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April 27, 2022
The two hundred and forty-fourth meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on April 27, 2022, in Merritt Hall’s Multi-Purpose Room (5112-25). 
Members Present  Dr. Mac Duis—Bedford County  
Dr. Jeffrey Garrett—Appomattox County 
Mr. Jeffrey Krantz—City of Lynchburg 
Mr. Nathaniel Marshall—City of Lynchburg  
Ms. Tamara Rosser—Bedford County 
Ms. Bonnie Svrcek—City of Lynchburg  
Dr. Clay Stanley—Campbell County 
Mr. Joseph Tucker—City of Lynchburg 
Dr. John Walker—Amherst County 
Members Absent  Ms. Julie Harris—Campbell County 
Special Guests Present  Mr. C. J. Rose—CVCC Student
Ms. Sherikita Long—CVCC Student
Mr. Rodney Robinson Jr.—News and Advance
Dr. Jason Ferguson— AVP of Professional & Career Studies
Staff Present  Dr. John Capps, President 
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III, VP for Finance and Administration  
Mr. David Lightfoot, VP of Information Technology 
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch, Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Mr. William Wilkerson, Chief of Police 
Mr. Randall Franklin, Director of Human Resources
Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Office Administrator
Dr. John Walker, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.   
Approval of Minutes No. 243  On a motion made by Mr. Marshall, duly seconded, Minutes Number 243 from the meeting of February 16, 2022, were approved as written.  
The motion carried unanimously.  
  Miss Sherikita Long began by stating she came to CVCC in August (2020) to complete the Respiratory Therapy Program. She stated she lives in Martinsville, Virginia, and drives four hours total to and from CVCC Monday through Thursday. She stated because of the driving time and 12-hour clinical shifts, her studying time is limited.
Miss Long stated she encountered some difficult times when last winter her mother became ill and passed away. She stated there were times when she did not have the money for gas to travel to CVCC even though she was working three jobs.  Miss Long stated she reached out to her professor, Lisa Hodges, who asked to meet with her at CVCC. Miss Long reported to Ms. Hodges that she had applied for the student emergency fund but that it had not yet been approved. Miss Long stated Ms. Hodges gave her $100 of her own personal money and told her to use it until she received the student emergency fund which would be a $250 Sheetz card. (Miss Long reported CVCC offers the gas card each semester to students who have a high GPA and are trying to better themselves.)
Miss Long stated it has been difficult to continue with her classes, but graduation is coming soon. She also stated she has a job lined up in North Carolina
Mr. C. J. Rose stated he graduated from Amherst County High School and while there he was on the football team. He stated in his family one either had to be going to school or working. He stated in his senior year, his thoughts turned to what he could do to be successful in life. Mr. Rose stated with gas and food costing more and more, he realized he needed a blueprint for his life.
Mr. Rose stated he talked with his career coach who introduced him to Mr. Nat Marshall who took the time to tell him about CVCC’s machine tool program. He stated his coach arranged for him to get in contact with Jason Clark, Coordinator of CTE Initiatives at CVCC. Mr. Long stated he saw a “green light” that could help him get hired by one of the larger companies here in Lynchburg. He stated Mr. Clark helped him with his schedule, obtain a G-3 grant, and a rotary club scholarship which paid for his classes. Mr. Rose stated Mr. Clark gave him a tour of the machine shop and introduced him to Professor Lynn Dillard. He stated all of this happened with perfect timing as he had nothing but praise for Mr. Clark and Professor Dillard who motivated him to be and do more. He stated he is a full-time associate at Food Lion, but Professor Dillard worked his classes around his job.   
Dr. Capps stated these two students did a wonderful job today sharing their CVCC experiences.
2022-2023 Local Budget The proposed Local Fund Budget for 2022-2023 was reviewed and discussed. On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the Local Fund Budget for 2022-2023 was approved as presented.
The motion carried unanimously.
