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CVCC Part-Time Staff Association Meeting
Date and Time: September 26, 2013, 1:00-2:00 PM
Place: CVCC – Amherst Hall – Room 2207

Call to Order
The September 26, 2013 meeting of the CVCC Part-Time Staff Association was called to order by President, Cathy Beale.
In attendance were: Debbie Gilliam, Crystal Hutchinson, Patricia Braxton, Cornelia Armistead, Ava Oxley, Maureen Cholewka, Steven Monetti, Jana Fedele, Mary Evans, Cheryl Wentz, Cathy Beale
President, Cathy Beale asked everyone to introduce themselves since we had not all met.
The minutes of the last meeting held on August 8, 2013 were read by Secretary, Cornelia Armistead. Ava Oxley made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting. 2nd by Jana Fedele. The motion was carried.
Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer’s report was given by Treasurer, Jana Fedele.
Guest Speaker: Dr. Muriel Mickles, Dean of Humanities & Social Science spoke about the purpose and importance of our Governance Committees. She provided a meeting calendar and a description of each committee. Dr. Mickles also stressed the importance of employee participation.
Ava Oxley raised questions regarding some of the PT Staff procedures, but the minutes were approved as submitted. Ava asked the reason for the financial report not being made public, and it was stated that in the past, records had not been put out for the general public and that the account balance has never been published in the minutes. Cathy stated that records should be kept in a secure place and not open for just anyone to go through.
Treasurer, Jana Fedele commented that the report could be seen by anyone if they would like because she kept them in a specific place.
Old Business
·         Brown bags have been made. This effort is being handled through Nancy Mitchell who is a counselor and the CVCC ADA Coordinator. The food is locked up and secured.
·         Pizza Sale Date – October 16th
·         Bus Tickets. It was decided that we would table discussions on funding bus tickets until after our pizza sale so we could see how much money would be available.
·         We would need to advertise our sale using flyers.
New Business
·         President, Cathy Beale mentioned the idea of doing a “Warm Wear Drive” where people would donate gently used coats.  Coats collected would benefit area schools. Cathy suggested that we start earlier this year so that we can get coats that are replaced when the weather begins to cool down. Discussion will take place at a later date.
Mary Evans motioned to adjourn. 2nd by Jana Fedele. The motion was carried.
Respectfully submitted by Cornelia Armistead, Secretary, Part-Time Staff Association.
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