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COMMITTEE NAME:                       Part-Time Staff Association
MEETING DATE:                                January 19, 2017, 1:00-2:00 PM
MEMBERS PRESENT:       Sarah Jarrett , Michel Mavinga , Thomas Turner, Larry Saffioti, Kervinie Alexander , Michael Danos, Rosaria Putz, Layia Perry , Kimberly Williams, Jennifer Onuffer
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from were approved as written and posted.
Treasurers Report:
Bank Balance: Base Share: $12.49 Thrifty Checking: $275.00 Local Funds: $116.00
There is a change in the way Local Funds may be used.  We receive $150 from the college, however; there are no more personal reimbursements.  Discussed how we would use local funds in the future.
Committee Reports
There will be a contest coming up to rename Harvard Street.  No reports from the other committees.
Old Business:  Ideas were discussed on how to improve communication among PTSA.  Some suggestions were to do a survey amongst PTS, offer virtual meetings for PTSA.  We also discussed ideas on how to make meetings better. Sara will meet with Connie in HR to get a realistic idea of part-time staff participation.
Sara did a presentation on the Professional Development Plan for CVCC.  There was a discussion of elements relevant to part-time staff and feedback was given to take back to the Professional Development Committee.
Suggested date for the spring fundraiser was for the week after Spring Break.  We will do a Pizza Fundraiser again with Vito’s.
There was a reminder for everyone to check out the Atomic Learning on Blackboard.
Next meeting scheduled for February 9, 2017. Meeting changed to February 16, 2017. 
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