VCCS Auxiliary Parking Plan The VCCS Auxiliary Parking Plan (two-year plan to fund snow removal and repairs to parking lots) was reviewed and discussed. On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the VCCS Auxiliary Parking Plan was approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
22-23 Student & Parking Fee The parking fee is currently $1.25 per credit hour.  By VCCS policy CVCC can increase the fee by $.50 per credit hour annually. Fees have not increased for several years. The recommended new fee is $1.75 per credit hour with the increase.  Parking lot paving is required in visitor parking and lot #3 along ‘CVCC Campus Drive’.  There is accumulated damage from years of settling of the parking lot base and substrate that requires repair in the eastern perimeter of the lot. This increase is anticipated to provide total annual estimated revenues of approximately $100,000 annually, which will allow us to restore this parking fund after the required repairs are completed and begin to build fund balance for continued paving in other campus lots in future years. The student activity fee will remain unchanged at $6.00 per credit hour.
On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the 2022-2023 Student & Parking Fee request was approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Foundation Payment from Local Funds Request On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the Foundation payment from Local Funds in the amount of $3,000 request was approved as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Local Funds Financial Statements The Local Funds Financial Statements were reviewed and discussed. On a motion by the Facilities and Finance Committee, the Local Funds Financial Statements were approved as presented.
The motion carried unanimously.
Update on HVAC Lab Renovations Mr. Bryant presented a PowerPoint of the HVAC Lab Storage addition.  He stated CVCC was looking for space to provide for the CTE Academy and to take some of the existing space of the Framatome Technology Center and convert it into multi-use for electrical, plumbing (complete with sinks and drains), and backflow programs. Mr. Bryant gave credit to RRMM Architects for providing this presentation today.  
Mr. Bryant reported the new HVAC lab renovation will incorporate a storage addition facility in order to store materials used for the associated curriculum. This new addition will allow for materials to be stored in a conditioned, accessible space with direct access to the exterior. The storage addition will be comprised of brick and metal stud to smoothly transition from the existing façade and a standing seam metal roof.  The total square footage of this addition comes out to be 726 SF.
Mr. Bryant stated the Foundation is helping to fund some of this project.
CVCC’s Opportunity 2027 Strategic Plan
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch  Dr. Cynthia Deutsch stated a final version of CVCC’s Opportunity 2027 Strategic Plan was in the Board packets. She stated this final version contains a new statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The Plan contains four broad goals with support strategies which are teaching and learning, Student Supports, Workforce Credentials, and Affordability. She stated there are 11 measurable outcomes which are a blend of the College’s performance-based funding measures and other indicators of students’ success. She stated all is through an equity lens which are reflections of all the College’s services and programs.
Dr. Deutsch reported the plan was approved by the President’s Cabinet at their last meeting, and tonight she is seeking Board approval of CVCC’s Opportunity 2027.
Ms. Svrcek made a motion duly seconded, to approve CVCC’s Opportunity 2027 as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
CVCC Mission Statement Dr. Deutsch stated contained in the plan is a copy of CVCC’s Mission Statement (she will add the word “statement.”) She stated as a part of CVCC’s reaffirmation, at the February Board meeting, she had asked that the Board members review the statement and is now seeking approval.
Dr. Garrett made a motion duly seconded, to approve the Mission Statement as written.
The motion carried unanimously.
Mr. Lewis Bryant, III 
VP Finance and Administration 
Mr. Lewis Bryant stated the HVAC renovation will stand as his report.
Mr. David Lightfoot  
VP of Information Technology 
Mr. David Lightfoot began his report by discussing Cyber Security and stated he was pleased to say the roll out of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for students is complete, and the number of calls to the IT helpdesk wasn’t as bad as anticipated.
Mr. Lightfoot discussed CVCC’s branding and website and stated the redesign is going well.  He reported a new logo has been selected, and Lewis is working to get it copyrighted. Mr. Lightfoot stated the week of June 13 is the planned launch date for CVCC’s new website. The new website, unlike the current one which is “just the facts,” is being built/written with a strong marketing perspective.
