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Committee Name:     Part-Time Staff Association
Meeting Date:            January 8, 2015, 1:00-2:00 PM
Members Present:    
Caroline Bailey (Institutional Effectiveness), Sarah Jarrett (Student Services- On Ramp), Cathy Sanders (Workforce), Alexica Linthicum (Student Success), and Jana Fedele (Student Success).
Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the November 6, 2014 meeting have been posted on Communications Central and they were approved as posted. 
Treasurer’s Report:
Alexcia reported a current balance of $427.49 in the credit union account and a balance of $64.43 in local funds.  There has been no activity since the last meeting.
Old Business: 
Educational Award Proposal:
The Educational Achievement Award will be going for final approval by the President’s Council next week.  The terms of the initial award will cover a retroactive period for educational credentials received between January 2010-December 2014 and will be half of the cash amounts as previously discussed.  All requests for these awards must be made by March 1, 2015.  Moving forward, the awards will be offered on an annual basis with an application deadline of March 1, and those awards will receive the full cash amounts as previously discussed.
PTSA Food Drive:
Caroline and Brittany organized a food drive before the holiday break which resulted in three large bins filled with donations for the Salvation Army.  There is now a food drive to benefit needy students with requests for single-serving items in particular.  This food drive will run through February 13 and is being advertised via the Daily Bulletin, flyers around campus, and flyers on the bins themselves.  Caroline and Brittany have done a wonderful job of making the bins especially festive and noticeable through the use of wrapping paper.
New Business:
Educational Foundation:
Mike Bradford joined us for the meeting to provide an update on the Foundation’s Student Emergency Fund and ways the PTSA might be involved in assisting with their efforts.  He shared the history of fund which grew out of an idea presented at a Town Hall Meeting.  A faculty member shared stories of students who were unable to buy books, gas, etc. and who were struggling to meet basic necessities, but wanting to stay in school.  The Foundation started a fund in 2010, which is run by a committee, to help the neediest students who have a special circumstance of exceptional need. The goal of the award is to keep the student from having a one-time emergency force them to drop out of CVCC.  The Foundation pays the bills directly and examples of items that have been included are power bills, medical bills, re-tread tires, and small gas gift cards.  These are small awards of no more than $250, which are thoroughly evaluated by the committee.  Approximately $2000 a year is allocated by employees for this program though the employee campaign.
He also shared information about the Book Fund to assist the neediest students with assistance in obtaining books for their classes.  Barnes and Noble made the initial donation and approximately $2500 has been allocated to this via the employee campaign.
Neither of these programs is advertised to students.  Instead, students are referred by the academic counselors and faculty members who are aware of these particular needs and barriers to a student’s education endeavors.
Future Fundraiser Idea:
Following the discussion with Mike, it was discussed that the next PTSA fundraiser might be to support the Foundation’s Student Emergency Fund and the Book Fund.  In order to avoid inadvertently “advertising” these funds to the student body as a whole, we discussed that public flyers could say this will support the Education Foundation and that the email flyer to faculty/staff could be more specific about supporting the Student Emergency Fund and the Book Fund.  Jana was going to investigate dates for having this fundraiser and we discussed having another pizza lunch as we did in the fall.
Spot Vouchers:
We discussed the idea of the PTSA providing food vouchers to The Spot for needy students in conjunction with the Food Drive.  Jana was able to get an agreement with The Spot to buy 10 qty. $5 food vouchers and get 2 free. These would be good for the daily special and would allow students to get a hot meal.  Sarah moved and Cathy seconded the motion to spend $50 in February for the 12 food vouchers from The Spot.
PTSA Professional Development Awards:
We discussed the PTSA member awards previously called the “book award” and what we wanted to do this year.  We decided to offer 2 qty. $75 awards through a drawing of PTSA members who have been active within the last year by attending a meeting, participating in a fundraiser, or serving in an office.  These awards may be used for books from the campus bookstore, applied to the cost of a non-credit class through Workforce Solutions/Community Education, or used to assist with the cost of attending a professional conference or workshop.  Jana will compile the list of those eligible and have a drawing.  Members will have until May 31, 2015 to spend their award or it will be forfeited and used by the PTSA in another manner.  Cathy moved to approve and Alexcia seconded the motion.
Support of PTSA Member on Medical Leave:
Cathy Beale, former President of the PTSA, is currently out on leave due to medical issues.  In lieu of flowers, the PTSA voted to send a $100 donation to assist her during this time.  Alexcia moved to approve and Cathy seconded the motion.
Next Meeting:
Our next PTSA meeting is scheduled for February 12, 2015. 
Submitted by: Sarah Jarrett, Recorder
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