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Part Time Staff Association Meeting Minutes                                        September 12, 2018 1:00-2:00 PM

1.     Welcome & Introductions & Lunch. Thanks to those who were able to bring something to share! Members present: Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Jennifer Onuffer (Vice-Chair), Ghana Ramey, Michel Mavinga, Kervinie Alexander, Kimberly Williams, Mary Evans, Tami Strout, Linda Roberts (Recorder), Annagrace Enochs.  Absent: Mike Danos (Treasurer).
2.     Review Approval of minutes from the June 18th meeting.
Kervinie moved and Kimberly seconded and the minutes were approved as written.
3.     Treasurer’s Report
Mike was unable to attend, but he reported there have been no changes to the bank balance since the last meeting.  Approximately $30 was spent from Local Funds to provide main dish for this meeting.
4.     Committee Reports
•    (Sarah) President's Cabinet
•    (Linda) Social Committee
5.     Old Business
We discussed Part time-hours and how it worked—part-time employees are allotted a total amount of available hours per year. Weekly hours are based on an average of the grand total allotted for the position.  Someone who is allotted 1,450 hours (the most possible), works an average of 29 hours per week, but that can be more or less on a given week (with supervisor approval), as long as the grand total of allotted hours is not exceeded (May 1-April 30 is the “year”) and never more than 40 hours in a single week – F-Th.  There was a rumor that part-time staff may not be allowed to make up missed hours in the future.  This will require further research.  We also discussed PTSA stance on Part-time employees and adjunct teaching that was submitted over the summer to HR and President. Response from HR was they would take it into consideration.
6.     New Business
Committees for 2018-2019
Thanks you so much to everyone who volunteered to serve on a committee and represent the part-time staff! This is such an important role and we look forward to hearing your updates at each meeting.
7.     Service Project/Fundraising
We talked about doing some kind of fundraiser and also trying to get activities where the students can get involved. Some students are saying that it is boring around here! We also discussed doing some kind of Coffee social and have free coffee, doughnuts and some kind of trivia game.
Goal Setting for 2018-2019
1.  Increase participation
We discussed some new strategies we can try this year to have more people at the meetings.
2.  We also discussed about if possible, closing offices during the Social Events for about an hour at least, so everyone can enjoy the social.
3.  Meetings
We discussed how we want use this time and what speakers would be good to get information from.
Next Meeting is October the 17th.
Your officers for this year are: Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Jennifer Onuffer (Vice-Chair), Mike Danos (Treasurer) & Linda Roberts (Recorder). Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions, ideas, or concerns! Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at our October meeting.
Minutes submitted by Linda Roberts, Recorder.
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