Mr. Lightfoot reported the College has also begun an aggressive marketing plan with the marketing company Access out of Roanoke. The marketing plan is using social media to get people to visit CVCC’s website.  Once there, the person can provide their name, contact information, and their areas of interest.  He stated with that information, the person can be contacted to offer additional information on how CVCC can assist them achieve their educational aspirations. 
Mr. Lightfoot discussed Hyflex classrooms and reported the equipment had been ordered to upgrade the A/V capabilities in the College’s meeting rooms/classrooms, and he had hoped to have the Multi-Purpose room and a classroom completed before this April Board meeting, but equipment delivery is a challenge. Although the equipment was ordered shortly after the February meeting, critical components won’t be delivered until August.  He stated; therefore, nothing has been upgraded at this time.
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch
Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch began her report by giving updates on the reaffirmation process. She stated at the last Board meeting she provided initial information on the College’s upcoming reaffirmation including the due date (March 1, 2023) for the compliance certification, and the date for the off-site review which is set for April 25-28, 2023. Dr. Deutsch stated the on-site review has since been scheduled for October 16-19, 2023.
Dr. Deutsch reported another main component of the Quality Enhancement site visit is the review of CVCC’s QEP. She stated at the last board meeting, she discussed possible topics, including gateway math. Dr. Deutsch reported since that time, the College has clearly identified and announced this topic— Student Success in Gateway Math courses. She stated a snazzier title is being discussed, but that's the focus of the work.
She stated it is well known that students struggle with math. CVCC has seen this in its own data looking at performance­ based funding measures over the past several years as well as data that has come from CVCC’s Title III work. She also reported SOL scores have dramatically declined in math because of COVID, and those students are headed to CVCC. She reported some wonderful work through the Title III grant has been done but that grant is set to end next year. She also stated, of course, COVID had an impact on the College’s Title III being successful as well. This project will allow the College to continue some of the Title III work, dedicate the resources, and expand with a specific focus on students in gateway CVCC’s math courses (154, 155, and 161). The QEP will impact around 500 students per semester, plus the impact on overall success in program completion, transfer, and retention of students. This plan has a challenging topic but is highly relevant.
Dr. Deutsch reported on the structure that is in place already:
  1. Two co-chairs—Elizabeth Narehood, CVCC’s Title III director, and Beth Shelton, one of the College’s very student-focused math instructors and previous “Outstanding Faculty” award recipient
  2. Steering Committee—has met once already
  3. Several subcommittees will begin work in the fall
Dr. Deutsch stated she will continue to provide updates on the plan as the College moves forward and will organize a presentation to the Board when the plan is ready to present.
Chief William Wilkerson 
Chief of Police 
Chief William Wilkerson began his report by distributing and discussing a list of the current projects of the public safety and Campus police.
Current projects:
  • Seeking raises for officers (each officer has over 15 years' experience, that's not counting some of their experience just at CVCC)
  • Working on training/refamiliarization with the Incident Management Team (IIMT)
  • Stop the bleed training for officers/then maybe to the Campus community
  • Posting a job announcement for a full-time officer, which will include a reorganization of the schedule
  • Posting a job announcement for a dispatcher (now requiring specific training)
  • Possible camera for Lot 1 (student parking) in collaboration with IT (remove cameras that are no longer working)
  • Completion of the Northwestern Command School (Chief)
  • Chief Wilkerson received the Eldridge W. Roark, Jr. Meritorious Service Award for ODK
Ongoing Projects
  • Continue working to obtain body-worn cameras
  • Outdoor emergency notification system
  • Cameras for the three satellite campuses
Chief Wilkerson stated currently CVCC has five full-time officers which includes himself.
Mr. Randall Franklin Mr. Randall Franklin began his report by stating, during the pandemic, the state issued a hiring freeze unless the colleges received an exception. He stated, since last mid-summer when the hiring freeze was lifted, 130 employees have been hired which included 10 full-time faculty, 24 full-time staff, 41 adjunct faculty, 55 part-time staff, and several more hirings are in progress. He stated all of this was accomplished because of the great HR team.
