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October 20, 2021 
The two hundred and forty-second meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on October 20, 2021, in Merritt Hall’s Multi-Purpose Room (5112-25). 
Members Present  Dr. Mac Duis—Bedford County  
Mr. Jeffrey Krantz—City of Lynchburg 
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall—City of Lynchburg  
Mr. Clay Stanley—Campbell County 
Ms. Bonnie Svrcek—City of Lynchburg  
Mr. Joseph Tucker—City of Lynchburg 
Dr. John Walker—Amherst County 
Members Absent  Dr. Jeffrey Garrett—Appomattox County 
Ms. Julie Harris—Campbell County 
Ms. Tamara Rosser—Bedford County 
Special Guests Present  Ms. Jamey Cross, News and Advance 
Staff Present  Dr. John Capps, President 
Dr. Kris Ogden, Interim VP for Student and Academic Affairs 
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III, VP for Finance and Administration  
Mr. Chris Bryant, VP of Institutional Advancement 
Mr. David Lightfoot, VP of Information Technology 
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch, Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Mr. William Wilkerson, Interim Chief of Police 
Dr. John Walker, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.   
  Dr. Walker introduced Mr. Jeffrey Krantz who will represent Lynchburg City as CVCC’s new Board member. He stated Mr. Krantz is a native of Bedford County and now is a resident of Lynchburg. He is graduate of Lynchburg College where he earned both an undergraduate and graduate degree. He has served in a number of leadership roles through the years in several non-profits that serve adults with special needs. He currently serves as CEO/Executive Director of Blue Ridge Day Options, an agency he founded that provides day support programs for adults with disabilities.
He is a member of the Advisory Board of Lynchburg Social Services and a former board member of The Free Clinic of Central Virginia. He currently serves as Treasurer of Renaissance Theatre Company and is a member of Trinity Episcopal Church. 
Dr. Walker also stated he was Mr. Krantz’ teacher in 1981 when he attended Liberty High School and was pleased Jeff
overcame anything he had done to him while he was his
student at Liberty High School.
Approval of Minutes No. 241  On a motion made by Mr. Marshall, duly seconded, Minutes No. 241 from the meeting of July 21, 2021, were approved as written.  
The motion carried unanimously.  
   Dr. Walker stated he along with Dr. Capps and Ms. Svrcek would like to share their experience while attending the Chancellor’s Retreat “Opportunity 2027” which was held August 2-4, 2021, in Roanoke. He reported the retreat provided great speakers and a wealth of knowledge.
Dr. Walker stated some of the main ideas were focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, vision of success for all, funding and cost to attend community colleges, and accountability to students and colleagues.
Ms. Svrcek stated this was a great opportunity to dig deeper and learn more about the VCCS State Board. She reported it was divided into two components, the Local Board and the Chancellor’s Retreat.
Ms. Svrcek stated one take away was when filling available Board seats, to fill them with individuals that will represent the community from a diversity and inclusion perspective. She also stated the VCCS has a lobbyist, Mr. Robert Shinn, who gave a great talk on his focus to the General Assembly which is the G3 programs, student mental health, maintaining low tuition, and nursing program capacity. Ms. Svrcek asked that if any Board member came in contact with a state delegate or senator to please mention that they are a CVCC Board member and how important those measures are to the success of the College.
Ms. Svrcek reported there was a breakout session on Reimagining Funding and Finance and referenced the notes that were handed out at this meeting. She stated more than 89% of students are below the Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed (ALICE) threshold compared to 39% of all students in Virginia.
Ms. Svrcek recommended everyone to take time to read all the notes.
Dr. Walker stated the Budget & Finance Committee works to balance affordability, accessibility, and student success. He stated the funding goal is based 80% on college enrollment and 20% college performance outcome. He reported the funding sources for the general fund is the goal of 67% but, it is 47%. He stated tuition/non-general fund’s goal is 33% but, it is 53%. Dr. Walker stated the goals the General Assembly has set are not occurring which makes it even more difficult.
