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COMMITTEE NAME:                     Part-Time Staff Association
MEETING DATE:                 March 23, 2017, 1:00-2:00 PM
MEMBERS PRESENT:        Sarah Jarrett, Kimberly Williams, Jennifer Onuffer, Kris Collins, Mary Evans
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes from were approved as written and posted.
.  Audrey Hudgins needs to be removed from signature on bank account
Cultural Diversity:  Sponsored Second City show at the Fine Arts Center
Social Events:  Spring social to be held Thursday, May 4th.  The theme is CVCC 50 years in the Commonwealth.  Food will be items from around the commonwealth.  Professional Development: It was approved to remove the part-time staff minimum hourly wage requirement.
Employee Recognition: Continuing to accept nominations for awards
Professional Development:  Part-time staff now included
Trying Black board Collaborate Ultra for our meetings.  Enables those who cannot attend meeting to join online in real time or watch the recording.  Can be found on the Blackboard site under My Organizations.
Part-time Staff Educational Award paperwork:  No deadline to apply, awards are given to those who complete their Associates, Bachelors or Certificate Degree.
Spring Fundraiser – Pizza lunch with Vito’s on Wednesday, April 19th from 11:00am – 1:00pm
·        Pricing as follows: $2.00 per slice, $1.00 drink and dessert, $5.00 meal deal (2 slices, drink and dessert)
·        Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the Student Emergency Fund
·        Sarah will use Sign-Up Genius for the work shifts and dessert donations. We need volunteers between 10:30am -1:30pm.  Looking for 3-4 people per 1 hour shift.
Spring Service Project Meeting was held with Classified Staff and Faculty Associations.  Joseph Penrod is heading up the committee.  The committee met to brainstorm ideas on how CVCC can volunteer to do things in the community.
A volunteer from Part-time staff is needed for the Outstanding Faculty Award Selection Committee.  Jennifer Onuffer volunteered to be on the committee if no one else could do it.
Elections for the 2017-2018 Academic Year – Nominating Committee Volunteers (3 if possible)
·        Contact current officers and see if they are willing to be on the ballot to serve another year
·        Reach out to the membership via Part-time staff email distribution list to seek at least one candidate for each position returning or new
·        Present candidate list at April meeting with a least one name per office for a vote
·        Current officers can do more than one year
Member Survey Ideas:  Meeting day and time, speakers and anything else.  Asking if the current meeting day and time are convenient for everyone. 
We will no longer meet the week before classes start in the fall. We are going to have one summer meeting instead.
Atomic Learning – Free professional development; accessible through Blackboard, Certiicates of completion available
Spring Fundraiser April 19th
NEXT MEETING APRIL 27TH 1:00PM AMHERST 2309 (last meeting for the year)
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