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Committee Name:     Part-Time Staff Association
Meeting Date:            September 24, 2015, 1:00-2:00 PM
Members Present:    
Alexica Linthicum (Student Success), Jana Fedele (Student Success), Adeola Oyelabi (Admissions), Michael Danos (Amherst Center), Mary Evans (Admissions), and Michael Mavinga (Student Success).  Officers Absent: Sarah Jarrett and Cathy Sanders.
Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the August 20, 2015 meeting were approved and they are posted on Communication Central.
Treasurer’s Report:
The Pizza sale grossed $559.00 and after paying for the pizza, we were able to donate $228.00 to the Educational Foundation Student Emergency Fund and set aside $80.00 for a future Part-Time Professional Development award.  We now have a balance of $85.00 in local funds and $282.49 balance in the account. 
Old Business: 
Thank you from Educational Foundation:
A thank you letter was read from the Educational Foundation in appreciation of our donation to the Student Emergency Fund.
Fall Pizza Fundraiser:
The following people assisted with the Fall Pizza Fundraiser, benefiting the CVCC Educational Foundation’s Student Emergency Fund:
1.      Treats: Cathy Beale, Cathy Sanders, Sarah Jarrett, Jana Fedele
2.      Helpers:  Mary Evans, Tabitha Watson, Kris Collins, Brittany Cochrane (no longer at CVCC), Kervenie Alexander, Stannard Preston, Alexcia Linthicum, Sarah Jarrett, Jana Fedele
Part-Time Staff Professional Development Award:
We will draw a name for the part-time staff award at the next meeting, based on all who have been an active participant in the fall semester by attending a meeting, serving on a committee, assisting with a part-time staff event, etc.
1.      Governance Committee Volunteers:  Jana Fedele, Cathy Beale, Audrey Hudgins, Sue Cochrane, Elizabeth Walkup, Cathy Sanders, Jennifer Onuffer, Mike Danos, Kervenie Alexander, Mary Evans, Sarah Jarrett, Trina Boyd
New Business:
Great Colleges to Work For survey:
There were three areas for improvement that were identified through the “Great Colleges to Work For” survey and committees will be developed to address these areas.  Volunteers from our association will be needed.
Guest Speaker:
Will Sandidge is expected to attend our next meeting and will discuss his new role with the college.
Alexcia is unable to continue her treasurer role after December 2015.  Another volunteer is needed to take her place.
Next Meeting:
Our next PTSA meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 5, 2015.
Submitted by: Sarah Jarrett, Recorder based on notes taken by another member present at the meeting
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