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Committee Name: Part-Time Staff Association
Meeting Date: 7/10/14
Members Present (list): Jana Fedele, Patricia Braxton, Kris Collins, Sara Jarrett, Cynthia McCoy
Members Absent (list): Ben Huff, Debbie Gilliam, Audrey Hudgins, Catherine Saunders, Joann McGrath and about 100 OTHERS

Old Business: none
New Business: We had a presentation by Steve Monetti, from Interfaith Outreach (formerly of CVCC and vice-president of this organization) on “How to Conduct a Pro-active Search” The presentation contains his copyrighted information. Distance Education recorded the talk, and a link will be archived on the Part-Time Staff Association’s Blackboard page, for those who could not make the meeting
We also had a motion to have Pizza for the first meeting in the Fall semester
Call for nominees for the unfilled vice-president position resulted in no nominees. We will fill the position in the next meeting.
Recommendations to the College Governance Committee: Professional Development Achievement Award proposal presented to the Association, moved to be presented to the Governance Council by Cynthia, and seconded by Sara, passed unanimously by the members present
Suggestions/Items to be shared with other groups (not recommendations but information that may be of value to other policy or program committees, or the constituency groups):
Submitted by (Recorder’s name): Jana Fedele (president)
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