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COMMITTEE NAME:                       Part-Time Staff Association
MEETING DATE:                                June 16, 2016, 1:00-2:00 PM

MEMBERS PRESENT:       Jennifer Onuffer(Accounting), Michel Mavinga (Student Success Center )  Michael Danos (Amherst), Samantha Lee (Admissions & Records), Natasha Franklin (Admissions & Records), Don Garlock Jr (Marketing & Promotions), Sarah Jarrett (Counseling), Audrey Hudgins (Financial Aid), Jamie Phillips (Financial Aid), Layia Perry (Counseling), Adrienne Allen (Counseling), Thomas Turner (IT), Melanie Sexton (Counseling), Jazmyn Davis (Counseling)
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from March 24, 2016 were approved as written and posted.
This meeting was our Summer Social.  Introductions were made by all Part-Time Staff Members. Lunch was provided, followed by a Part Time Staff Bingo game. 
 The discussion of planning for the next year was continued from last meeting. 
New Functions of Part-Time Staff Meetings:
·         Looking for the meetings to provide consistency for Part-Time Staff to ensure that all staffers are represented as a group.
·         We will meet 6 times a year on Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:00pm.
·         We will put out notice of meetings ahead of time to try and get more Part-Time Staff involved.
·         Sarah will represent Part-Time Staff at the President Cabinet Meetings and College Governance Meetings. This will give us a voice in different roles in the college.
·         We will get updates from the Governance meetings. 
·         Strive to make the meetings useful and more informative.
Plans for 2016-2017:
·         Education Award to participating members of $75.00 to be used for Books, Conferences, or a Work Force Class.
·         Set up a booth at upcoming College Events. The first to be CVCC’s Homecoming in October or early November.
·         “Meetings Matter” – We want to incorporate guest speakers into our meetings.  It was suggested the first guest speaker be someone from the organization benefitting from the Warm Wear Drive.  We also would like to make the meeting with the guest speaker open campus wide.
·         Spring and Fall Fundraiser – We plan to donate all funds raised minus $75.00 to the Student Emergency Fund. (The Student Emergency Fund is provided through the Education Foundation to assist students in emergency situations. Students are given a onetime donation of $250.00)
·         1st fund raiser is a Pizza Sale in September. Volunteers are needed to work.
·         Community Service:
o   Past functions included a canned food drive and coat drive.
o   Present functions are a Warm Wear Drive in the fall and a Food Drive in the spring.
o   The Warm Wear Drive will kick off on September the 20th.  The committee members are Audrey Hudgins, Layia Perry, Samantha Lee, Natasha Franklin and Jazmyn Davis. It was suggested that the donations be given to the Salvation Army and Miriam’s House.
o   The spring Food Drive committee so far is Audrey Hudgins and Jennifer Onuffer. Donations will be given to the food pantries downtown. 
1.       Volunteers are needed for the planning of CVCC 50th Anniversary.
2.       Don Garlock from Marketing is generating an Alumni Database.
3.       Part-time salary evaluation is the next phase of review, per Dr. Capps.  They are still working through the findings from the full-time employee salary review process.
Submitted by Jennifer Onuffer, Recorder
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