Dr. Walker discussed the general session which had a fantastic speaker, Clayton Turner, Director, Langley Research Center. He stated Mr. Turner attended a community college but dropped out, joined the military, and later returned to a community college. While there, Mr. Turner had a great first semester but ran out of money for tuition. Dr. Walker stated a counselor suggested Mr. Turner go to Rochester Institute where he could be a teaching assistant and get his tuition paid, and off, he went! Dr. Walker questioned if this would have happened if this counselor had not told Mr. Turner of this opportunity. Dr. Walker stated that is why it is so important here at CVCC that colleagues have established positive relationships with the students.
Dr. Walker recommended the Board members to attend future retreats if possible.
Curriculum Advisory Committee Members On a motion by Mr. Marshall and seconded by Mr. Krantz as the Curriculum Committee did not have a quorum, the memberships of the Curriculum Advisory Committee were approved as presented.
The motion carried unanimously. 
 Administration of Justice  The Administration of Justice Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Administrative Management Technology  The Administrative Management Technology Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Business Management   The Business Management Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Culinary Arts The Culinary Arts Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Emergency Medical Services The Emergency Medical Services Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Computer and Electronic Technology The Computer and Electronic Technology Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Health Sciences The Health Sciences Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Information Systems Technology/Cybersecurity The Information Systems Technology/Cybersecurity Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Fire Science Technology The Fire Science Technology Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Machine Tool The Machine Tool Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Mechatronics The Mechatronics Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Medical Laboratory Technology The Medical Laboratory Technology Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Radiologic Technology The Radiologic Technology Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Respiratory Therapy The Respiratory Therapy Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
Welding The Welding Curriculum Advisory Committee proceedings were provided for information.
General Education Transfer The General Education Transfer Advisory Curriculum Committee proceedings were provided for information.
 First Quarter Local Funds Financial Report  The Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the first quarter of 2021-2022 Local Funds Budget was approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Facility Masterplan Minor Update Dr. Duis reported on a request to update the Facility Masterplan with the addition of two buildings-one building would house the CTE Academy and one building would be a storage warehouse (listed with the VCCS as one of the Top 25 Projects and would be state funded). He stated it is easier to obtain the VCCS approval and support for these buildings if they are listed in the Facility Masterplan document.
Mr. Lewis Bryant’s narrative that was presented to the Board members included the following:
“Over the winter of 2020, the College worked with Dewberry Architects to update its existing masterplan to add building locations for new facility needs. Specifically, a new building is needed to house the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Academy and other CTE programs. This need arose after college collaboration with area school superintendents and refinement of this concept. Additionally, the college has a long-standing need for a storage warehouse. The existing 2014 masterplan was updated to include these two buildings. The narratives, program information, and other information presented is mostly unchanged. At this early date the drawings are for conceptual purposes only.
Pending Local Board approval this update will also need to be approved by the State Board for Community Colleges.”
On a motion by the Finance and Facilities Committee, the addition of the two buildings to the Masterplan was approved. 
The motion carried unanimously.
Dr. Kris Ogden 
Interim VP for Student and Academic Affairs 
Dr. Kris Ogden began her report by stating a mask mandate now is required at CVCC. She explained that the instructors are allowed to teach or present without a mask. Dr. Ogden reported that everyone has been extremely compliant with this mandate.
Dr. Ogden stated about 200 more students enrolled in classes in August 2021 than in August 2020 which shows having the Campus open to the public was beneficial. She stated over 90% of CVCC employees have been vaccinated. Dr. Ogden stated there have been some COVID cases on Campus, but students have been able to transition in and out of quarantine with ease, and instructors are able to accommodate the students.
