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Committee Name:     Part-Time Staff Association
Meeting Date:            November 6, 2014, 1:00-2:00 PM
Members Present:    
Caroline Bailey (Institutional Effectiveness), Sarah Jarrett (Student Services-On Ramp), Teri Mason (Region 2000 Workforce Center), Debbie Gilliam (Region 2000 Workforce Center), Herman Calloway (Region 2000 Workforce Center), Vicki Barrett (Region 2000 Workforce Center), Michele Elder (Region 2000 Workforce Center), Cathy Sanders (Workforce), Brittany Cochrane (Admissions & Records), Alexica Linthicum (Student Success), Jana Fedele (Student Success), Michael Danos (Amherst Center), and Martha Lee (Region 2000 Workforce Center).
Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the September 25, 2014 meeting have been posted on Communications Central and they were approved as posted. 
Treasurer’s Report:
Alexcia reported a current balance of $427.49.  This reflects a $30 withdrawal of inactivity fees that were charged by the credit union and a $4 deposit by Jana Fedele for unused pizza fundraiser supplies that she took home to use.  We were unaware that inactivity fees were charged on this account until we went to update names on the account and we were informed about this at that time, after the fees had already accumulated.
Old Business: 
Educational Award Proposal:
John Poole joined our meeting to discuss the Educational Award Proposal for part-time staff.  We hoped to clarify the discussion that came up at the Governance Council and that also was discussed at length at our last meeting regarding a suggestion to have a 5 year length of service requirement.  He did not feel the need to have a length of service requirement added to the proposal.  His primary concern was trying to get a more concrete idea on how many staff would be eligible for the award in the initial year.  Jana was going to create a simple questionnaire for mail/email and John said he would see if HR could send it out by email and/or hard copy in order to get a better idea about the numbers of people who would be eligible and the cost for the start-up year.  John expressed his appreciation for the work done by the part-time staff and stated that the College wouldn’t be where it is today without the positive efforts of the part-time staff.
The Educational Award Proposal will be presented as follows:
The award for degrees will go back 5 years from the date it is approved.  Anyone who was employed by CVCC at the time the degree was earned who is also employed at the time the award is granted, is eligible.  Employment does not have to be continuous as long as those two criteria are met.
The award will be a financial award as follows and will be subject to taxes and withholding:
Certificate/Certification = $125
Associate = $250
Bachelors = $375
Graduate = $500
It should be noted that these amounts are 50% of the amount available to full-time Classified Staff earning the same degrees.  The timeline of going back 5 years for consideration of the Educational Award at the time of adoption mirrors the process that was used when the Classified Staff Award was developed.  There is also no length of service required for the Classified Staff Award and thus it is not included as a requirement for Part-Time Staff either.
PTSA Food Drive:
Brittany and Caroline reported on their plans for a winter food drive sponsored by the PTSA.  After consulting with Nancy Mitchell, they have identified the dates of January 5- February 13, 2015 for the food drive.  This will be good timing for our neediest students as other options may go away after the holidays.
B&G will provide bins for food donations to be placed in strategic areas around campus.  Caroline and Brittany will work on flyers for campus and will also get the information in the Daily Bulletin.
In past years, the PTSA has also given these students a $5 gift card to the Spot in order for students to get a hot meal.  Jana was going to check with the Spot and see if they would consider offering these at a discount if the PTSA agrees to purchase a certain number of these for the purpose of helping our neediest students.
New Business:
Our next PTSA meeting is scheduled for January 6, 2015. 
Recommendations to the College Governance Committee:
Jana will send the final copy of the Educational Award proposal to the Governance Council’s meeting on December 2.  John Poole has requested that some more specific numbers of eligible staff be available prior to that time, as he anticipates this will be a question by the committee and he wants to be prepared to answer.
Submitted by: Sarah Jarrett, Recorder
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