capture the impact and progress of these navigators. She stated the first tool is Navigate-Student Success Management System. Ms. Ogden stated all of Virginia’s community colleges are implementing Navigate, and for CVCC, it aligns with the navigators. It allows students to schedule appointments, for the navigators to reach out to students by text and email, and a record keeping system whereby CVCC can collect information in helping to make decisions concerning the needs of its student population at a greater level than in the past.    
Ms. Ogden stated CVCC went “live” with its advisors in fall 2018, and this is now being promoted to students. She stated Navigate will create dashboards that will give daily updates of how the students are being supported.
Ms. Ogden stated Navigate integrates through CVCC’s SIS (Student Information System). She discussed the Navigate Dashboard in the handout and stated it shows that 615 students have met with navigators/counselors concerning the upcoming fall semester.
Ms. Ogden discussed another technological tool called Ad Astra which was implemented last summer. She stated Ad Astra reviews the College’s course schedule and looks at data points relating to enrollment such as utilization of space and course utilization and then make recommendations and predictive analytics.  
Ms. Ogden discussed off-grid waste and referring to the handout stated it reads “policy is recommended to ensure progress.” Ms. Ogden stated this means over time, the College has had courses that are not scheduled to a standard meeting time, and this has become a barrier to students especially working students. She reported the deans and faculty met and came to an agreement on a prime-time schedule to make it easier for students to get the courses they need. Ms. Ogden stated the College will see the impact of this in fall. She stated the dashboard will show if the classes are filling up, need additional sections, etc. She stated this is another way to proactively address the needs of the College’s students.  

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps stated three initiatives that will change CVCC are the Beacon of Hope, Title III Grant, and the Regional CTE Academy.
Dr. Capps discussed the Beacon of Hope and stated he spoke today with Ms. Laura Hamilton, Executive Director, and was informed approximately one-half of the LCS (Lynchburg City Schools) graduates have applied for Stay Close, Go Far which relates to CVCC as tuition-free college. He reported Ms. Hamilton indicated that 80 of those students listed CVCC as their first choice for higher education and 130 applications are still in progress.
Dr. Capps stated Ms. Hamilton wrote: “The diversity of the students who are headed to CVCC this year is truly what is so interesting to us.  In the past, the general demographic of LCS students matriculating to CVCC has been economically disadvantaged and/or midlevel or lower achieving. This class of 2019 LCS graduates committed to CVCC displays real diversity in GPAs, ethnic and demographic make-up, and financial need. We have to wait for the final numbers, but it looks like the largest increases are among midlevel financial need and 3.5-4.0 GPAs.  
One great example is Charles, a senior at Glass. He just made a video recording for our Future Centers and in it he said, “While my grades weren’t so great freshman year, I’ve made an effort to improve all the last three. My GPA is certainly strong enough to go to plenty of colleges out of the region. But my mom is a teacher and my dad a retired police officer. So the cost of college really matters.  CVCC is my next stop because I believe I still have more to learn about myself before I make a $40,000 commitment to a field of study. And I love that Beacon of Hope is going to be with me when I go.”
Dr. Capps stated this is the type of student who will be successful here at CVCC.
Dr. Capps distributed and discussed the credentials (industry certificates and licensures) count and stated CVCC has 994 (279 from credit 715 noncredit) to date. He stated CVCC has already achieved the VCCS’ Complete 2021 goal of tripling the number of credentials for the past two years. He stated, also for the past two years, CVCC has been number one but for this year, CVCC is number three in the VCCS. He reported all the colleges are down because the FastFoward program was suspended for a while as there was no money for the program.
Dr. Capps discussed the salary increases approved by the General Assembly. He stated classified staff will receive a salary increase of 5%, faculty and adjunct faculty will receive a 3% increase beginning on July 1. Dr. Capps stated back in April 2016, CVCC made front page news by saying there were salary inequities amongst its employees. He stated a three-phase (faculty, staff, and part-time wage) plan was created to address those inequities, and he was happy to say the College has finally completed this. He reported the process will begin again to make sure that everyone is being paid what they should be.
Dr. Capps stated the General Assembly has provided an additional $4 million for the FastForward program which increases funding to a total of $13.5 million. He stated the General Assembly also has approved $8.1 million for tuition moderation. He stated if the state colleges accept this, they cannot raise tuition. Dr. Capps stated he hopes the VCCS’ State Board will approve this for the community colleges.
Dr. Capps stated CVCC has suffered a 4.5% decrease in spring enrollment and every percentage point amounts to a decrease of $100,000 in funding. He stated the College is making preparations in case there is a decline in the fall semester.  He stated this is one reason for restructuring that Dr. Mickles mentioned earlier (to help with money lost), to change from three academic deans to a two-dean structure, one for transfer and arts and science division and the other for career and technical education programs for study.
Dr. Capps reported enrollment for fall is slightly up for now. He stated this is a time of significant challenges with enrollment and types of students attending. He stated today’s students are not like yesterday’s students, and for that reason, the College will change the way it advises students, use new technological tools, and strengthen student support and academic support services through the Learning Commons.
Dr. Capps distributed a draft of his evaluation criteria by the Chancellor. He stated this year’s criteria has changed as it is looking forward to the future and how the College will address the challenges that have been discussed at this meeting.   


Dr. Tannenbaum asked if anyone would like to be the Vice Chair of this Board for the next two years to please contact him by May 1.  
Dr. Tannenbaum stated this is his last meeting on the CVCC Board. He stated it has been great to listen to the staff presentations and to serve with Dr. Capps.
Dr. Capps stated Dr. Tannenbaum’s steady leadership has meant a lot to him and this College.






There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at
 6:15 p.m.

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