Dr. Ogden stated the College recognizes the needs of its students are somewhat different than in the past and continues to offer classes virtually or in-person. She reported plans are to continue with this during the spring 2022 semester to meet the students’ needs. Dr. Ogden stated the support services are offered in the same way. She stated there have beeb over 800 appointments for tutoring for students. Dr. Ogden stated the College is aware of the challenges student are facing and is now exploring opportunities that have been made available by a VCCS State Board policy approval that will allow CVCC to secure mental health services during this difficult time.
Dr.  Ogden stated the College’s Community Coordinator’s position was vacant but has been recently filled and that employee will begin work on November 1. Dr. Ogden stated, in the meantime, everyone has worked hard to connect students with services depending on their needs to help them continue to pursue their goals.
Dr. Ogden stated a full-time dual enrollment coordinator was hired about a month ago. She stated the College has hosted over 80 students from area high schools for the CTE Academy. 
Dr. Ogden stated Dr. Muriel Mickles visited CVCC recently and continues to be a resource here.
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III 
VP Finance and Administration 
Mr. Lewis Bryant began his report by discussing several ongoing projects at the College. He stated the first priority is a complete redesign of the College’s website with a new branding strategy. He stated, to compliment this, the Campus signage (both interior and exterior) will be replaced eventually with updated information. Mr. Bryant stated the College has some one-time funding this year that will be used to address these projects.
Mr. Bryant stated that funding will also be used for landscaping updates, sidewalk repairs and enhancements, new equipment for the Machine Shop, grounds’ equipment, building repairs, classroom furniture (some of which is over 20 years old and dated) that can be cleaned and disinfected better, and HVAC upgrades. He stated this is an ambitious list of projects and not sure how much can be completed this year. 
Mr. Chris Bryant 
VP Institutional Advancement 
Mr. Chris Bryant stated the Foundation has been working on several significant projects. He stated the Foundation operates on the fiscal year of July 1 through June 30 and reported this year’s audit has just been completed and will be presented to the Foundation at their November meeting.
Mr. Bryant stated the Foundation raises about $1 million a year and that is used to ensure CVCC students have what they need. He reported about $500,000 goes toward scholarships and the remainder goes to instructional equipment. He stated last year, the money was used to purchase six milling machines and a new respirator/ventilator as the College’s was loaned to Centra during the COVID pandemic. Mr. Bryant reported a lot of the College’s equipment needs some TLC and some of it is outdated and needs to be replaced to keep up with new technology.
Mr. Bryant stated some of the processes of the Tobacco Scholarships were moved to the Financial Aid office where most of it was already being distributed. He stated this move also alleviated an application process for the student.
Mr. Bryant stated a retreat has been planned for the Foundation in November. He stated with a lot of talk about making community college free, the Foundation will discuss new avenues to help students such as providing scholarships for early college students. (About 30% of CVCC students are either early college or dual enrolled students.)
Mr. Bryant stated another project for the next 12-18 months is producing a new website and rebranding the College. He stated the College has a contract with a Roanoke company called Access who will lead this process. He stated Access has worked with several of the community colleges and also larger colleges/universities.
Mr. David Lightfoot  
VP of Information Technology 
Mr. David Lightfoot began his report by stating CVCC now has a pilot HyFlex room operational. He stated CVCC’s Instructional Designer is working with faculty and testing the design to determine if it needs to be changed before equipping additional rooms. 
Mr. Lightfoot reported discussions are being held placing instructor-facing cameras in classrooms that support lecture-based classes. He stated this will allow for recording the instructor so students can view it later and allow remote-student attendance on an as-needed basis. He stated this is referred to as HyFlex light.
Mr. Lightfoot reported on cybersecurity and stated the VCCS maintains cybersecurity insurance for the entire VCCS and each college pays its share. This year the VCCS rates more than doubled, and the deductible increased by a factor of four because across the VCCS, information security practices were lacking.  He stated as a system these areas are being addressed in hopes the cybersecurity insurance rates will not increase next year. Some of the things that are being done include:
  • Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Improving the College’s ability to limit the impact of a ransomware attack
  • Enhancing the College’s anti-malware protection
Mr. Lightfoot reported some of this requires changes to the College’s infrastructure, but much of it relies upon more educated and aware users of the College’s systems, which is why the Information Security Awareness Training is being revised.
