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Part-Time Staff Association Meeting                                                                        February 1, 2018
Minutes                                                                                                                      1:00-2:00 PM
1.Welcome & Introductions
Members in attendance:  Sarah Jarrett, Kervinie Alexander, Michel Mavinga, Mike Danos, Anita Hogan, Venus Hamlett, Jennifer Onuffer and guests Renee Chalmers and Layia Perry.
Guest Speakers, “What’s What”
Layia Perry, RSVP program and Renee Chalmers, FastForward program through Workforce
They shared details about these programs geared toward the unemployed and under-employed.
2. Review & Approval of Minutes from meeting on 12/7/17
Minutes are currently unavailable.
3. Treasurer’s Report
We have $369.49 in our bank account and $84.57 remaining in Local Funds after food purchase for today’s meeting.
4. Committee Reports (Sarah)
  • President’s Cabinet (Sarah)
CVCC Campus Drive has new signage.
  • Cultural Diversity (Sadashiva)
  • Social Events (Venus & Michel)
No report.
  • E2IT (Mike)
Committee is evaluating print-to-pay options for students.  Students may receive a certain number of free prints and then be charged 9 cents a copy using a debit card type of system.
  • Employee Recognition (Mary, Donna, OPEN)
  • Facilities and Finance (Kervinie)
Committee is working on creating a campus focal point and will propose a CVCC version of a “LOVE” sculpture.  New equipment has resulted in significant energy savings for CVCC (LED lights in parking lot).
  • Professional Development (Sarah)
Committee has been meeting and providing support for professional development.  If you are interested in participating in something, be sure and submit paperwork to Alison Moore.  Watch for more opportunities on campus as well.  Consider the “mini-Convocation” if you weren’t able to attend in Janaury.
  • PR and Marketing (Mike, Kris?)
Social Media Policy is being finalized.
  • Financial Aid Appeals (Rosaria)
  • Annual Budget (OPEN)
  • Evaluation and Assessment (OPEN)
5. Old Business
We still have some open positions to fill on Governance Committees.  Please let Sarah know if you are able to step up and volunteer for one.
We still have an opening for our Recorder for the PTSA.  Any volunteers?
Don’t forget to apply for Professional Development funds.  This includes professional organization memberships, conferences, etc.  Be sure and read emails from “Professional Development” to stay in the loop on deadlines and opportunities.
Interested in attending New Horizons?  Deadline to register is February 16.  See email from Dr. Capps.  Visit to see if you think it would be relevant for you.  Registrations will be paid by CVCC.  Alison Moore, Professional Development Coordinator has a streamlined form for this conference as well.
Great ideas to make CVCC better
  • Any new suggestions?
  • Update—Blackboard Collaborate didn’t happen for Spring Convocation.  Would you use it?  Sarah is going to get the tapings accessible through the Bulletin.
  • Be sure and complete the survey about the mini-Convocation that is in the works for those who can’t attend the one before school starts
6. New Business
Do we want to pull together a fundraiser or service project this semester? 
Yes, we would like to plan a pizza sale in March or April.  Wednesday would be the best day of the week for our members.  Sarah will contact Deanne re: Student Center and Al with Vito’s Pizza.
What’s what at CVCC:  Share what your office does and what others on campus need to know.
Next Meeting Dates – Mark your Calendars for Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 PM – Merritt 5142
March 15, April 19
Your officers for 2017-18:  Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Jennifer Onuffer (Vice-Chair), Mike Danos (Treasurer) & VACANT (Recorder).  Contact us anytime with questions, ideas, or concerns!
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