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CVCC Part-Time Staff Association Meeting
Date and Time: January 9, 2014 1:00-2:00 p.m.
Place: CVCC – Amherst Hall – Room 2207

Call to Order
The January 9, 2014 meeting of the CVCC Part-Time Staff Association was called to order by Treasurer, Jana Fedele.
In attendance were: Jana Fedele, Cathy Saunders, Ben Huff, Steve Monetti, Debbie Gilliam, Ava Oxley and Cathy Beale
Cornelia Armistead has taken another position away from CVCC.. Ben Huff appointed temporary recording secretary. Minutes of last meeting were not available at Communication Central for reading. Jana Fedele corrected the Treasurer’s report balance should have been $247.49
Treasurer’s Report
Balance remains at $247.49. Local funds of $150 have all been used to purchase coats for the warm weather drive.
Old Business
  • ·           Cathy Beal and Cathy Saunders have resigned their positions.
  • ·           11 New coats donated to the Laurel School
  • ·           2 boxes of adult and children sized coats left to be donated to:
  • o    Amherst Elementary School
  • o    LYN-CAG Hands Up Lodge
  • o    Miriam’s House
  • o    Salvation Army
  • ·           Survey Responses Reviewed by Steven Monetti
  • o    Suggestions of virtual meetings
  • o    Varying hours to suit part-time staff on different schedules
New Business
  • ·           Need to update constitution
  • o    Determine where funds should be allocated
  • ·           We can ask Leticia Foster to give some professional training
  • ·           If we have virtual meetings, we can record for members to view at anytime
  • ·           E-mail to be sent to P/T staff and have RSVP for next meeting
  • ·           Motion from floor to elect Ava Oxley, CAP to the position was made, seconded and passed unanimously
  • ·           Graphic for slide show and Daily  Bulletin approved by members
  • ·           Election of officers and committee selection for updating the constitution tabled until the next meeting
  • ·           For the interim, Jana Fedele will serve as president/treasurer.
  • ·           Appropriation of funds and the security of such will be deferred until the next meeting
The meeting adjourned at 2:18 p.m. Next meeting February 13, 2014.
Respectfully submitted by Ben Huff, Acting Secretary, Part-time Staff Association.
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