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Part-Time Staff Association Meeting - Minutes
March 27th, 2014 – 2:09PM
Collaborate being used to allow members from off-center sites to join in.
Meetings will be recorded.
Minutes approved from last meeting. N/A who made motion or seconded.
Election of Officers
-          President = Jana Fedele (Nominated by Marci Brown)
-          Vice-President = Steve Monetti (Nominated by Steve Monetti)
-          Treasurer = Marci Brown (Nominated by Jana Fedele)
-          Recorder = Hunter Overstreet (Nominated by Jana Fedele)
Rewriting Constitution
-          Last Revised 4/23/03
-          Current version excludes a lot concerning Governance Committee and the PTSA
-          Steve Monetti suggests a committee to revise the Constitution, and nominates himself to be on said committee
-          Marci agrees to join Steve on the committee
Jana shows how to get to PTSA Blackboard site.
-Blackboard Learn
-My Blackboard Courses / Part-Time Association
What Do You Think? (Blackboard)
-Committees that PTSA has representation
-If any part-time employee wants to bring information to a committee or committees for a meeting, it can be entered in on the “What Do You Think?” Blackboard site.
-Marci Brown asks if an alert is given when something new is posted and Jana said that there is a way to follow a post, but no alerts.
Academic Achievement Awards
-Faculty / Classified Staff get Achievement Awards (cash award) for completing a degree. Part-Time do not.
-PTSA needs to submit a proposal to get the Achievement Awards for Part-Time Staff.
-Connie Deacon suggested that a good contact would be Linda Day. Also, she has mentioned she had not yet received any selections for Employee Recognition from the Part-Time staff.  
-          Unknown person mentions that there is no funding for Professional Development for Part-Time Staff.
-          Same person mentioned getting an instructor/presenter for a Part-Time Staff Association professional development session(s).
-          State discounts at stores was mentioned.
-          Steve Monetti suggested creating a “Benefits Thread” to keep up with the benefits available for state employees.
Service on Governance Committee
- Jana will send out a list of committees that have open spots for part-time employees
- Jana mentioned making a notation on employee timesheets about time spent serving on governance committees
Snow Days Proposal
-          Given Part-Time employees compensation for school closings because of inclement weather
-          Jana asked if 4hrs. was good with the group.
29    Hrs.
-          Marci mentioned the 29hrs. “average” and the ardous process of getting approval to go over 29hrs. for a specific week
-          Marci would like to pursue this issue
School Spirit Day
Jana mentioned that the names need to be changed on the PTSA Bank Account for new PTSA Officers.
-          Bank account currently at about $247
Meeting Adjourned
Jana Fedele (Moderator)
Connie Deacon (Moderator)
Ben Huff
Cathy Sanders
Cheryl Wentz
Hunter Overstreet
Kathy Malloy
Marci Brown
Patricia Braxton
Ro Putz
Sarah Jarrett
Steve Monetti               Sue Cochrane
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