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Committee Name:     Part-Time Staff Association
Meeting Date:            January 7, 2016, 1:00-2:00 PM
Members Present:    
The following members were present:  Jana Fedele (Student Success), Kathy Hoover (Counseling), Layia Perry (Counseling), Thomas Turner (IT), Sarah Jarrett (Counseling), Michael Danos (Amherst Center), Cathy Sanders (Workforce), Michel Mavinga (Student Success), Michelle Fluker (Counseling)
Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of the November 5, 2015 minutes were approved as written and posted.  Michael moved for approval, Michel seconded the motion and they were approved unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report:
The balance stands at $207.49. We have $83.41 remaining in local funds.  No changes since the last meeting.
Old Business: 
Community Service Project:
We discussed the idea of selecting a community service project again for this semester.  We discussed the Food Drive that we held last year.  Four boxes of food were collected.  Issues were discussed that the campus community doesn’t seem to know that a food pantry is available for needy students.  Staff in the Counseling Office reported having to get rid of donations because they were expired.  It was discussed that if we do another food drive, that it needs to be coupled with advertising the pantry’s existence to faculty, staff and students. Kathy volunteered to create a flyer for the food drive.  She also agreed to loan us a bin to collect food.  We thought the Food Drive should last a couple of weeks, but a start date is TBD.
Clarification on Hours to Attend Committee Meetings:
Discussion continued related to the policy that part-time staff are paid for attending college governance committee meetings and constituency group meetings.  Dr. Capps confirmed that information at our last meeting. 
We believe this policy should be spelled out somewhere officially.  Much discussion ensued about the correct place to take this concern—is this simply an HR policy that already has a precedent in the VCCS?  Is this a Governance Council policy?  Both?  Or does this fall under “other duties as assigned” or should it be laid out in everyone’s job description?  Do we need to collaborate with the Classified Staff Association on this?
 Jana has always reminded part-time staff that the time is supposed to be paid, provided that your supervisor is aware, you are within your available hours, and your job duties are covered.  (She got this wording from Letitia Forester, former HR director.) This acknowledges the fact that in some offices, staff may need to take turns attending these meetings.  Jana will follow up with Muriel to discuss where to start with getting this policy in writing. 
New Business:
Pizza Sale Fundraiser:
We discussed having our next Pizza sale fundraiser right after Spring Break.  This was a good time for it last year.  We agreed to revisit the plan at the next meeting.
Next Meeting:
Our next PTSA meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 1:00 PM in 5142.
Submitted by: Sarah Jarrett, Recorder.
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