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February 16, 2022
The two hundred and forty-third meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on February 16, 2022, in Merritt Hall’s Multi-Purpose Room (5112-25). 
Members Present  Dr. Mac Duis—Bedford County  
Dr. Jeffrey Garrett—Appomattox County 
Mr. Jeffrey Krantz—City of Lynchburg 
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall—City of Lynchburg  
Ms. Bonnie Svrcek—City of Lynchburg  
Mr. Joseph Tucker—City of Lynchburg 
Dr. John Walker—Amherst County 
Members Absent  Ms. Julie Harris—Campbell County 
Dr. Clay Stanley—Campbell County 
Ms. Tamara Rosser—Bedford County 
Special Guests Present  Ms. Amy Parker—Campbell County School Board
Ms. Marci Gale—CVCC Mechatronics’ Professor
Dr. Sterling A. Wilder—Co-founder and Executive Director of the Jubilee Family Development Center
Staff Present  Dr. John Capps, President 
Dr. Kris Ogden, Interim VP for Student and Academic Affairs 
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III, VP for Finance and Administration  
Mr. Chris Bryant, VP of Institutional Advancement 
Mr. David Lightfoot, VP of Information Technology 
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch, Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Mr. William Wilkerson, Chief of Police 
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Office Administrator
Dr. John Walker, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.   
Approval of Minutes No. 242  On a motion made by Mr. Marshall, duly seconded, Minutes No. 242 from the meeting of October 20, 2021, were approved as written.  
The motion carried unanimously.  
  Dr. Sterling A. Wilder (co-founder and Executive Director of the Jubilee Family Development Center) began his presentation by stating the Jubilee Center is 22 years old and a dream of his for the past 16 years was to partnership with CVCC.
Dr. Wilder stated the Center has three programs-educational, athletics, and occupational. He stated, partnering with the Workforce Board in 2004, an old storage building located next door was renovated but lack of funding was always a problem.
Dr. Wilder reported in 2020 that funding resources improved, and the decision was made to focus on STEM programs. He stated Lynchburg City has a poverty rate of 24% and that needed to change by providing education for better employment opportunities. Dr. Wilder stated Leland Melvin (from Lynchburg and a former NFL player and a retired NASA astronaut) pledged $100,000 for the STEM program.
Dr. Wilder stated he is so thankful for all that CVCC has done and for Ms. Marci Gale and her mechatronics program.
Ms. Gale stated mechatronics combines content from mechanics, electronics, robotics, and computer related subjects, and affords students the chance to earn several manufacturing industry-recognized certifications. She stated when Dr. Wilder was looking for a program for the Jubilee Center, mechatronics was the answer as there is a huge demand here in Lynchburg.  She stated the decision was made to offer Industrial Safety OSHA 10, and the first class of ten students began in January 2022. She reported a second class, SDV 101, was offered which is the orientation to mechatronics and electronics. Ms. Gale stated each of those courses are one credit.
Ms. Gale stated plans for the next classes will be in the Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Certification totaling six credit hours.
Ms. Gale reported she has a grant that will fund summer camps, but COVID changed everything, However, she reported CVCC was able to have day camps with a cohort of students. She stated stations were set up in CVCC’s lab, and the kids (age 7-15) got to visit each one. Ms. Gale stated the goal in general is to train adults by introducing them to mechatronics while they are young, and these day trips are the perfect way.
Ms. Gale stated the Beacon of Hope is also a partner and as their students could not come on Campus, she and several others took the equipment to them and set up in the parking lot. She stated plans are to continue the day trips and extend them all year long to include area schools.
First Quarter Local Funds Financial Report  The Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by Dr. Duis and duly seconded, as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum, the first quarter of 2021-2022 Local Funds Budget to approve the report as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Fund Budget Adjustment Request The Local Fund Budget Adjustment Request is written below.
Additional Budget for President's Contingency Fund
We are in receipt of a request for payment from the VFCCE (Virginia Foundation for Community Colleges) of $5,000 that will require a local fund budget increase.
We currently plan for CVCCEF to complete the requested payment to VFCCE and as a result, several anticipated expenses that the CVCCEF had planned to pay for Local Funds would be paid by Local Funds instead. This would be a 'swap' and would allow the CVCCEF to pay the VFCCE directly which is our preferred approach.
