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COMMITTEE NAME:              Part-Time Staff Association
MEETING DATE:                     September 22, 2016
GUEST SPEAKER:                    Mike Bradford
MEMBERS PRESENT:  Sarah Jarrett, Michelle Flucker, Michael Danos, Audrey Hudgins, Larry Saffrot, Mary Soles, Ro Putz, Kervine Alexander, Mary Evans, Jennifer Onuffer
Mike Bradford (Vice President of Institutional Advancement)
Topics of Discussion:
CVCC 50th Anniversary Celebration: Takes place Saturday, November 5, 2016
Student Emergency Fund: Funds provided to students of CVCC in need for emergencies that would prevent them from continuing with their classes.
·         3 years in existence
·         $6,000 has been given to close to 40 students over the past 3 years
·         Students referred by a Faculty Member or Counselor and then approved by a Committee
·         Once approved by the committee the Foundation pays up to $250.00 for each student
·         Some examples are outstanding bills, gas cards, transportation issues
·         Forms are available in the Library, Counseling and at the Off-Cite Centers
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes were approved by Mike Danos, seconded by Audrey Hudgins,
50th Anniversary Celebration:
·         People needed to work – checking to see if time worked counts as paid or volunteer
·         Suggest ways to get donations for Canned Food Drive
·         Need to find out who is handling the Food Pantry for students
·         Is lunch provided for volunteers?
·         Need specific information for volunteers and time slots
TREASURES REPORT: no changes     
$12.49 in savings        $195.00 in checking    $150.00 in local funds
PIZZA SALE: Wednesday, September 28th 11:00am – 1:00pm
Drinks purchased through local funds
Desserts donated
Pizza – Vito’s $9.00 per pizza
Facilities provide plates and napkins
Sign up through Sign-up Genius
Flyers were printed and passes out around campus
Employee Recognition (Audrey) – Suggestion to notify nominees of their nomination was not approved. Part-Time Staff will try again to get this approved by providing additional information.  Recognition awards will continue to be drawn 2 times per month based on nominations.
E2IT Committee (Mike) - David Lightfoot discussed new technology for CVCC. Ed McGhee discussed Atomic Learning.
Professional Development (Sarah) – There is a professional development committee and a task force.  The current system is not working and the Task force is trying to come up with a new plan and to have it in place by this semester. Part-time staff to be included in new professional development plan.  Survey to come out soon all are encouraged to complete.
PR/Marketing (Kervenie and Mike) – Currently determining web page redesign. Needs approved by supervisors.
Evaluation and Assessment Committee – Part-time staff member still needed.
COMMUNITY SERVICE EVENT (Audrey): Canned Food Drive for the 50th Anniversary Celebration
Donation of boxes needed
Future Meetings- Continue thinking of ways to improve connection with staff members and get more people involved in meetings.
A new drawing was done for the Professional Development Class the winners were:
Kingsley Chukwu
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