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Part-Time Staff Association Meeting                                                                        June 13, 2018
Minutes                                                                                                                      2:00-3:00 PM
1.Welcome & Introductions & Lunch
Members present:  Sarah Jarrett, Jennifer Onuffer, Mike Danos, Angela Perry, Ro Putz, Kim Williams, Mary Evans, Linda Roberts, Ghana Ramey, and Michel Mavinga
2.Review & Approval of Minutes from meeting on 3/15/18
Ro moved and Mike seconded and the minutes were approved as written.
3. Treasurer’s Report
No change since the last meeting.  Our bank account balance is $369.49 and our local funds balance is $57.13.  All local funds will be expended after receipts are submitted for today’s food expenses and some funds from bank are also anticipated being used (about $35).
4. Committee Reports (Sarah)
  • President’s Cabinet (Sarah)
  • Cultural Diversity (OPEN)
  • Social Events  (Michel)
  • E2IT (Mike)
  • Employee Recognition (Mary, OPEN, OPEN)
  • Facilities and Finance (Kervinie)
  • Professional Development (Sarah)
  • PR and Marketing (Mike)
  • Financial Aid Appeals (Rosaria)
  • Annual Budget (OPEN)
  • Evaluation and Assessment (OPEN)

5. Old Business
Pizza Sale Fundraiser on April 5 was a huge success!  We raised $345.58 after expenses and donated it all to the CVCC Educational Foundation, half to the Student Emergency Fund and half to the Book Fund.  Thanks to all who assisted on the day or donated desserts and side items!!  A Thank You flyer ran in the Bulletin after the event.
6. New Business
Part-Time/Adjunct Issue
The group discussed a proposal being considered by HR to eliminate all CVCC part-time employees from having the opportunity to teach adjunct classes.  It seems there have been some issues in the recent past with some exceeding the maximum hours permitted by law (equivalent to 1,450 no matter the source).  A written response from the part-time staff was discussed and Jennifer moved to approve and Mike seconded the motion.  The motion passed and the memo will be signed and forwarded to Randall Franklin and John Capps.
Employee Educational Achievement Award Benefit for completing a degree
Copies of the form were available and members were reminded to apply for this financial benefit if they complete a degree or certification while employed at CVCC.
Elections:  The following members are willing to serve for the 2018-2019 academic year:
Chair-Sarah Jarrett
Vice-Chair-Jennifer Onuffer
Treasurer-Mike Danos
Recorder-Linda Roberts
No discussion was desired.  Michel moved and Mary seconded.  Motion passed and the above group of officers was elected to serve for the 2018-19 academic year.
Committees for 2018-2019
We really need members to step up and agree to serve on College Governance Committees for 2018-2019.  Our members were underrepresented this past year and the part-time staff perspective was missing from many committees.  Read about all the committees at Communication Central.  Serving on a committee is paid time and should be supported by your supervisor.  Emails will be sent this summer asking for committee volunteers. 
Goal / Issue Setting for 2018-2019
1.Increase participation- Ideas? 
All agreed that increasing our participation is necessary.  We may try and have an ad hoc group who reaches out to new part-time staff.  We also discussed sending a hard-copy invite via campus mail to all part-time staff prior to the first fall meeting.
2.College Social Event Timing-Is there any way it can be possible to close offices or hold these at a time when offices are closed so that front line employees can enjoy these events as well?  This issue will be reviewed.
3.PTSA Bylaws review-We need to make some updates to be in line with College Governance wording about committee chairs.  We would also like to consider whether to include different groups of employees as part-time staff association members who are eligible to vote and hold office, such as adjunct faculty and the ODU part-time on-site representative. 
4.More goals will be discussed at our first meeting.
Next Meeting Dates – TBD
We will propose that our first meeting occur on Wednesday, September 12 at 1:00 PM and will try Wednesdays at 1:00 PM for our future meetings.
Your officers for 2017-18:  Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Jennifer Onuffer (Vice-Chair), Mike Danos (Treasurer) & VACANT (Recorder).  Contact us anytime with questions, ideas, or concerns!   Thanks for a great year!‚Äč
Minutes submitted by Sarah Jarrett, Chair.
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