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Part-Time Staff Association Meeting
November 14, 2018
1:00-2:00 PM
Welcome & Introductions
Members present: Sarah Jarrett, Jennifer Onuffer, Kimberly Williams, Ghana Ramey.
Absent: Mike Danos (Treasurer—no longer works on Wednesdays), Linda Roberts (Recorder)
Review & Approval of Minutes from meeting on 10/17/18
Jennifer moved and Sarah seconded.  Motion passed and minutes were approved.
Treasurer’s Report
No changes to funding.  Spent approximately $30 for food at this meeting from our local funds account however.  We discussed the possibility of moving from an off-campus bank account to an on-campus “Club account” to make it easier to access our funds and to handle personnel changes and schedule differences among part-time staff.  As it stands now, every time a name needs to be updated, everyone on the list must go to the bank at the same time to make the change.  Jennifer will investigate this possibility with Lewis Bryant.
Committee Reports (Sarah)
  • President’s Cabinet (Sarah): Photo directory idea is being discussed.  There may be ways to do this within our current Outlook system already.  It is agreed that offices may close for the Holiday Social and that students will be provided notice.  PT Salary review has already been started, and B&G wages are being evaluated first.  Holiday recognition award for all employees is being proposed and will hopefully be approved.
  • Cultural Diversity (Tammy): First Friday is planned for December 7.  A trip to Staunton’s Shakespeare Theatre to see A Christmas Carol is planned for December 16.
  • Social Events  (Linda):
  • E2IT (Mike and OPEN):
  • Employee Recognition (Kimberly, Donna G., Annagrace): Staff appreciation cupcake event will be rescheduled for December.  Hot dog lunch is in the works for next semester.
  • Student Success (Jennifer): Reviewed plan to work on the Phone Tree.  Discussed suicide prevention initiatives.
  • Facilities and Finance (Kervinie):
  • Professional Development (Sarah):
  • PR and Marketing (Kris):
  • Financial Aid Appeals (OPEN):
  • Annual Budget (OPEN):
  • Evaluation and Assessment (Donna S.):
Old Business
  • Student Success Committee membership request-approved by Governance Council and will get final approval at next President’s Cabinet. Jennifer Onuffer has volunteered to serve as a rep for the remainder of this school year.
    Do we also want a rep on the Safety and Security Committee? Table this to the next meeting when we have better attendance.
  • Community Photo Directory- update—See above
  • Social Event Timing and Office Closures –update –See above.
New Business
Fall Initiatives
  • Community Coffee Update and Planning
    • Identify some dates—Dates we will like to pursue are January 24, January 29, or January 31.
    • Try out trivia cards—Jennifer will bring to the December meeting
      • Plan details of how to run this event – Will do this at the December meeting.  Would also like to share a flyer about it at Convocation to increase faculty participation.
  • Outreach Ideas to increase participation – No time to discuss.
Pizza Fundraiser
  • Identify some dates—Will look into week of Valentine’s Day.  We need to develop a game to do along with the fundraiser and will discuss at a future meeting.
New Treasurer Needed – any volunteers?

  • How do we want to use this time?  What speakers do we want to bring in for roundtable chats?  No time to discuss.
Future Items:
PTSA Bylaws Review
  • Review our bylaws and see where they may need to adjust to be in line with College Governance wording and also who we want to consider an eligible part of our organization and eligible for offices.
Other Ideas for the Year?

Next Meeting Dates:  12/12, 2/6, 3/13, 4/24, 5/22.

Your officers for 2018-19:  Sarah Jarrett (Chair), Jennifer Onuffer (Vice-Chair), Mike Danos (Treasurer) & Linda Roberts (Recorder).  Contact us anytime with questions, ideas, or concerns!   Thanks for a great year!

Minutes submitted by Sarah Jarrett (Chair)
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