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COMMITTEE NAME:      Part-Time Staff Association
MEETING DATE:            November 3, 2016, 1:00-2:00 PM
MEMBERS PRESENT:     Sarah Jarrett , Michel Mavinga , Audrey Hudgins, Thomas Turner, Glover Martin, Kingsley Chukwu, Larry Saffioti, Mary Evans, Kervinie Alexander  
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from were approved as written and posted.
Bank Balance: $80 from the pizza fundraiser was deposited and there is now $275 in the checking account

Proceeds of $291.29 from our September pizza sale fundraiser were donated to the CVCC Educational Foundation for the Student Emergency Fund.

Feminine Product Machines:
The Student Success Committee brought the issue to Beth that the machines are empty and asked that they be stocked.  Issue was brought to the committee and Ron (Facilities) stated the machines were not stocked because they were being broken into.  The last one they replaced in the Library restroom was broken into two days later.  When the machines are broken into, the entire machine has to be replaced. There was discussion on how to handle this situation.  Ron suggested putting signs on the machines to go to the Student Activities office or SGA office if you need supplies.  There would be no charge since Deanne keeps them there for students. Ron said Deanne was fine with that idea.  We also discussed putting a small basket in the ladies rooms with some items in them since the Student success Committee is doing that in Merritt Hall. The committee voted yes to this idea. 

Changing Stations:
Student Success Committee requested changing stations in be put in one men’s room and one ladies room in Amherst, Merritt and Bedford Hall if funding allows. These are the buildings most used for public events.  Ron spike to Lewis (VP of Finance) and they are checking on funding.

Cold Rooms:
The rooms are all regulated by the computer.  The set point cannot be changed.  It would cost $180,000 to get out of the Honeywell system that handles this. 

Harvard Street:
Discussion about the large amount of traffic and not being able to turn onto Harvard Street from Wards Ferry Road. Suggest to complain to the city and they may change the light time in the mornings.
Discussion on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, flyer was given to everyone at the meeting.
Next meeting 1/19/17
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