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CVCC Part-time Staff Association Meeting
October 11, 2012, 1:00PM
Room 5142, Merritt Hall

Call to Order:
Gayle Kiger called the meeting to order.
Minutes of September 25, 2012 meeting were approved.
Gayle Kiger, Kelli Segraves, Sue Cochrane, Cathy Beale, Cindy McCormick, Young Dewberry, Joy Adams, Dennis Phillip, Sandra Garrett, Mary Evans
Treasure’s Report:
The treasurer’s report showed that we have $156.78 in our off-campus account.
Sandra Viar tendered her resignation as Vice President due to accepting a full-time position with EMS.  Cathy Beale was nominated for the position and accepted the nomination.  A vote was taken and Cathy was elected as our new Vice President.
We will be sponsoring the Blue Ridge Food Bank can drive from October 15, 2012 through December 17, 2012.  The collection barrels will be located in the Student Center and Counseling on the main campus and there will be a collection barrel at each of the off-campus centers.
We will be setting up collection boxes around campus for the Warm Wear Drive.  This fundraiser will run from December 1, 2012 until January 15, 2013.  The donations will be sent to the Domestic & Abused Women’s Shelter.  Pajamas, socks and underwear in sizes 0-10 (need to be new) are needed as well as gently used clothes.
For the 50/50 fundraiser the following items were suggested as items to draw for:
            Gift cards for restaurants or gas
            Movie Tickets
Leticia Forester from HR will be at our November 6th meeting to discuss a possible part-time bonus and where she is at on looking at our part-time positions and comparing them to others across the VCCS system.
Respectfully submitted by Kelli Segraves, Secretary, Part-time Staff Association
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