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Committee Name:     Part-Time Staff Association
Meeting Date:            November 5, 2015, 1:00-2:00 PM
Members Present:    
The following members were present:  Jana Fedele (Student Success), Cindy McCormick (Counseling), Kathy Hoover (Counseling), Layia Perry (Counseling), Alexcia Linthicum (Student Success), Thomas Turner (IT), Jennifer Onuffer (Accounting), Sarah Jarrett (Counseling), Kervine Alexander (Student Success), Kris Collins, Michael Danos (Amherst Center), Mary Evans (Admissions & Records), Cathy Sanders (Workforce), Michel M.  Guests: John Capps, Kris Ogden, Connie Deacon, Linda Daye, Audrey Lynn Mayberry.
Approval of Minutes:
It was mentioned that absent officers need to be included in the minutes and the September 24, 2015 minutes were approved, pending this change.  The corrected version will be posted on Communication Central.
Treasurer’s Report:
Balance stands at $207.49.  $75.00 was withdrawn for the part-time staff professional development award.  We have $83.41 remaining in local funds.
Old Business: 
Treasurer Election:
Michael Danos volunteered to serve as the Treasurer.  He was elected with a unanimous vote.  Plans will be made to add him to the banking signatories.
Governance Committee Representatives Needed:
Part-time staff representatives are still needed for the following three committees:  Compliance, E2-IT, and Cultural Diversity.  No one came forward at the meeting and Jana will send the request out to the entire group via email.
Part-Time Staff Professional Development Award:
Sarah will compile a list of all active part-time staff for the fall semester to be included in the drawing for this semester’s $75.00 award.  Names will include those who have attended a PTSA meeting, those who serve on Governance Committees, Great Colleges to Work For Ad Hoc committee volunteers, and those who volunteered with our fall fundraiser.  The winner will be selected prior to the end of the semester to assist with the winner’s planning of using the funds by the end of the fiscal year.
New Business:
Clarification on Hours to Attend Committee Meetings:
A question was raised about part-time staff’s ability to be paid for attending college committee meetings.  It was stated that a person cannot go over 29 hours a week, even with the meetings.  It was confirmed by John Capps that this is indeed paid time.  He agreed to bring this through the Governance Council next semester to create a written policy.
Great Colleges to Work For survey:
John Capps and Kris Ogden joined our meeting to review the outcome of this survey and the new initiatives to improve the areas that fell short in the original rankings.  The following overview and discussion was held.
What’s our role?
All community college in VA were required to complete this survey.  Part-time staff were not included in the original survey for the most part, so there is a need to collect information from part-time staff now, as the improvement process begins.  This is the chance for part-time staff to share their opinions and to offer recommendations and suggestions.
The college scored highest on “Confidence in Senior Management” and “Collaborative Governance.”  The areas that were not as high and scored just below the cutoff included “Respect and Appreciation,” “Communication,” and “Teaching Environment.”  They are trying to determine a way we might be able to address these elements with an eye toward specific suggestions toward improvement.
They want to find ways to make CVCC an even better place to work.  With our recent SACSCOC success, our Re-Affirmation Approval, and now the designation as a “Great College to Work For,” CVCC is in a unique position within the commonwealth with all these achievements in such a short time.  Dr. Capps believes this is testament to the hard work of the staff. 
He’s heard that some people think the Ad Hoc committees are just an artificial exercise and that no changes will occur.  He affirms that it is sincere initiative, but acknowledges that there are two dangers with starting this sort of a process.  1. Some people will disengage and 2. Some people’s expectations will be too high.  But, there is a sincere desire to create a menu of improvements, although undoubtedly resources will not be available to do everything that everyone wants to do.
The committees are charged with creating a series of recommendations about how to make CVCC a better place to work.  Kris stated with Will Sandidge has been in contact with all of the ad hoc committees and the governance committee.  This process also relates to our Strategic Plan topic of “Climate and Culture,” which in turn will help our students to meet their goals.  In the coming days, all part-time staff will get a survey to give their feedback, since most were skipped by the original survey.  It is all anonymous.  The committees will use the feedback to make recommendations to the Governance Council. 
Will Sandidge is coordinating the whole process and part-time staff volunteers are represented on every committee.  There is a deadline of February 2 for committees to have their recommendations ready to present to the Governance Council, in hopes some may be implemented prior to the end of the school year.
On the topic of Pay and Benefits, Dr. Capps stated that one known problem is that the college has a habit of lowballing people when they come in.  He wants to work on this as resources become available.  He also reminded us that part-time staff received a 2% raise in August from the general operating budget—that raise was not covered by the state.  He reiterated that this is an absolutely sincere endeavor and they want to make CVCC even better.  Our participation in the survey is totally crucial.
Layia Perry gave a brief presentation on the Job Satisfaction Ad Hoc committee.  They are focusing on several areas, including 1. Work/Life Balance, 2. Job Satisfaction and Support, and 3. Respect and Appreciation.  They are trying to address how staff feel about their interactions and appreciation by supervisors and CVCC leaders and also whether we are feeling respected in the jobs we are doing. 
A single survey will be coming out to address the questions raised by all of the Ad Hoc Committees to avoid survey overload.  The survey will include numerical rankings of topics, as well as an opportunity for open-ended comments. 
Dr. Capps looks forward to the results and stated that “any truth is better than make believe.”  This is an opportunity to make CVCC even better. The college needs to be honest enough about the improvements that are needed and help to improve the situation. 
He stated that when he attended the Classified Staff meeting to discuss the same topics, many of the concerns were environmental, such as lack of windows in Amherst Hall, traffic on Harvard Street, as well as compensation and benefits.
Someone asked about Inclement Weather Days and he stated that nothing can to done to pay part-time staff for these days.  But, he did state that you can make up the hours within the pay period.  The Vice-Presidents can pre-approve going over 58 hours in a pay period, which might be needed depending on when the Inclement Weather day occurred.  There was some discussion about how the hours had to be handled and Dr. Capps suggested inviting HR staff to a meeting to discuss how the cycle of 29 hours a week, 1450 a year, is handled, and how that might work with the Inclement weather days and make-ups.
Holiday Service Project:
A short discussion was held about whether we wanted to hold a Holiday Service project of any sort.  A food drive was discussed for the student pantry.  But, it was discussed that currently, the pantry was full and actually had expiring food that had not been distributed.  A holiday Coat/Warm Wear drive was discussed.  They have done this in the past and collected gloves, caps, scarves, sweaters, coats, etc.  It was coordinated with a couple of local, needy elementary schools in the past.  It has also been discussed that we could consider providing a holiday meal to needy staff, students, or other local family.  No decision was made about what, if anything, to pursue as a holiday service project.
Next Meeting:
Our next PTSA meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 7, 2015 at 1:00 PM in 5142.
Submitted by: Sarah Jarrett, Recorder.
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