Mr. Lightfoot reported on applications and stated they are working on many new and upgraded software systems.  Some of the higher profile ones are:
  • Transfer VA—this is a portal where students can evaluate how their credits will transfer to other higher-ed institutions in Virginia
  • Upgrading the College’s Student Information System to be on a current release and provide more functionality to the students
  • Upgrading the College’s Enterprise HR systems
  • A Chatbot that is integrated with the College’s Enterprise systems e.g. SIS to provide automated support for students 24 hours/7 days a week
  • A new employee applicant tracking system
  • A new classroom/class schedule optimization system
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch
Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch began her report by stating she had distributed the draft of CVCC’s new strategic plan by email and also as a handout at this meeting. She stated accompanying this were emails that she had sent during the past six weeks to everyone here at CVCC. Dr. Deutsch stated the emails were about ways to communicate information about students and inequities stemming from the VCCS plan, “Opportunity 2027” that was unveiled at the Chancellor’s Retreat.
Dr. Deutsch stated this first draft takes what was created at the VCCS level which had five main supporting goals and now bring that down to the institutional level where there are four broad goals. She stated the one goal that is not reflected here is the communication goal as that is a VCCS goal which essentially states the importance of equity and doesn’t seem to fit with the local plan. Dr. Deutsch stated the four goals are teaching and learning, student support, Workforce credentials, and affordability. She stated under each of these four broad goals are strategies that have been identified. She stated some of the strategies come from the VCCS plan and some that have been identified in the local draft.
Dr. Deutsch asked the Board members to review the plan and the supporting strategies and provide feedback through email. She stated while working on the VCCS plan, it was discovered that some of the strategies fit with multiple goals.
Dr. Deutsch stated the draft is on its seventh revision for the equity-based local plan as there are so many challenges that must be faced on the local level and having to add measurability that blends in with other aspects of the VCCS funding. She reported she included the six equity chronicles (name for the weekly emails to everyone). She stated she tried to break down the data in small pieces for people to see exactly what is happening with CVCC’s students.
Dr. Deutsch discussed equity chronicle #2 which shows the general enrollment reflecting the Lynchburg and surrounding counties’ population. She stated, when the dual enrollment is reviewed, there are more white students compared to black students at CVCC. Dr. Deutsch reported she tried to report the positive that is being done here at CVCC along with the negative.
Dr. Capps discussed the low dual enrollment for black students and stated this is because dual enrollment students are not eligible for Pell grants. He reported, therefore, the Foundation is looking into providing scholarships for dual enrolled students whose parents cannot afford to pay tuition.
Chief William Wilkerson 
Chief of Police 
Chief William Wilkerson began his report by distributing a list of completed and current/old projects.
Completed Projects
  • Updated patches for striping for the cars
  • Speed bumps placed on Campus
  • Paperless software set-up for forms (making minor changes before the launch)
  • Purchased an additional police vehicle
  • Participated in National Night Out (NNO)
  • Met with the new/current City Manager at NNO and on Campus with Dr. Capps
  • Continually working on building a partnership with LPD (They have helped with several projects.)
  • Updating VA Summons Books for the police department
  • Will be going to 9 MM weapons (Keeping the Glock brand) with Trijicon sights/upgrading CVCC’s current weapons
Current/Old Projects
  • Body worn cameras (still in progress)
  • Exploring the possibility of gates for Lot 1
  • Updating trespass signage on Campus
  • Monitoring pedestrian safety and traffic
  • Still working on updated signage for police parking
  • Working on lowering the speed limit on Campus
  • Working on a full-time dispatch position
Chief Wilkerson reported he would like to purchase solar-powered radar readers that could be mounted to poles. He stated these are designed to slow cars down to help make the roads safer for pedestrian crossings. Chief Wilkerson stated there was an incident of a student being hit by a car in Lot 1.