The source of funding for the proposed budget increase will be unspent bookstore and food service expenses from the 20-21 budget. It was reported at the July 2021 Local Board meeting that there was approximately 53k that was unspent in FY 20-21 in the operating fund that can be earmarked toward the following increase. The proposed line-item increases follow:
Dept. Fund Description Budget Decrease (-)
Increase (+)
New Budget
460170 40004 President’s Contingency 12,000 2,500 14,500
460290 40004 Chamber & Region 2000 Activities 7,500 2,500 10,000
  40004 Total 19,500 5,000 24,500
On a motion by Mr. Marshall and duly seconded, as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum, to approve the request as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Dr. Kris Ogden 
Interim VP for Student and Academic Affairs 
Dr. Kris Ogden began her report by stating at the start of spring semester the COVID-19 cases were declining but masks were still required. She stated the College remained open and faculty continued to deliver instruction virtually and in-person.
Dr. Ogden discussed piloting technology to make recommendations for upgrades to classrooms to accommodate virtual and in-person learners. She stated an anatomage table (most technologically advanced virtual dissection table for anatomy education) has been purchased.
Dr. Ogden reported on new programs and stated an Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator has been hired to reinstate a childcare certificate program to help recruit students to work in that field. She stated the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a new certificate that the College will offer.
Dr. Ogden discussed Timely MD which is a 24/7 virtual mental health support that the College is providing for students. She reported, in the first month, 40 students registered for these services.
Dr. Ogden shared an updated Dual Enrollment brochure that includes CVCC’s newest option which is the Career & Technological Education Academy (CTE).
Dr. Ogden reported Lee Tookes has been hired to be the new Student Activities Coordinator. She stated he will be bringing new energy to Campus and working with students to provide innovative programs (ex. trivia, cultural events, and reinstating club sports) both virtually and in-person.
Dr. Ogden stated, looking ahead, the summer class schedule is being finalized and enrollment will begin March 1. She also stated recruiting and planning for fall 2022 are underway to develop a schedule that responds to the needs and demands of the students. She reported CVCC has two technological tools, Ad Astra and Navigate, to use to collect data and predict the scheduling needs. Enrollment for fall 2022 starts on April 4.
Mr. Marshall asked where the training for the CDL would take place. Dr. Ogden replied the training would take place in Parking Lot 3, and the target date to begin is March 28.
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III 
VP Finance and Administration 
Mr. Lewis Bryant began his report by discussing the CDL training and stated architects came and looked at Parking Lot 3 and reported the lot is sufficient to withstand the 18-wheel trucks.
Mr. Bryant reported he had received state approval for the detail planning of the Amherst/Campbell Halls’ renovation, and hopefully, this will be completed by August 2022.
Mr. Bryant stated CVCC will be participating in the new state-wide procurement system that will be replacing eVA.
Mr. Bryant discussed an on-going project of replacing the Campus’ signage, and in future meetings, he hopes to have some of the templates to show. 
Mr. Chris Bryant 
VP Institutional Advancement 
Mr. Chris Bryant began by stating since the last board meeting, the Foundation has taken some drastic steps for the College to have more opportunity for growth.
Mr. Bryant reported the College is working with a company named Access located in Roanoke to help with the rebranding process and new website that will have a common voice. He stated the very ambitious target date of completion is May 2022.
Mr. Bryant stated the Foundation Board held its second retreat this past year. He stated one item discussed was prospective new Board members that have the expertise to help the College grow.    
Mr. Bryant stated two major priorities of the Foundation is to provide scholarships and purchase instructional equipment. He stated plans are to provide some funding for the renovation of the HVAC system in the Framatome Building, and there is Tobacco matching money to purchase an x-ray machine. Mr. Bryant stated the Foundation wants to match the Title III funding which is a federal grant for endowed scholarship money. He also reported the Foundation will meet next week to discuss funding for 39 Early College students who did not receive the Pell Grants.
Dr. Capps stated that Mr. Bryant will be leaving CVCC to take a similar position at a larger scale at Tidewater Community College.
Mr. David Lightfoot  
VP of Information Technology 
Mr. David Lightfoot began his report by stating at a previous meeting he reported the Cyber Insurance Rates had more than doubled and the deductible increasing by a factor of four this fiscal year. He stated without action, rates will increase again in FY’23, and that is if the VCCS could even get insurance.  Mr. Lightfoot reported all 23 colleges in the VCCS have enhanced their security posture by implementing best practices prescribed by its insurance provider. He stated many of these are transparent to the users, except for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Mr. Lightfoot stated MFA was implemented for faculty and staff last fall and will be enforced for students beginning March 1, 2022.  This will be disruptive, but it is required by the insurance provider. Mr. Lightfoot stated his department is working to communicate this and provide clear instructions to minimize the impact to CVCC’s students. 
