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CVCC Part-time Staff Association Meeting
September 25, 2012, 1:00PM
Room 5142, Merritt Hall

Call to Order:
Gayle Kiger called the meeting to order.
Minutes of April 17, 2012 meeting were reviewed.
Gayle Kiger, Kelli Segraves, Sue Cochrane, Jana Fedele, Cathy Beale, Cindy McCormick
Treasure’s Report:
There was no report due to the treasurer being absent.
Possible suggestions for fundraisers for this year:
Blue Ridge Food Bank Can Drive
Warm wear drive-coats, socks and pj’s
Pizza & Baked Goods
Book Fair
50/50 Fundraiser-one half for Part-time Association & the other half for helping an organization such as:
  • Salvation Army or homeless shelters
  • Proceeds from fundraisers would be used for book drawings and classified baskets for part time employees.
Gayle Kiger was going to check with Sandra Viar on the Book Fair, with Linda Daye on what the classified staff might have scheduled and Linda Adams on what the SGA might have scheduled.

Cindy McCormick was going to check with the Blue Ridge Food Bank to see about doing the can drive with them.
Sue Cochrane was going to check with the homeless shelters to see what their needs are.
State Employees Bonus- Part-time employees will not get a 3% bonus. Information on what will be done for us has not been made available.
We discussed our ability to help Part time employees with medical or other issues and the Part time Association decided that we did not have the funds to sustain funding for everyone and chose to help overall. We feel it would be better to collect campus wide for this.
If we would like for someone to come speak with us we need to let Gayle Kiger know.
Scheduled a working meeting on Oct 11, 2012 @ 1 pm to discuss and plan some of the agenda items.
The meeting Adjourned at 2:01

Respectfully submitted by Kelli Segraves, Secretary, Part-time Staff Association
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