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COMMITTEE NAME:                       Part-Time Staff Association
MEETING DATE:                                February 16, 2017, 1:00-2:00 PM
MEMBERS PRESENT:       Sarah Jarrett , Michel Mavinga , Thomas Turner, Larry Saffioti, Kimberly Williams, Jennifer Onuffer, Michelle Fluker, Audrey Hudgins, Kris Collins
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from were approved as written and posted.

Treasurers Report:
Bank Balance:
No changes – local funds is now at zero.
Committee Reports
Social Events:  Spring social to be held Thursday, May 4th.  The theme is CVCC 50 years in the Commonwealth.  Food will be items from around the commonwealth.  Final menu to be announced in March.
Professional Development: It was approved to remove the part-time staff minimum hourly wage requirement.
Employee Recognition: Nominations are needed.  Please take time to nominate someone for outstanding part-time, full-time and faculty member.
Old Business:
 Sarah discussed ideas to improve connection among PTSA.
·         Met with Connie to better understand part-time staff roles.  About half or our 100 part-time staff members are unlikely to be available to attend a meeting based on schedule, location, etc.  There are only about 50 members who are available. 
·         Sarah participated in the new monthly HR Orientation on February 10th and presented in formation about PTSA and the College Governance opportunities.
·         We also learned that EMS, EMT, and night duty are also included in the part-time staff numbers.
·         Spring Fundraiser – Pizza lunch with Vito’s on Wednesday, April 19th. Every pizza sold makes the association $7.00.   Donations for dessert are needed and an email will be sent out to sign up to work the fundraiser.  Volunteers are needed for shifts between 10:30 and 1:30.
·         Kris suggested a fundraising idea through Booster, an online web site associated with Custom Inc. to make t-shirts.  Donations got to designated charities.
·         Sarah will attend the Spring Service Project Meeting with Classified Staff and Faculty Associations.
·          There will be a committee for the renaming of Harvard Street contest.  Mike Bradford is heading this committee.  Jennifer Onuffer volunteered to be the part-time staff representative.  The President’s Cabinet will make the final decision of the name.
·          Connie Sublett from Human Resources was the guest speaker for the meeting.  Connie went over benefits available to part-time staff employees.
o   Education Assistance Program:  Employees are eligible to take 6 credit hours per semester for free.  The continuous learning form needs to completed and given to the accounting office. This form can be found on the CVCC website.
·         Department of Human Resources website lists discounts available to all state employees, including part-time staff.  Connie went over the list to show us what discounts are available. 
·         Part-time staff can participate in the retirement program. The only difference is part-time staff contribution is not matched. 
Town Hall Meeting.  CVCC enrollment is up compared to other community colleges in the area.  There was a significant cut to the budget of 3.2%.  CVCC will conduct a study or part-time staff salaries to ensure we are competitive with others in the area.  There will be an Early College program pilot at Jefferson Forest High School. 
Audrey Hudgins Vice Chair resigned as of 2/16/17.  Audrey has taken a full time job closer to her home.  A party was given in her honor.  Best of luck to Audrey. 
Next meeting scheduled for March 23, 2017.
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