Mr. Lightfoot discussed Hyflex classrooms and stated the design continues to be tested and refined. He reported instructor-facing cameras in rooms are being installed which will allow students to attend virtually if they are ill.  He stated even though this isn’t a full Hyflex room it has been beneficial to students that contracted COVID. He stated these rooms are being called Hyflex light. 
Mr. Lightfoot reported CVCC is in the implementation phase of the classroom/class schedule optimization system. He stated a digital catalog system is being procured, and at this time, at least 19 of Virginia’s Community Colleges are using it. He stated the VCCS is integrating this system with its Student Information System. Mr. Lightfoot stated this is a tool that presents the program and class information to the public, and it will be integrated into CVCC’s new website during the branding/website redesign.
Mr. Lightfoot discussed physical security and stated additional security cameras are being added at the off-site centers.
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch
Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch began her report by stating she distributed the final version of the CVCC’s Strategic Plan for 2027. She requested for the Board members to review the plan and CVCC’s Mission, and she will seek approval at the April meeting.
Dr. Deutsch reported the College is planning for its 10-year SACS/COC reaffirmation. She stated the reaffirmation has two key components with the first being compliance certification, and the second is the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  She stated a general overview of the schedule is the following:
  • Compliance Certification must be submitted by March 1, 2023
  • Off-Site review is April 25-28, 2023
  • On-Site Review is Fall 2023 (no exact date)
Dr. Deutsch stated the requirements of the QEP are the following:
  • The institution identified a topic through its ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes.
  • The topic has broad-based support of institutional constituencies.
  • The plan focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success.
  • The institution commits resources to initiate, implement, and complete the QEP.
  • The institution has developed a plan to assess the achievement of its QEP.
Dr. Deutsch stated CVCC is in the process of identifying a topic, and one that has risen to the top is “Success in Gateway Math Courses.” She stated students, in general, struggle with math, and then there are also some equity issues in math courses.
Chief William Wilkerson 
Chief of Police 
Chief William Wilkerson began his report by stating he is working with the state to get a two-year contract for the body worn cameras. He reported the signage for the police parking has been updated. Chief Wilkerson also stated he has had no response from VDOT concerning lowering the speed limit on Campus.
Chief Wilkerson discussed the recent shooting at Bridgewater College and stated he is working on some personnel issues to ensure the Campus is safe and equipment is up-to-date.  
Dr. John Capps  
Dr. John Capps distributed and discussed a list/outline of items concerning the state of the College. He reported most had been discussed already during this meeting.
Dr. Capps began by stating at the beginning of each semester, he discusses enrollment as that for the most part drives the College’s funding. He stated this spring, the College suffered a modest decrease. Dr. Capps reported on Monday enrollment looked like the following:
February 14, 2022 Spring 2021 Spring 2022  
FTE 1,725.60 1,698 -1.58%
Headcount 3,037 3,061 +0.79%
He stated the VCCS FTE average decrease was -4.5%.
Dr. Capps stated CVCC’s financial position was encouraging and gave credit to Lewis Bryant in managing the College’s budget and was able to increase the disposable income which resulted in new signage, branding campaign, new website, renovation of Amherst and Campbell Halls, equity for all students, TimelyMD online mental health services, new Early Childhood Education program, and New Workforce programs—CDL and CNA. He also reported 26 new employees were introduced at Convocation. 
Dr. Capps stated there was a lot of “newness” here at CVCC that has been discussed today and all add up to a new day.
Dr. Capps distributed and read the Resolution of Appreciation written for the Chancellor which will be presented at his upcoming retirement. Mr. Marshall made a motion and duly seconded, to approve the ROA as written.
The motion was unanimously approved.
NEW BUSINESS  Dr. Walker reported he and Mr. Marshall have completed their two four-year terms on the CVCC Local Board and are ineligible for reappointment. He stated at the April meeting, the Executive Committee will recommend a new slate of members to begin July1, 2022. At the April meeting, the Board will vote on the recommended slate for the new executive committee. He stated the Executive Committee is comprised of the chair, vice chair, chair of the Facilities and Finance Committee, and the chair of the Curriculum and Program Committee. Dr. Walker asked that anyone wishing to serve on a post(s) to let him know as soon as possible.
Dr. Walker reported Dr. Garrett, Dr. Stanley, and Ms. Rosser are up for reappointment in July.
ADJOURNMENT  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at  
5:56 p.m.  
Dr. John Capps, Secretary 
______________________________                                      ____________________________
         CHAIR                                                                                        DATE 
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