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Part Time Staff Association Meeting Minutes                                                                     October 17, 2018
                                                                                                                                                                1:00-200 PM

1.       Welcome & Introductions. Members present: Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Kimberly Williams, Mike Danos (Treasurer), Kris Collins, Tom Herndon, Michel Mavinga, Ghana Ramey, Linda Roberts (Recorder). Absent: Jennifer Onuffer (Vice-Chair).
2.       Review & Approval of minutes from the September 12 meeting.
Kimberly moved and Mike Seconded and the minutes were approved as written.
3.       Treasurer’s Report
Mike reported that there were no changes to the bank balance since the last meeting. We have $369.49 Available Balance.
4.       Committee Reports:
·         (Sarah) President’s Cabinet
·         (Linda) Social Committee
·         (Mike) E212
·         (Kris) PR & Marketing
·         (Kimberly) Employee Recognition
5.       Old Business
We addressed many topics that were brought up at our last meeting as New Business Items.
6.       New Business
A.      We had a motion to add a representative for the Student Success Governance Committee. Mike moved and Kimberly seconded. We talked about our Fall initiatives and made tentative plans for the Community Coffee social. We talked about having a trivia game and we would break out in groups of two (hopefully with someone you don’t know). We would also have some small prizes for the winners.
B.      At the next President’s Cabinet meeting, Sarah will be bringing up the idea to close all offices so everyone can participate in the Social events twice at year.  We feel that this is something that can be worked out and would do a lot to promote community across all areas.  .
C.      We also talked about getting together a Community Photo Directory which would be available to all employees. The added bonus with a directory would be for safety and security of all employees.  Sarah will also bring this before the President’s Cabinet meeting.
D.      We discussed different speakers we might want to have at our meetings, for example Dr. Capps, or Muriel Mickles.
Next Meeting is November the 14th.
Your officers for this year are: Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Jennifer Onuffer (Vice-Chair), Mike Danos (Treasurer) & Linda Roberts (Recorder). Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions, ideas, or concerns! Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at our November Meeting.
Minutes submitted by Linda Roberts, Recorder.
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