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Committee Name:     Part-Time Staff Association
Meeting Date:            September 25, 2014, 1:00-1:50 PM
Members Present:    
Caroline Bailey, Sarah Jarrett, Teri Mason, Debbie Gilliam, Herman Calloway, Vicki Barrett, Michele Elder, Cathy Sanders, Mary Evans, Brittany Cochrane, Alexica Linthicum, and Jana Fedele.  Introductions were made by all members.
Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the August 21, 2014 meeting have been posted on Communications Central and they were approved as posted. 
Treasurer’s Report:
The bank account had a starting balance from July 1, 2014 of $247.49.  After a $206 deposit from the Pizza fundraiser, we now have a balance of $453.49.
The Local Fund account had a starting balance from July 1, 2014 of $150.  The following expenses have been paid from this account: $51.80 (food for August meeting) and $33.77 (drinks for Pizza fundraiser), which leaves a remaining balance of $64.43 in this account.
We are in the process of changing the names on the bank account to reflect the current officers.
Old Business: 
The Education Award proposal was well-received by the Governance Council overall.  The Council asked that the requirements include that part-time staff have been employed for 5 years in order to be eligible for the award.  Discussion ensued at the meeting about how to interpret this.  For example, once an employee has 5 years of service, are degrees earned during their employment at CVCC now eligible?  Or does someone have to be employed first for at least 5 years prior to getting their credential?  Clarification is needed on this issue and Jana will seek that from the Council. The financial amount is the same as that offered to classified staff.
New Business:
A Pizza fundraiser was held on September 3 in the Student Center and it was very successful.  The gross receipts were $386 and after paying expenses of $180 (pizza—from cash proceeds) and $33.77 (drinks—from local funds), we had a net income of $172.23.
Thanks to the following PTSA members for their help with the fundraiser.  Donations of desserts: Debbie Gilliam, Cathy Sanders, Jana Fedele, Beth Walkup, Caroline Bailey.  Helpers at the sale:  Jana Fedele, Cathy Sanders, Zoe Shazad, Kervinie Alexander, Kris Collins, and Stannard Preston (and Bill Fedele).
Leftover baked goods were given to Nancy Mitchell to distribute to students in need of extra food.  A suggestion was offered that next time, we might consider taking the items around to offices and see if anyone was interested in buying items at a reduced price.  1 ½ cases of soda and a ½ case of water are being stored by Jana Fedele for the next fundraiser.
Jana Fedele created an anonymous online survey for members to complete to help better determine future programming and direction for the PTSA.  Specifically, the survey sought input on how to best spend raised funds, topic ideas for meetings, and some details requested by the Governance Council regarding how many potential staff members might be eligible for the Educational Awards.  16 have responded so far.  The survey will remain open approximately another month to gain additional participants and reminders will be sent.
Community Service:
One topic that was part of the survey asked for feedback on how to spend raised funds.  One topic, of helping “food insecure” students was discussed.  A thank you letter from Nancy Mitchell was shared that discussed the impact of the PTSA’s food pantry program from last year and the help it provided to some very needy students. Nancy Mitchell says the needs are greater than ever this fall. 
The PTSA discussed having a holiday food drive to benefit these students as well as a local food bank.  Brittany Cochrane and Caroline Bailey volunteered to investigate some options and to coordinate the effort, which may include collaborating with the Classified Staff Association as well.
PTSA Members Educational Awards:
An idea on the survey included adding an option of a workforce gift certificate as an choice for member educational support, in addition to the bookstore voucher, in order to offer support to those staff who are not enrolled in credit classes.  Jana asked if it would be possible to buy these for a discounted rate (1 or 2 a year) and that might be a possibility.
A comment on the survey suggested reminding everyone about the educational opportunity to take credit classes for free.  All part-time staff are eligible to take 6 credits at CVCC per semester, up to 12 credits per year, for free.
In discussion about how to best spend funds and what we should be doing as an organization, it was mentioned that our Bylaws are very out of date.  It was suggested that when they are revised, we should include a mission statement which would help with determining future initiatives.
Speakers for the Next Meeting:
Jana asked for any volunteers who had some expertise if they would be interested in putting something together for a future meeting.  No one volunteered at this time.  Jana will try to get Nancy Mitchell to talk about student food needs to help us better focus our efforts for a food drive.
Recommendations to the College Governance Committee:
Jana will send out a revised copy of the Educational Award proposal prior to the Governance Council’s meeting on October 28 for the PTSA to review.  The final version will clarify the issues related to the 5 years of service requirement as well as how any retroactive awarding would work.
Submitted by: Sarah Jarrett, Recorder
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