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Part-Time Staff Association Meeting Minutes
May 1st, 2014 – 1:13PM
-Minutes from last meeting were not yet available.
-Marci Brown spoke for Cathy Sanders on E2IT committee
                - E2IT is the Engineering Technology Committee for
                - Trying to collect information from administration on technology/training that employees need
                - Jana mentioned that Windows 8 training would be very beneficial
                - Loaner iPads were mentioned, but many members had not heard of that
                - Marci asked members to post to Blackboard with any technology needs
-Jana told group that committee topics are listed on Blackboard
-Annual Budget
                - Budget Planning going through Governance
-No Professional Development for Part-Time Employees
                - Jana mentioned that other schools do provide Prof Dev for Part-Time employees
                - Jana attended New Horizons Conference
                - Part-Time employees do get 6 credits paid for / per semester
-Marci presented a question for the group / CVCC has an agreement with Lynchburg College where students from CVCC can take a class there for the same tuition. Would that be applicable for the 6 free credit hours that part-time employees are awarded? Do we have agreements with other schools like Randolph?
                - Jana volunteered to bring up the question at Mondays President’s Cabinet meeting
-Jana asked if any Part-Time staff would like to join any committees – No one volunteered
                - Employee Recognition
                - Events
-130+ CRC Achievement was recognized
-Notes from Dr. Capps Town Hall Meeting were discussed
                - Color Dash
                - Will Sandidge made a plea for a Marketing Position
                - City of Lynchburg providing right hand turn lane at the end of Harvard St.
                                - Traffic Circle onto Wards Ferry?
                - Budget Reduced, Enrollment Down
                - Purchasing Dept Closing / transferred to VWCC
- State in benchmarking is being done at schools / identifying which schools do best at which functions
- Altavista campus is moving, not closing
-Steve Monetti introduced Teri Mason (Workforce Center) to the group
-Next Years Goals
                - Professional Development for Part-Time Staff
-Steve Monetti suggested doing a Resume’ Workshop for the Part-Time Staff (Steve offered to teach)
                -Mock Interviews
                - Suggested that it be done in conjunction with a PTSA meeting
                - Steve suggested keeping records of attendance for meetings and professional development
Cynthia McCoy started discussion about the PTSA Meeting post in the Daily Bulletin
                -Could it / Should it be changed?
                -Resume workshop could help draw PT employees to meetings
-Fund Raising Ideas discussed
                - Pizza lunch sale?
                - How would the profits be used?
1:50pm – Meeting Adjourned
Jana Fedele (Moderator)
Ben Huff
Caroline Bailey
Elder Rhonda
Hunter Overstreet
JoAnn McGrath
Marci Brown
Teri Mason        
Trish Schubert
Cynthia McCoy
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