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Committee Name:     Part-Time Staff Association
Meeting Date:             March 24, 2016, 1:00-2:00 PM
Members Present:    
The following members were present:  Mickey Paige (Counseling), Sarah Jarrett (Counseling), Michael Danos (Amherst Center), Cathy Sanders (Workforce), Michelle Fluker (Counseling), Cynthia McCoy (Workforce), Cindy McCormick (Counseling), Mary Evans (Admissions), Jennifer Onuffer (Accounting)
Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of the January 7, 2016 minutes were approved as written and posted.
Treasurer’s Report:
The balance stands at $207.49. We have $83.41 remaining in local funds.  No changes since the last meeting.
Old Business: 
Clarification on Hours to Attend Committee Meetings:
A policy was drafted by Sarah and presented to the PTSA to review that outlined the understanding that part-time staff are viewed as valuable contributors to the college and that their work on committees and in constituency organizations should be supported. The document clarifies that this is paid time and that this should be supported by supervisors consistently across campus.  Randall Franklin, HR Director, has reviewed the policy and some changes to wording about work schedules has been added to this version.
Cathy moved to accept the Governance Proposal as written and Mike seconded.  The proposal was approved by a unanimous vote and will be presented at the next College Governance Committee meeting on April 19 by Sarah Jarrett.
New Business:
The nominating committee, consisting of Cathy Sanders, Mike Danos, and Michelle Fluker, presented the officer nominees as follows:
Chair – Sarah Jarrett
Vice-Chair – Audrey Hudgins
Treasurer – Mike Danos
Recorder – Jennifer Onuffer
The nominees were elected unanimously and will take over at the conclusion of this meeting.
Planning for Next Year:
The group feels it is important to establish a plan for the upcoming year in advance.  This will allow the group to achieve some goals in the limited number of meetings we have available.  We discussed the following ideas:
·         2 fundraisers per year – potentially September 20, 2016 and March 16, 2017.  Chair will notify Deanne McDaniel (Activities Director) of these dates.
·         Consider participating in a cultural event
·         Offer professional development speakers
·         Make new people feel welcome—create a welcome packet for new part-time hires and personally invite them to the meetings
·         Remind everyone of the meeting schedule at the beginning of the year and urge staffers to make arrangements at that time for coverage sharing with Classified staff
·         If we offer the Professional Development Awards, we need to offer this in December for the following semester
·         Since we didn’t have a fundraiser in Spring 2016, we are not planning to offer the award for Fall 2016
·         Have part time staff who are on the Governance Committees provide a report to the PTSA at each meeting
·         Email part time staff before the spring social asking what they would like to see happen in PTSA meetings.
Spring Social:
We’d like to plan a Spring Social for the PTSA and have identified May 19 as the day to have this.  Details TBA.  This will give us a chance for an informal gathering before the group breaks for the summer.
Board Meeting:
The officers of the PTSA will likely meet once over the summer to fine tune our schedule for the year and to establish a few goals.  We can incorporate ideas generated at the Spring Social and at this meeting into our plans.
Next Meeting:
Our next PTSA meeting will be held in Fall 2016.
Submitted by: Sarah Jarrett, Recorder.
Governance Council Proposal:
The Part-Time Staff Association believes it is important to clarify in writing the College’s support for part-time staff participating in the Governance Model of Central Virginia Community College through participation and service in our constituency group as well with various Governance committees.  This is an opportunity that seems to incur a varied level of support by supervisors across campus and we are seeking to clarify this philosophy through the Governance process.  We recommend the following statement be adopted as part of the College Governance document.
Part-time staff are encouraged to actively contribute to the life of Central Virginia Community College through participation in the Part-Time Staff Association and through membership in College-wide Governance Committees.  By actively participating in these opportunities, the perspective of part-time staff can be included in decision making and part-time staff become a more informed part of the College. We believe the participation of part-time staff in the Governance Model of CVCC could be enhanced by offering a clear written policy on that participation. 
With that understanding, all part-time staff are encouraged to actively participate in their constituency group and on Governance Committees and their hours doing so are considered paid time.
The following criteria must also be met:
1.       Staff members are attending meetings within their available hours. 
a.       See DHRM Policy #1.25 for clarification which states that Management reserves the right to adjust the work schedules of employees based on public need and temporarily within a workweek to meet operational needs.
2.       The supervisor is aware that the staff member will be attending these meetings.
3.       Job duties are covered during that time by making arrangements with other office colleagues.
a.       Note the PTSA and the Classified Staff Association meet on opposite days already to accommodate this.
Furthermore, we believe that participation in the Part-Time Staff Association and in College Governance Committees should be actively supported and encouraged by all supervisors across campus.  Participation in the PTSA and in College Governance Committees should also be encouraged during the onboarding process for new employees as well.  By providing a unified message to all part-time staff of the importance of involvement in campus-wide initiatives, the College creates an environment that better supports those staff who have an interest in greater involvement.
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