Dr. John Capps  
Dr. John Capps discussed that there had been 28 COVID (23 students and 5 employees) cases on Campus. He stated he had been apprehensive at the beginning of the semester when students were returning to Campus and also about the mask mandate that the VCCS imposed. He stated but he was pleased to say that all the college community had abided by the mandate. Dr. Capps stated the governor had mandated that all state employees be vaccinated, and as reported earlier, 92% of CVCC’s employees are vaccinated. He stated those that are not vaccinated are submitting (with no significant pushback) to weekly testing. Dr. Capps stated he attributes to the College’s success to the preliminary work done by Dr. Ogden and Mr. Sandidge as chairs of the Reopening Taskforce. He stated it was gratifying that all the College community have done as required which has resulted in minimizing COVID on Campus.
Dr. Capps discussed enrollment numbers and stated full-time equivalent student enrollment (FTEs) is down by 2.9%, and interestingly, the headcount is up by 1.4% which means more students are attending CVCC but taking fewer credits. He stated he attributes that to Michael Farris and the Enrollment Management Team.
Dr. Capps discussed the Beacon of Hope which administers and funds a scholarship that provides free tuition to every graduate of Lynchburg City Schools enrolling at CVCC. He reported 199 of these students are enrolled at CVCC which is an increase from last year. 
Dr. Capps stated Dr. Evora Baker gave a presentation at a previous Board meeting on the TRIO program which is CVCC’s newest grant-funded program and the latest effort to help underrepresented, disadvantaged, and first-generation students. He reported 115 students are now represented in that program which addresses equity and inclusion concerns.
Dr. Capps discussed G3/CTE Academy and stated he feels these are the most significant initiatives that CVCC has ever undertaken. He stated the College has aggressively promoted this in the community: Jason Ferguson and Nat Marshall-Living in the Heart of VA, Jason Ferguson-Workforce Board meeting, Chris Bryant-WLNI radio station, and Tom Barkin’s (president and chief executive officer of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank) visit to CVCC where he heard about the G3/CTE Academy from every group he met with. Dr. Capps reported CVCC now has 73 G3 (Get Skilled, Get a Job, Get ahead) eligible programs, both credit and non-credit. He stated the newest is the Certified Nursing Assistant. He stated 568 students are participating in G3 programs with 198 of those students being the beneficiaries of G3 funding.
Dr. Capps stated CVCC is doing everything possible to meet the needs of students whether it with the Beacon of Hope, Title III, Community Connections, or the food pantry. He stated the most recent help will be with the mental health counseling as Dr. Ogden mentioned earlier. Dr. Capps stated with the pandemic, there is a greater need for this.
Dr. Capps reported CVCC is also trying to address the needs of its faculty/staff. He stated, a few years back, the College embarked on a compensation study and discovered there were some gross inequities at the salaries being paid to some of the faculty and staff. He stated those inequities were the result of employees being hired years ago with a low salary which they were never able to recover, and others suffered from salary compression. Dr. Capps stated, particularly this year, the VCCS along with CVCC is concerned with equity and inclusion which extends to employees and their salaries. He stated, therefore, CVCC will be engaging in another compensation study which will result in raising the wages of the lowest paid employees, and then the remainder of inequities will be addressed.  Mr. Lewis Bryant stated the first compensation study involved over 100 employees, and because the dollar amount was large, they had to be compensated over several phases. Dr. Capps stated this even made the front-page news of the News and Advance.
Dr. Capps thanked all Board members for their service to CVCC.
CHAIR’S REPORT  Dr. Walker thanked everyone for what they were doing here at CVCC to serve the students as they pursue their degrees
ADJOURNMENT  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at  
5:58 p.m.  
Dr. John Capps, Secretary 
______________________________                                      ____________________________
         CHAIR                                                                                        DATE 
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