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CVCC Part-Time Staff Association Meeting
Date and Time: June 19, 2013, 11:30-12:30 PM
Place: CVCC – Campbell Hall – Room 4212

Call to Order:
The June 19, 2013 meeting of the CVCC Part-Time Staff Association was called to order by President, Cathy Beale.
Cathy Beale thanked everyone for attending the meeting and introduced the new officers which are as follows:
President – Cathy Beale
Vice President – Cathy Sanders
            Secretary – Cornelia Armistead
Treasurer – Jana Fedele
In attendance were: Emily Muniz, Samantha Lee, Kelli Segraves, Cathy Sanders, Cornelia Armistead, Cindy McCormick, Mary Evans, Lucy Carter Smith, Jana Fedele, and Cathy Beale.
All enjoyed pizza, soda, water, and dessert.
There were no minutes to approve.
The treasurer’s report was given by Jana Fedele.
Old Business:
We decided to continue the Part-Time Staff Association and try to gain support. Officers were nominated.
New Business:
The Part-Time Association members at the meeting decided on the following goals:
·         Move forward in a positive way.
·         Seek ways to enhance our roll as part-time employees.
·         Improve communication by attending meetings and serving on committees.
·         Ask for reports/updates from those attending the meetings and those working on committees.
·         Encourage participation.
·         Use our meeting as a way to get to know each other.
·         Adopt a program to support with our fund raisers.
Proposals for Use of Funds:
·         Find ways to support our members, CVCC and our students
·         Adopt a cause/causes to support through fund raisers. Programs that are being considered: Student Emergency Fund, Bus Tickets for needy students, Caps and Gowns for students who are unable to purchase their own, (possibly a buy back or ask for donations from graduates) PTK tassels, etc., a book fund for needy students and /or PT employees, and possibly use part of our food drive donations to support a food pantry for students and employees in need.
·         Gather information on cost and feasibility before making a decision on which program we will be able to support.
·         We need to find out what part-time employees can be paid for and what we will need to do as volunteers.
·         Ask the Classified Staff to partner with us on some projects.
·         Find out about storage space for a food pantry and figure out how to make a food pantry secure and how to distribute food.
·         Hold a book drawing before fall classes begin.
Requirements to be eligible for the book drawing are as follows:
·         Attend at least one meeting.
·         Participation.
·         Must be enrolled at CVCC.
The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Cathy Beale and the motion was seconded by Cindy McCormick. The meeting was adjourned 12:30 PM.
Respectfully submitted by Cornelia Armistead, Secretary, Part-Time Staff Association
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