Mr. Franklin stated a hiring advocate was included on all hiring committees to ensure the process is conducted correctly. He stated the VCCS adopted this program (which requires training) from Northwestern University to make the hiring process more inclusive. He reported CVCC had, in the past, added an HR person to the hiring committee for this same purpose.
Mr. Franklin reported the VCCS has now established a new training program that involves mental health, fitness review, and a stress-free work environment for anyone that would like to be a hiring advocate.  
Dr. John Capps  
Dr. John Capps continued his report on personnel and stated Dr. Muriel Mickles has been allowed to apply for the president’s position at DCC, and she is one of the finalists. He reported her interviews are scheduled for May 1 and May 2. Dr. Capps stated, in the past, those serving in interim presidential positions were not allowed to apply for the permanent position. However, the policy has changed which is allowing Dr. Mickles to apply for the position.
Dr. Capps reported Dr. Kris Ogden is not here today as she is attending a SACSCOC onsite visit in Louisiana.
Dr. Capps stated there is a vacancy for the position that Chris Bryant (Vice President of Institutional Advancement) had previously held. He stated when that job was posted, only one application received met all the qualifications (must have three to interview). He reported that position has been redefined as classified staff which will require only a bachelor’s degree in hopes of attracting more applicants. Dr. Capps stated Will Sandidge is serving as the interim and Robert Leveque, former Foundation Board member has volunteered to help with raising funds for Foundation scholarships.
Dr. Capps reported the Dean for Student Success, Patti Saffioti is retiring, and a decision has been made to redistribute her duties. The decision was also made to advertise a new position, Coordinator of Academic Advising, which will place the navigators and counselors under one umbrella.
Dr. Capps stated the only thing he wanted to say about CVCC’s Reaffirmation/QEP is that the College welcomes all Board members’ input. He reported the on-site committee who will visit in October 2023, will want to speak with Board members as to their involvement in the College.  
Dr. Capps reported the Child Education Program has been revitalized to meet the area’s need for childcare. He stated Kim Gregory has been hired for that program and has already had eight graduates this past week.
Dr. Capps reported CVCC held its Workforce Solutions first graduating class of eight for the CDL program on Thursday, April 21, 2022.
Dr. Capps reported a CNA program has begun with Centra for students to also be CVCC students so they can take advantage of scholarships. The first graduating class will take place at Bedford in June and Lynchburg in August.
Dr. Capps reported on two open houses that CVCC hosted. He stated the first was a Machine Tool Open house that was held on April 12 with about 100 in attendance which included about 12 employers. The second Open House for the general population took place on April 23rd and was well attended. He stated this open house also promoted health activities.
Dr. Capps stated Mr. Lee Tookes has been hired as the new Student Activities Coordinator, and he is doing a great job of making students feel a part of CVCC.
Dr. Capps reported the first in-person graduation since 2019 will take place this year on May 12 at Liberty University’s Vines Center graduating 768 students.  
Dr. Capps reported Chancellor Glenn DuBois will be retiring as of June 30, 2022.  
NEW BUSINESS  Dr. Walker introduced the proposed new slate of officers:
  • Ms. Bonnie Svrcek, Chair
  • Dr. Mac Duis, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Jeff Garrett, Chair of Facilities and Finance Committee
  • Mr. Joseph Tucker, Chair of Curriculum and Program Committee
Mr. Marshall made a motion with Ms. Rosser seconding to approve the slate of officers as presented.
The motion carried unanimously.
CHAIR’S REPORT  Dr. Walker thanked Mr. Marshall and Ms. Rosser for their membership in the Local Board.
ROAs Presentation Resolutions of Appreciation were presented to Mr. Nat Marshall, Dr. John Walker, and Ms. Tamara Rosser.
ADJOURNMENT  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at  
6:13 p.m.  
Dr. John Capps, Secretary 
______________________________                                      ____________________________
         CHAIR                                                                                        DATE 
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